Tips and Tricks for Moving from New Jersey To South Carolina

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While not all parts of the United States are appealing to every person, certainly South Carolina has some features which cause people to consider living there. If you are looking for information about moving from New Jersey to South Carolina, you are not alone, thousands of people chose to leave one state for another during the recent twelve months.

For most people who have decided to relocate, long distance movers help to get the job done quickly and safely. Here are some things to consider before closing the door on your old residence for the last time.
<h2style=”font-size: 29px; font-weight: bold; letter-spacing: 0.5px; word-spacing: -5px;”>What are Some Usual Costs When Moving From New Jersey To South Carolina?

A long distance move can be very expensive, but most people do not have the funds to invest in equipment, licensing and staffing for a privately owned moving company. The major costs for the move include the mileage over the road, the number of items which are moved, and the incidental costs such as boxes, blankets and packing supplies.

The packing, moving, and storage tariffs for companies that are regulated by the US Dept. of Transportation are dependent upon the distance traveled and the size of the move. The distance to move to South Carolina from New Jersey is 686.5 by way of I-95 S. The relocation route requires travel across several state lines, so the moving company that can accomplish the trip is regulated by the US Department of Transportation

The second major component of relocating is the amount of furnishings, appliances, and other items which will be included in the move. The starting estimate will include information about the number of bedrooms in the planned project costs.

The long distance movers will also collect information about other factors which could affect the cost of the move. Residences with multiple levels may cost more, simply because specialized equipment and extra personnel are required to complete the task. Any permits or special parking arrangements that some local jurisdictions may require could result in fee adjustments.

The movers will need to know if the customer will be doing any of the packing or if the professionals are expected to prepare household items for the move. Regardless of whether you plan to do your own packing or rely on the professional team for packing, moving, and storage, be sure to get detailed estimates in written form.

What is the estimated cost of moving my vehicle to South Carolina?

When moving from nj to sc, many customers decide to transport their automobile using a professional vehicle transporter. Relying on an auto transporter is less stressful than trying to drive the distance between the two states.

The driving time between New Jersey and South Carolina is over eleven hours, which means multiple fuel, bathroom, and food stops if you were to drive the vehicle yourself. Hiring a transporter is safe, affordable and less stressful for most customers.

Storage Costs and Options

A relocation estimate for moving from nj to south Carolina may be further customized by placing your household items in storage for some period of time during the move. Maybe you chose to move out of your old residence before your new residence was ready for occupancy. The long distance movers would not typically leave your load on the truck for extended periods of time, but would store it in a clean, safe and secure facility. This practice protects your possessions, but may require additional handling and storage costs.

How Do I Reduce Costs When Moving From New Jersey to South Carolina?

For most customers arranging for a move, paying for full service can be expensive. You will need to balance the cost of having the professionals complete the entire project, or pay somewhat less and take on certain aspects of the move yourself. The physical and mental stresses that accompany arranging for a move are reduced, but you can expect a corresponding increase in the cost of the move. Here are some ways to pay less for your move, without sacrificing your physical health.

Downsizing: Reduce the number of possessions which you plan to move to your new residence. If you are being truthful with yourself, you probably have many items in your current residence that are not high priority to take with you to the new location. Children’s toys and clothing are often outgrown, but there is no reason to pay for such items to be moved. If you are careful, the cost of replacing some items in your current household would be less than the cost of moving them.

Do your own packing: The professionals movers know how to get the packing job done quickly, but you may not be able to find items which they have packed until all of the unpacking is done. Packing can be physically demanding as well as time consuming. The packing component of the estimate of costs can be significant. Be sure to allow enough time to do the job without trying to do it all in the final days before moving day. When you do the packing, you need to be certain that each box is labeled correctly, in order to find it when it is time to unpack.

Schedule your moving date: Moving companies may have open dates that your move could be slotted in at a lower cost. There are busy times in the moving industry and times that are less busy. If you have the flexibility to work with the mover on the date of your move, you may obtain a discount on the price. Not everyone can hold off on the date of the move, but it’s worth checking to see if a different date will work for you.

Boxes and packing supplies: You may be able to find good boxes for packing your items at locations that cost less than what you would pay if the mover supplies them. You will need to be sure that the boxes are sturdy enough and are the right size. Consider weight and organization when you are searching for the right boxes and related supplies.

Is It Cheaper to Live in South Carolina?

South Carolina is a good state to retire in. It has a mild climate, and the cost of living is generally affordable. The lower cost of living and the beautiful beaches are warm and accessible all year long.

How Do I Choose a Long Distance mover?

It is important to do your due diligence before handing money over to a mover. The company needs to have a DOT number and be registered by the department. The websites provide for ways to search by name, location and DOT number.

Licensing and Registration: The United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provide oversight and regulations regarding long distance moving companies. When searching for information about moving from New Jersey to South Carolina and potential moving companies, check out the websites for safety and licensing information about the company you are considering.

Consumer reviews, testimonials and complaints: Looking for reviews from previous customers of long distance movers is another way to determine whether a particular moving company is one which provides good services. The Better Business Bureau maintains information about complaints filed with them. You can also check for other websites that report customers’ experiences. The search engines such as Google maintain information about rankings of companies in their data base.

Prices: While low prices seem like a magnet to attract customers, you should be wary of a price which is significantly different from other ones with the same provided services. Written estimates allow you to compare like services and be certain of the activities which will be performed by the mover, and which are the customer’s responsibility.

Safeway Moving Systems is a Top Choice Among Long Distance Mover firms

There are hundreds of long distance movers in the United States and internationally. Safeway Moving Systems Inc, (USDOT# 3756000) is licensed and insured to provide military relocation professional services. has ranked Safeway as a moving company providing the best value for service. The veteran-owned moving company can handle every part of your packing, moving, and storage when you are moving from south carolina to new jersey.


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