Safeway Moving System Has Become An Industry Leader, Why?

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Safeway Moving System is convinced that our business model is the best. Many moving companies out there competing with one another for your business. Safeway offers service and procedures that bring back customers each time a move is required. Relocation is typically a time of transition for individuals and families. We want to do everything possible to ensure that your next move is as stress-free and efficient as possible. Read on to learn why we are making a name for ourselves in the moving company world.

Safeway Moving System Business Model and Organizational Structure

Safeway works with agents contracted to work on our behalf and according to our guidelines. The safety standards are uniformly applied so that person understands how to do the job according to a high level of excellence.

Because we contract with agents, Safeway and all of our contractors have safe and well-trained people who work for the company full-time. We do not hire free-standing owner-operators since the methods of operation, and the price levels can vary widely, even on similar sized and location loads.

Our practices are carefully defined, so our customers can always depend on the quality of the people and the results, regardless of where the movie takes place anywhere in the country. We don’t hire owner-operators (O/O) as many of our competitors do because of the lack of high standards in training and practices. Safeway and our agents all have highly qualified movers and drivers working full time.

Safeway agents have far fewer claims than any of the major van lines or nationwide moving companies. We work with top-tier agents who focus solely on quality over quantity. This operational standard means our customers won’t use tired or untrained movers to help you move. We have learned that physically tired movers equal lower quality results.

Safeway Moving System Employees and Contractors are Valuable People

In an economic climate where workers are unhappy with their jobs partly because of working conditions and corporate climate. We recognize the value of the person interacting with customers directly, whether over the telephone or when moving family possessions out of the house and into the moving truck. When employees are treated with a recognition of their value, they are more likely to recognize the value of every customer who entrusts his or her possessions to us.

An account manager is assigned to form a knowledgeable relationship with the customer. When there are questions or concerns, the customer can talk directly to someone who knows what is happening with their household items. Even the most complex relocations are expertly planned and implemented by the Safeway agents and contractors.

The Other Guys

Our competitors may use owner-operators who own a tractor-trailer or straight trucks. The O/Os hire movers along the way. Although this practice may result in slightly lower costs than working with a full service moving company, and the deliveries may occur quicker, especially if the move is large, laborers are essentially day laborers hired through a database. Even though they are professionals, this hiring and operational practice can result in less qualified and less reliable people who may only be working for a financial reward at the end of the work day.

Equipment Matters

Because Safeway Moving has high standards for safety, our agents and contractors are expected to focus on safety equipment and safe working conditions. We want each item belonging to our customers to arrive at the destination in as good a condition as when it left the customer’s house.

This philosophy depends on correctly utilizing the right equipment and packing items, so they do not shift or scrape against each other during the moving process. We use appropriate packing materials and load the boxes and furniture in a way that protects them against accidental damage or loss.

Services From Safeway

Safeway Moving Systems offer affordable cross-country moving services, whether your household possessions or your business is being relocated. Each move comes with our expert packing service and up to thirty days of free storage during the move. Our services are fully guaranteed to be safe and on time.

These elements are our primary concern, and we have the confidence to assure customers of satisfaction. Our rates are calculated under the premise of a binding rate. There are no hidden fees or surprise surcharges at the movie’s end when the bill is presented. Customers pay a simple price that is accurate and affordable.

Safeway = Safe Way = Safety

Many companies claim to be honest, affordable, efficient, or experienced. Still, not-safe practices by our people and our methods are a major reason for the growing popularity and recognition of the company. No one wants to entrust their possessions to a commercial moving company that doesn’t take the needed precautions to ensure that goods arrive safely and that no employees are injured during the operations.

The proof of the safe operating techniques is reflected in a comparison of loss claims for damaged items by owner/operator businesses and Safeway agents and contractors. All of them can have any one of those characteristics.

O/O loss claims are higher. These are losses or damages to your furniture, electronics, or other possessions.

We want our people to have the latest in moving and pack

ing methods and knowledge about any technological advances. That help reduces physical effort. Tracking your possessions as they move toward the new house ensures peace of mind for each customer. Since each move has a dedicated account manager with full knowledge of your relocation, you can be assured of a safe arrival on the scheduled delivery date.

Safeway Moving System Storage Options

Owner-Operators do not own a moving company or have a base of operations in a particular area. This means they cannot offer the customer any storage days unless an additional fee is charged to cover the cost of unloading the items into a storage unit. Often, this rental unit may be of poor quality and may not have good security measures.

Safeway has the base to negotiate with agents to provide free storage for thirty days. Safeway does not assess additional costs estimate for unloading or reloading your household or office goods.

The need to store items during the move can be unexpected or a planned element. When moving across the country, the packing, transport and unpacking timing can create scheduling problems.

It can be challenging if your new house is not ready for occupancy when you arrive. In this instance, it is better to place your possessions in a safe storage location. The final leg of the move can be completed later.

The fewer times your furniture and other possessions are handled, the less likelihood there is damage or loss. An interim stop in storage can be planned into the move if necessary.

Safeway doesn’t charge extra for the additional handling fees. Safeway negotiates with our network of agents to be sure that your possessions are taken care of until we deliver them safely into your new house.


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