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Welcome to Safeway Moving’s comprehensive Moving Cost Calculator! We’re here to help you understand and estimate the costs associated with your upcoming long-distance move. Our calculator and detailed explanations will guide you through different scenarios based on your specific needs, providing transparent and accurate pricing.



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Pricing with Safeway Moving

At Safeway Moving, our pricing is carefully calculated based on the quantity of your belongings and the distance of your move. We offer detailed estimates through virtual or in-home walk-throughs to ensure precision. Your move with Safeway will be price locked meaning, you will be given one price for your move and that wont change.

Cost of Long Distance Moves

Long-distance moves are priced based on the amount of household goods and the distance traveled. You will be provided a price per cubic foot however the price wont change based on how our trucks are stacked like with the other guys. You wont have to also wait on getting our trucks weighed to get your final price like the old school moving companies. For example, if you plan on moving from Dallas Texas over to Miami Florida and you are moving to a 2 bedroom apartment and you want to pack your own boxes. After assessing your inventory we estimated you to have 800 cubic feet, you would likely be paying $4900 to move long distance.
Naturally what is included in a move with Safeway is the labor to disassemble your standard furniture, pad wrapping and protecting the furniture from damage. Bar code scanning all inventoried items, labor to load the truck, transportation, unloading, assembly of all items that were disassembled by your Safeway crew and staging (common courtesy and kindness is always included in every move).

Pricing with Safeway is easy to understand. If you however need any additional services then there are several factors to consider, below are additional services that we do offer and some services that need to be added in case of time constraints, limitations on the road etc.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Our range of packing services is designed to meet various needs, whether it’s a full-service pack or just fragile items. We offer 3 levels of packing

Partial Pack Full Pack Presidential Pack/unpack
You pack your own boxes We pack everything We pack and unpack + more
We as movers will pack your furniture in moving blankets (tape included) and help pack your fragile furniture. Our most common service. We will pack up and provide all the boxes, packing paper, shrink wrap, blankets. We will do the full packing and complete unpacking and debris removal of all boxes. As well as stage your home with wall protection, door protection, banister protection. Floor runner.
Example: TV’s, Glass top table, China cabinets or curios. This service includes all the necessary leg work but does not include the unpacking services of boxes or the debris removal of boxes. Our most comprehensive service for a fair cost. You won’t have to lift a finger.
Cost: Usually $65-$200 per item depending on how much materials we use up and the size of the item. Expect to see an additional cost of $1.00- $1.50 per cubic foot added  for the full pack service. Costs range seasonally slight but expect to pay $2.25-$2.75 a cubic foot in addition to your labor and hauling cost.

Moving Specialty Items

We specialize in transporting items that require extra care such as pianos and antique furniture. As well as laboratory items or medical equipment, gun safe, billiards table, etc. These items typically require what is called a bulky or special handling charge and will be explained to you by your Safeway specialist during your estimate.

Shuttle, Long Carry, and Stairs Services

These are what is known as accessorial charges and may not apply to your move.

Shuttle Charge

A shuttle charge is applied when a full-sized moving truck cannot access your pick-up or drop-off location directly. This situation can occur due to several factors and sometimes is not avoidable at all:

  • Low-hanging trees or power lines that could damage the truck or impede its access.

  • Narrow streets where large trucks cannot maneuver safely or are outright banned. IE cities or cul-de-sac’s.

  • Weight restrictions on bridges that prevent heavy vehicles from crossing.

  • Regulatory restrictions in certain areas that limit the use of large trucks.

When such circumstances arise, your belongings are transferred to a smaller vehicle, or shuttle, which can navigate these challenges. This extra step ensures the safety and security of your items and the moving team, but it requires additional labor and time, hence the charge.

For costs expect to pay with Safeway the following for a shuttle charge (only applied for deliveries).

Estimated volume of your move Cost of the shuttle Other guys
0 to 1,000 cu.ft. $0.75 per cubic foot $1.00- 2.00 per cubic foot
1001-3,000 cu.ft. $0.65 per cubic foot $1.00- 2.00 per cubic foot
3001+ cu. Ft. $.55 per cubic foot $1.00- 2.00 per cubic foot

Long Carry Charge

This fee is assessed when the moving team cannot park the moving truck near your door, and must carry items a longer distance than typically anticipated. The exact threshold for this distance may vary, but it generally applies when movers have to carry items over 75 feet from the truck to your home’s entrance. Factors like limited parking availability or specific community rules that prevent close parking can necessitate a long carry. This charge compensates for the extra time and effort involved in transporting your items over these extended distances. With Safeway the first 100 feet are free.  For each additional 50 feet you will be required to pay $70 as a one time fee which is given directly to the crew.

Stairs Service Charge

Moving items up and down stairs requires additional labor and poses greater risks of injury and damage. The stairs service charge is applied when movers need to navigate a significant number of steps. This charge is typically based on the number of stair flights at both your origin and destination locations. It accounts for the increased time and physical effort required to safely transport each item up or down the stairs, as well as the need for additional safety equipment and techniques to prevent damage to the items or the property. With Safeway, the first flight of stairs (12 steps) is free of charge, each additional flight of 12 steps is a one time fee of $75.00.

Elevator Service charge

A one time $75 elevator service  fee is applied to any move requiring an elevator. It takes time to load an elevator and wait for the elevator to come up and down. Most buildings these days do not lock the elevator up for a moving company any more and thus movers often deal with large delays.

All these charges are categorized as accessorial charges. They are necessary to accommodate specific logistics and labor requirements that are not included in the standard moving service. These fees ensure that the moving process is adapted to the unique conditions of your move, providing a safer and more efficient experience for both your belongings and our moving team.

Tables for Detailed Cost Insights

Average Cost of Movers by Mileage

Mileage Studio/1 Bedroom 2–3 Bedrooms 4+ Bedrooms
250–500 miles $2800–$3,085 $3,00–$4,669 $4,100–$6,545
1,000 miles $3,400–$4,643 $3,944–$5,689 $4,,906–$7,671
2,500+ miles $3,700–$4,967 $4,940–$7,279 $6,299–$11,266

Updated Average Cost of Movers by State

State Local Moves Cost Interstate Moves Cost (500+ miles)
Alabama $1,440 $4,630
Arizona $960 $4,500
Arkansas $950 $4,580
California $1,295 $4,480
Colorado $1,280 $4,560
Connecticut $1,390 $4,210
Delaware $1,520 $4,340
Florida $1,260 $4,030
Georgia $1,170 $4,560
Idaho $1,160 $5,190
Illinois $1,680 $4,330
Indiana $1,420 $4,490
Iowa $2,000 $4,530
Kansas $1,190 $4,650
Kentucky $1,040 $4,600
Louisiana $1,520 $4,490
Maine $1,480 $5,190
Maryland $1,210 $4,220
Massachusetts $1,310 $4,410
Michigan $1,460 $4,490
Minnesota $1,160 $4,580
Mississippi $1,210 $4,730
Missouri $1,300 $4,450
Montana $1,350 $5,190
Nebraska $1,210 $4,530
Nevada $1,150 $4,380
New Hampshire $1,870 $5,000
New Jersey $1,390 $4,220
New Mexico $960 $4,840
New York $1,370 $4,030
North Carolina $1,200 $4,260
North Dakota $1,150 $5,270
Ohio $1,250 $4,610
Oklahoma $1,140 $4,570
Oregon $1,320 $5,000
Pennsylvania $1,350 $4,340
Rhode Island $1,180 $4,220
South Carolina $1,400 $4,260
South Dakota $1,800 $5,190
Tennessee $1,290 $4,610
Texas $1,180 $4,490
Utah $1,610 $4,530
Vermont $2,080 $5,000
Virginia $1,190 $4,260
Washington $1,770 $5,000
West Virginia $1,610 $4,610
Wisconsin $1,470 $4,570
Wyoming $1,180 $5,190


At Safeway Moving, we understand that moving is more than just transporting belongings; it’s about moving your life. Our Moving Cost Calculator is designed to offer you a transparent and stress-free estimation process for your long-distance move. With our commitment to fixed pricing, you can plan your move without the fear of unexpected costs. Whether you require basic transportation or comprehensive packing and specialty services, we handle every detail with precision and care. Choose Safeway Moving for a moving experience that is as seamless and comforting as coming home. Trust us to be your partner in this significant transition. From GPS tracked trucks, to barcode tracked items, Safeway ensures that every step of your journey is handled with expertise and peace.

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