Flat Rate Long Distance Movers From New Jersey to Miami

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Why do people decide to live in one place or another? Jobs, economics, recreational opportunities, and educational opportunities are just a few of the factors that might make you want to pull up the stakes and change your location.

The desire to be near family members, or perhaps just a complete change in the trajectory of your life has you thinking longingly about the sunshine, beaches, cultural benefits, and economic prospects found in the city of Miami, Florida. If you are relocating to moving from New Jersey to Miami you should read on to learn more about the destination and the logistics of getting there.

What Is The Typical Cost To Moving From New Jersey to Miami?

If you have determined that you are ready to make the move from New Jersey to Miami, you probably are wondering what it will cost. It should be noted that long-distance moves are expensive, and there are many variables that go into the quoted price of the move. Distance is one of the major factors that affect the price.

The movers will also take the size of the move into consideration. They may price based on the number of bedrooms, or upon the estimated weight of your furnishings and boxes. Since the miles between New Jersey and Miami are known (1267), the variables in this instance include whether or not you will do any self-packing; what type of premises are present, and the timing of the move.

Mid-week and mid-month during the off-season period tend to be the lowest costs, while the summer season is more expensive because the movers are busier. Some of the add-ons include packing materials and boxes, and if the premises are multi-level.

Cost to Move A Car From New Jersey to Miami

In preparation for a long-distance move, you will be making many decisions about what to leave, what to give away, and what to take with you. Many Americans today are two or three car families. When moving across the country such as between New Jersey and Miami, Florida, one of the decisions about what to take is related to your vehicles. If you are planning on downsizing during the move, eliminating one or more vehicles from your garage might be a good idea.

Getting rid of excess vehicles by selling or donating them is one way to downsize. There are charitable organizations in many communities that would welcome the donation of your unwanted automobile, operational or not. Before spending time and worry trying to decide how to get three cars from Point A to Point B, do the research to determine whether you really need the extra vehicles in Miami.

It would help if you looked into whether public transportation is readily available and whether insurance, licensing fees, registration, and inspection requirements in your new location are going to be significantly different. Fuel prices are another consideration. The trajectory of gasoline has been going in the wrong direction and you may need to cut back on the number of driving miles you do.

If you are convinced that you will need to move your automobile across the country, there is yet another decision to be made. Should you drive the vehicle the length of the move, typically loaded with children, pets, and a few last-minute items that you couldn’t leave behind, or should you check into the option of hiring a long-distance auto transport firm to move your vehicle for you.

Finding a reputable transporter is not difficult, thanks to the information available on the Web. You can check licensing and insurance, as well as the reputation of the top service providers. A price quote from transporters will be based on the mileage, the size and style of the vehicle, and the time of year.

Your vehicle will be inspected at the pickup point and at the destination. Taking a set of pictures in use if there is a need to place a claim for damages is a good idea. The vehicle will need to have auto transport insurance in addition to the regular insurance coverage you carry.

Some customers plan on placing some household items in the vehicle, but this is not recommended. It can add weight to the vehicle and may cause some additional risk of damage. The transport drivers sometimes permit a few small items to be put in the trunk for the move, but it is up to their discretion.

Some Tips to Save On the Cost Of Moving From New Jersey to Miami

When you have made the decision that you will be making a long-distance move from New Jersey to Miami, Florida, you soon come to the conclusion that you will need the services of a professional mover. Collecting some price quotes from movers may quickly lead you to the conclusion that moving is expensive. There are some common-sense actions that you can take to reduce some of the expenses that go along with moving across state lines.

Organize and Discard: Unless you are a minimalist, chances are good that your residence tends to accumulate things that should not be part of a move. One of the main ways you can use to reduce the costs of a move is to do some reorganization and discarding well before the date of the move.

A rigorous process of looking at possessions and eliminating the amount of ‘stuff’ you will move can help to lower the costs of the move. If you have outgrown clothing, or clothing to suit New Jersey weather, rather than Miami weather, don’t spend your moving budget transferring it to your new location.

If you can’t take the time to do the necessary sorting and discard prior to your move, hire a professional home organizer. Take the opportunity to donate, discard or sell what you don’t need any longer. Your moving costs will be reduced accordingly.

Self-Packing: If your moving budget doesn’t stretch far enough to do a full-service job, you can save money by packing your items yourself and then arranging for the long-distance movers to pick up the boxes and transport them to your new residence. While there are some drawbacks, you can be sure of a lower overall cost for the move. Here are some tips for maximum efficiency.

Use the appropriate size and sturdiness of the boxes. Dedicated function boxes such as wardrobe boxes with hangars make quick work of closets. Use dedicated dinnerware and glassware boxes to avoid breakage. Pack the heaviest items first and place lighter boxes on top. Label or number every side of each box using heavy black markers. Keep a full record of the contents of each box in an external file. Seal the boxes using professional packing tape.

Back up your computer files to an external or online storage system. Important documents should be placed in a sturdy binder or fireproof box. Your cell phone and charger should be kept separate from the packed boxes. Be aware of any pets’ locations when packing. It’s best to confine them in a familiar room with food, water, and litter boxes as needed.

Finally, pack one box with essentials. For most households, the contents will include a coffee maker and mugs; snacks, personal cosmetics and beauty items; bedding; and toilet paper.

What is the Best Time of Year To Move?

Some savings in your moving costs may come about because of the time of year that you schedule for your move. Moving companies tend to be busiest from late spring through the fall months. Prices typically are highest during those times. Conversely, moving during the ‘off-season’ may result in some savings.

Not every household has the flexibility to schedule a moving time during certain months of the year, but you can choose to move in mid-month rather than on the first or last days of the month. Moving on weekdays, rather than during the Friday through Sunday period usually results in cost savings.

Is Miami a Good Place to Live?

Miami is a beautiful city in the Sunshine State of Florida. It offers stunning beaches and plenty of residential neighborhoods, including houses, apartment complexes, townhouses, bars, shopping malls, coffee shops, and restaurants. By many standards, that means an excellent living location.

How to Find the Right Long Distance Mover?

It is unfortunate that many customers do not have a good level of trust about long-distance moving companies. This may be because of their own experience, or that of a friend or family member. When it is time to choose a moving company for your move to Miami, you will need to look for one with a high level of training and equipment, as well as the experience to complete your relocation in a way that you will be satisfied with. Here are a few suggestions to aid in your research.

Get detailed estimates

You should be wary of an estimate which is too casual and doesn’t consider your specific needs and challenges. The lowest bid may be the best, but it may also be a way of launching some dishonest practices.

Obtain at least three written bids, with details about what is covered under the terms of the bid. A price quote which is considerably lower than others should be viewed with caution. In order to be assured of accuracy in the quote, an in-home, walk-through by a professional mover is recommended.

Verify Licenses and Carrier Numbers

Interstate movers will have a Dept. of Transportation number that tells you they are a legitimate company. Visit the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) website for full information about the moving company.

Read Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints

More and more people are providing reviews and ratings about all types of companies and products. Most people who are accustomed to online searches can check websites such as the Better Business Bureau and Google rankings for overall ratings. It is important that any reviews be from actual customers. The DOT website also posts detailed information about any complaints against the movers.

Be Wary of Demands for a Large Deposit

The standard deposit for a long-distance move is not more than 20 percent of the total estimated cost. This deposit protects both the mover and the customer.

Moving with Safeway

Safeway Moving Systems INC, (USDOT# 3756000), is a veteran-owned moving firm. The goal of the company is to ensure a relocation with military precision for its customers. Safeway’s prices are competitive throughout the United States, as the company maintains a sizable network of trucks and truck capacity.

A positive moving experience including customer service, accurate pricing and current tracking technology has been why MoveBuddha.org named Safeway Moving Systems as the mover with the Best Overall Value.

A long-distance move from New Jersey to Miami can be arranged and carried out with professionalism and excellent customer service. The Safeway team will work with you throughout the process to ensure a positive experience.


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