Tips for Moving from New York to Los Angeles

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East Coast to West Coast is just one of the major lifestyle changes when you are moving from New York to San Francisco. In addition to the difference in size of the two communities, there are other variances between the two cities. San Francisco is noted for its brisk sea air, colorful homes. Art markets and beautiful views. San Francisco is one of the top rated cities for beauty in the country. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for recreational activities. In preparation for the move, read on to learn more about long distance movers.

What Will A Move From New York To San Francisco Cost Me?

A full-service move is fairly expensive, but it means that all of the work is done for you. The factors which are part of the price calculation by long distance movers for every move include the distance over the road, and the size of the move. The distance from New York to San Francisco is just over 2900 miles by way of I-80 W.

The calculation of the size of the move usually is estimated from the number of bedrooms. Some customization of the total is included, such as additional costs for houses that have stairs, or that have a long distance which items will need to be carrier. Sometimes, urban areas require limited parking and loading time, or have permit requirements.

Customers who take on part or all of the work of packing, moving, and storage may obtain a price reduction. When preparing a quote for the cost of the move, the long distance movers will work hard to ensure that the quotation is as accurate as possible.

What Is The Cost To Transport A Vehicle To San Francisco?

Unless you particularly want to do a drive across the entire United States, you probably will choose to have your vehicle transported by a reputable auto transporter. The driving time for the trip would be over 44 hours, a lengthy time behind the wheel. The professional transport companies can get the job done for you efficiently, affordably, and safely. This leaves you free to concentrate on other tasks associated with the relocation.

Storage Options And Prices

Because of the logistics and distance associated with moving from NY to SF, it may be necessary to place your load of household items in storage at some point during the move. The cost of the time in the storage facility may be included in the overall cost, or may be separately calculated. The expectation of you as a customer, is that your possessions will be placed in a clean, safe, and secure facility.

Cost Of Moving From NYC To San Francisco

Even though the cost of relocation from New York to San Francisco is not cheap, there are some actions you can take which might reduce the overall costs of the relocation. Since the two major components which make up the cost are the distance and the size, you can explore some steps to reduce the size of the move. There are additional cost saving measures which you can see below.

Downsizing: One of the most obvious ways to lower the cost of move from New York to San Francisco is to reduce the number of items which are being moved. If you inventory your possessions and eliminate those which you are not using, have outgrown, or are not functional, you might cut down significantly on the number of items to be transported. You could donate useful items, hold a garage sale, or consider recycling items which have no useful life left.

Self-Pack: Doing part or all of the packing yourself may make a sizable difference in the cost of the moving. You will need to allow plenty of time to get the job done correctly. The right type of boxes, labeling, packing materials and packing tape will be necessary to ensure that your items arrive safely. The benefit of doing this part of the move yourself, is that it is more likely to be organized in a way that makes unloading and settling in much easier. Be sure that you label each box on each side, and that you keep a list of the contents and location in a separate file.

Choose A Good Moving Day: When you can be flexible about the guide moving from NY to San Francisco, the mover might be able to schedule the move at a time which is less busy for the long distance movers. Often, a move which is timed to occur when the mover is less busy will come with a discount.

Packing Supplies: As long as you are careful about the type of packing moving supplies you acquire, it may be possible to save a little money. Boxes, for instance, don’t have to be brand new, and labeling supplies can be found in discount locations online at times.

Is San Francisco A Good Place To Live?

The climate in San Francisco is mild year-round, so outdoor activities are always available. There is always something to do. The rich array of cultures makes it possible to enjoy music, art, food, and hanging out with others. If you are moving from NY to SF, you will never be at a loss for enjoyable activities.

How Do I Find a Long Distance mover?

Not all long distance moving companies cost are created equal. To avoid being the victim of fraud or poor service, it is important to check the qualifications and reputation of the company before handing over any money or signing any contracts.

Licenses and registration: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or  FMCSA, and the U.S. Dept. Of Transportation are charged with licenses and registration of long distance moving companies. Information about the status and ownership of companies can be found on their websites. Ownership details is also available.

Ranking and Reviews: You can find many different performance indicators online. There are search engine rankings, consumer complaint sites and peer review sites. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) also posts information about the experience of customers with companies of all types.

Price: Choosing long distance movers based solely on an estimated price may leave you with some surprises when the final bill is presented. Obtain at least three written quotes from moving companies and check to make certain that all of the packing, moving, and storage tasks that you will need for your move are included in the price.

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