Moving from New Jersey To Fort Lauderdale: Movers and Cost

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Trying to find a new location to live in today can be a matter of too many choices, rather than too few. The prevalence of blogs, content articles, and social media makes it easy to learn about almost any place in the world. Furthermore, you can create a shortlist and sort it by the most interesting features.

If you are tired of New Jersey, with its crowded populace and industrial feel, you might be thinking of a place like Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Florida city is well-known for its many vibrant neighborhoods, nightlife, cultural attractions, entertainment, and recreational opportunities. If you are thinking of moving from New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale, here are a few more facts to consider.

What is the Typical Cost of a New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale Move?

When considering the budgetary impact of a big move, there is a number of important criteria that will affect the cost estimation you receive from any quality moving service. To start with, they will take into account how far you are traveling, who will be attending to house-packing and preparations, how many rooms there are in your home, and more.

The season can affect estimates, with costs rising during the busy summer months. The day of the week and day of the month can also affect the price, with mid-week and mid-month moves generally lower in cost than moves at the beginning or end of the month, or on a weekend. Packing up all your possessions yourself may seem daunting but can significantly lower prices.

To provide an accurate estimate, a typical move from New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale, at a distance of 1232 miles, will require a pricing tool or contact with the moving company. Supply chain breakdowns, rising fuel prices, and other factors may also affect your final pricing.

Cost to Move A Car From New Jersey To Fort Lauderdale

If you have decided to take the enormous step of moving your household to a new location many states away, deciding what to do with an automobile or two, or more, is one of the decisions you will need to make. If you have only one vehicle or several, you still have just a few options. You could downsize and eliminate one or more of your vehicles.

Alternatively, you could arrange for family members to drive cross country with children, pets, and fragile items in your car, or you could consider arranging to have your vehicles transported by a reputable long-distance auto transporter. For many people, the latter choice makes a lot of sense for reasons of efficiency, safety, and peace of mind.

Suppose you decide that you may not need as many vehicles in your new location. In that case, you could downsize by donating the extra(s) to one of the local charitable organizations that accept donations. The organization may even come and pick up the unwanted vehicle and haul it away.

Some research into the need for a private automobile could help you make up your mind. Different states have different licensing, insurance, registration costs, and other vehicle-related fees. The price of fuel may also be a factor to consider.

So, you have decided to obtain the services of a long-distance vehicle transport firm. Reliability and reputation can be checked online. Reducing your level of work and preparation may more than offset the cost of the transport. As with other elements of a relocation, the price of transporting a vehicle will depend on the distance, the size and weight of the vehicle, and the time of year.

In preparation for picking up your vehicle, you will need to obtain vehicle transport insurance in addition to your usual vehicle coverage. Damage claims are infrequent but prepare by taking pictures of your car before loading and at the destination.

If the driver agrees, a few small items could be placed in the trunk of the vehicle. That is up to his or her discretion, since overloading the weight of the car could affect the price estimate.

Some Tips to Save On the Cost Of Moving From New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale

There is no question but that a cross country move can be expensive. The cost of the move will depend on how far but also on how much you plan to move. If you are emotionally or physically attached to all of the things you have accrued over the years, you will need to allow for a financial hit when you receive your price estimates from the movers. If you are looking for some ways to reduce the cost of the move, here are suggestions which may help.

Organize And Discard: One of the most helpful things you can do when preparing for a move is to reduce the number and size of the household possessions which will be moved. De-cluttering and downsizing serves two purposes.

First, you develop a realistic view of how much you have accumulated over the time in your existing residence. Second, you can work on the process of organizing what will go to your new location and where it will be placed. If the project seems overwhelming, hiring the services of a professional organizer is a plan that could lower your moving costs and also make unloading at the destination much less stressful.

Self Packing: When requesting a price quote from many moving companies, you will probably be given the option of doing some or all of your own packing. Prices for customers who elect to self-pack tend to be lower, sometimes significantly lower. Be aware though, that there are some factors that go along with self-packing, the first of which may be the tremendous physical effort that is required.

The process of going through all of your possessions and determining which of them will make the trip to Fort Lauderdale, and which will be donated, discarded, or sold is a challenging one. Allow plenty of time to do the project, and be sure your packing materials are sturdy enough to protect your possessions. Don’t forget to label each packing box with a list of its contents, and to seal the box correctly.

Time of Year To Move: Although people move all year round, there is no question that the warm months are more popular. Movers may be willing to provide a price break if you are able to schedule your move when the moving calendar is less busy. When you can schedule for times other than the beginning of the month, or on the weekend, you may be able to negotiate a lower price. Think mid-month, and on weekdays, Monday through Thursday, for a price break.

Is Fort Lauderdale A Good Place To Live?

Fort Lauderdale is known for its sandy beaches, nightlife, exciting culture, and beautiful weather. If these features appeal to you, then the city is a great place to live. Here are some statistics and numbers which present a few facts about the Florida city.

How To Find the Right Moving Company

There are many long-distance moving companies, but not all of them are reputable. Not all of them have the right equipment, training, and experience to do the job in a way that provides a satisfactory moving experience. Here are some tips that will help you to find a moving company to take good care of your possessions.

Get Estimates

A reputable mover will provide you with specific estimates in written form. While it may be tempting to accept the lowest bid, take the time to obtain at least three estimates. If one of the bids is significantly lower, it would be wise to find out why. The price should be based on specific tasks and actual data. An in-home estimate by a professional mover is recommended for the most accurate results.

Verify Licenses and Carrier Numbers

Interstate movers are required to display a Department of Transportation (DOT) number on their websites and other advertising. Interstate moving companies will also display an FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) number. Take the time to go to the appropriate website and make sure that the numbers are listed and that the company is in good standing.

Read Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints

Consumer rating websites, the Better Business Bureau, and other reviews are widely available online. Look for actual customer experiences when reading reviews. The Dept of Transportation website also provides detailed information about complaints against the company if any exist.

Be Skeptical Of A Mover Who Demands A Large Deposit

A large deposit demanded before any packing or loading is dones can wreak havoc with your moving schedule. A legitimate mover will not require a deposit of more than twenty percent of the estimated moving cost.

Moving with Safeway Moving Systems Inc.

Safeway Moving Systems INC, (USDOT# 3756000), is proud of its outstanding record as an interstate mover. The compliance and licensing record can be checked on the DOT and FMCSA websites to reveal their positive rating with previous customers. The veteran-owned and operated moving company conducts its relocation projects with military precision.

Competitive pricing is possible, thanks to the network of trucks that operate across the United States. The website published its findings about movers nationwide and recognized Safeway Moving Systems as the recipient of the Best Overall Value. The rating website noted that Safeway Moving Systems has high-quality assurance standards.

Customers moving from New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale with the assistance of the professional movers associated with Safeway can be assured of reliable customer service, top value for the money, technology to ensure tracking and accurate deadlines, and clean, modern trucks and specialized equipment.


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