Tips for Moving from New York to Florida

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A completely different lifestyle is what happens when you look into the benefits and disadvantages of moving from New York to Florida. The big city urban environment gives way to beaches and parties with the rich and famous.

As more businesses offer the alternative of remote office work, many people are choosing to make their new office location at their home, and choosing the location of their home where there is sunshine, beaches, and plenty of recreational activities. If you are looking for information about long distance movers and their services, keep reading.

What Can I Expect To Pay For A Move From New York To Florida

A move with the professional movers handling all the details is not cheap. There is some customization which is expected on each move. However, the mileage and the size of the move are two elements which most movers consider when quoting a price for the move. The mileage by highway between New York and Florida is 1146 miles by way of I-95 S.

In addition to using the mileage to calculate the estimated cost of the move, the movers will also need to know the size of the move. This is usually estimated by the number of bedrooms in the residence. Other costs which might make up the final quote is whether or not there are physical features of the residence or its location which would cause extra expenses or equipment during the packing, transporting, and unloading process. Some jurisdictions are opposed to street parking of moving trucks, for instance.

If the customer chooses to take care of the packing part of packing, moving, and storage services, the price is likely to be lower. The long distance movers from NY to FL will collect as much information as possible about the move before providing an estimate.

What Is The Cost To Transport A Vehicle To Florida

A drive down the eastern seaboard of the United States will require over seventeen hours of driving time, an exhausting trip for most people. The customer may also choose to contact one of the reliable auto transporters who will get the vehicle transport done affordably and safely. The vehicle is transported the distance so that the customer can concentrate on other parts of the move.

Storage Options And Prices

The distance between New York and Florida make it possible that the load of household goods from your home in New York and the destination in Florida may require a stopover. Arrival times may vary somewhat and the long distance movers may place your possessions in a storage facility for a day or more. This stayover may result in additional costs, but customers can be assured that the storage facility will be secure, clean and safe to use.

How Can I Lower My Costs When Moving From New York To Florida

If you are looking for some help to find ways of reducing the cost of moving from NY to Florida, there are a few suggestions to bring the expected costs more in line with your budget. Packing, moving, and storage costs can be expensive, so a good cost reduction measure to start with is to downsize before you move. When moving to Florida from NYC, you may not need a lot of winter clothing, for example, so it makes no sense to pay for the costs of moving it.

Downsizing: If you pare away many items that are no longer useful in your new home, you will pay less for the move. You may even earn a little spending money if you decide to sell some of your unwanted or unneeded household items. Donating to your favorite charity might be another way to eliminate the high cost of moving.

Pack your household items yourself: If you do the sorting and packing of the items you plan to move; you can expect to save plenty of money overall. You will need to find boxes and packing materials. Obtaining heavy duty boxes in the right sizes and sturdiness is not too much of a challenge, but it does take time to go through all of your possessions. You should allow at least two months to get the job of packing done. It is important to label each box carefully on all sides, and seal it up correctly to none of your items are missing when you unpack.

Moving day flexibility: If you are able to schedule the date of moving from New York to Florida so that it falls on a less busy day for the moving team, it could save you some money.

Packing incidentals: You may also check into obtaining the additional supplies such as tape and labels at a lower price, rather than paying the movers’ inflated prices for the same items.

Is Florida A Good Place To Live

There are many good reasons to consider Florida as a good place to live. The state has lowered taxes and mild winters, so heating costs are low. It has affordable housing and access to many lovely beaches. There is plenty to do especially related to recreation on and in the water. The job market is booming for a variety of jobs.

How Do I Choose A Long Distance Mover

A growing number of scams related to long distance movers are showing up on the regulatory websites. It is important, when considering the available moving companies, that you choose one which is legitimate and which has a good record of quality services. There are several places where potential customers can check to find out whether their professional moving team is one which can be trusted.

Licensing and Registration: The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and US Dept. of Transportation are in charge of licensing and registration for long distance moving companies Facts about licenses and registrations are listed on the sites, as well as details about the safety and customer service record of the company.

Consumer reviews and complaints: Those looking for information about a particular company can check one or more of the websites which focus on holding up the facts about company performance. The search engines, and the Better Business Bureau can be checked for the latest information about long distance movers and their treatment of customers.

Pricing: When looking at the estimated costs of relocating to Florida from New York, don’t look only at the price quoted. Look to be sure of the licensing status of the company, as well as what services are included in the cost estimate. At least three written quotes should be checked to ensure that you are getting the best value for the money.

Safeway Moving Systems Named Best In Value

The peer organization, selected Safeway Moving Systems Inc. (USDOT# 3756000) as their top pick in the category of Best Value for the price among long distance moving firms which they reviewed. The site looked at more than 500 moving companies to arrive at their ranking. Safeway Moving Systems has developed a set of quality standards to define each step of the moving process. When you are looking for accurate information about the best military relocation professional services for moving from New York to Florida, visit the website for Safeway Moving Systems and get a quote for full packing, moving, and storage costs.


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