7 Best Neighborhoods for Families to Move in Brandon, Florida

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Brandon, Florida, is a beautiful suburban community just east of Tampa. The city is known for its affordable cost of living, proximity to some of the best beaches in the country, and excellent schools.

With a wide range of neighborhoods, it can be challenging to determine which area is the best fit for you and your family. We will help you choose the best neighborhood in Brandon, matching your family’s needs.

Why Should Families Move to Brandon, Florida?

Families looking for a welcoming and affordable community with plenty of amenities should consider moving to Brandon, Florida. Located just east of Tampa, Brandon offers a suburban lifestyle perfect for families preferring a balance between urban and rural living.

The city boasts excellent schools, ample job opportunities, and an array of recreational activities. The cost of living in Brandon is lower than in many other cities in the United States, making it an attractive option for families looking to stretch their budgets. Brandon’s community-focused atmosphere, safety, and accessibility to major attractions make it a great place for families to call home.

Best Neighborhoods in Brandon, Fl

Brandon, Florida, offers various neighborhoods perfect for young families, couples, and working professionals. Below is the description of the best neighborhoods in Brandon, Florida.

Arbor Oaks

Arbor Oaks, situated in the sprawling suburbia around Brandon, is an exclusive and upscale residential area. The neighborhood provides a luxurious living experience to its residents. The typical home in Arbor Oaks boasts spaciousness in every aspect, featuring four to six bedrooms catering to the needs of large families.

One notable advantage of purchasing property in Arbor Oaks is the ample garage and driveway space available for families with many vehicles. The quality of the build and infrastructure is of a higher standard, with fewer technical and structural problems that often plague older properties.

Arbor Oaks offers an attractive option for individuals seeking a premium residential experience that combines luxury and functionality. Its spacious properties, ample parking space, and modern infrastructure make it an excellent choice for large families seeking a comfortable lifestyle.

Sterling Ranch

Sterling Ranch is a highly coveted community of seven hundred single-family homes in the southwest of Brandon. Its prime location offers swift access to a nearby highway, enabling convenient travel to the bustling city of Tampa. The neighborhood is governed by deed restrictions, ensuring a consistently attractive and well-maintained environment for residents.

The community is situated near a major shopping center, which can be conveniently accessed by a short drive and walk. Numerous amenities, such as parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities, provide ample opportunities for family-oriented recreation and bonding.

Sterling Ranch presents an excellent opportunity for families seeking a comfortable and convenient living experience. The community is designed with family-centric values, providing a secure environment for children to grow and thrive.

Bloomingdale Village

Bloomingdale Village offers an impressive selection of moderately sized homes with ample amenities at competitive prices. While the properties here may be slightly smaller than those found in Arbor Oaks, they are perfectly suited for the average single-family unit.

Prices within the neighborhood vary to a greater extent than in other nearby communities. This variability is reflected in the diversity of acreage and property sizes available to prospective homebuyers. As a result, there is plenty of options when searching for your ideal property in Bloomingdale Village.

Bloomingdale Village presents an excellent compromise for those seeking a balance between space and affordability. The neighborhood bridges the gap between the more expansive properties of Arbor Oaks and the townhome-focused Providence Townhomes. With highly competitive pricing and a wide range of options, this neighborhood presents an ideal opportunity for those seeking quality real estate in a highly desirable location.

Providence Townhomes

Providence Townhomes is a charming residential area in Brandon’s southwestern wing. The neighborhood offers reasonably priced homes ideal for families, providing medium-sized housing units typically comprising two to four rooms.

While the community adheres to typical suburban arrangements, it is primarily recognized for its exceptional array of schools. The presence of Riverview and Brandon High in the area makes it an attractive choice for families with school-going children. Providence Townhomes presents an excellent opportunity for families seeking quality homes in a peaceful, serene environment.

Brandon Pointe

Brandon Pointe is a well-designed community of upscale apartments and townhouses in a prime Florida location. The neighborhood offers modern, high-quality housing options for both renters and homeowners. It has easy access to Florida’s network of highways, making it a great choice for commuters who value quick and efficient travel.

The community is designed with families in mind, offering a range of amenities such as playgrounds, walking trails, and outdoor recreation areas. It is within a short distance of various amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues. The apartments and townhouses are spacious, with features making them comfortable and functional for families of all sizes.

Brandon Pointe is a highly desirable community for families, providing a safe and comfortable living environment well-suited to their needs.


Dominion is an ideal neighborhood for families seeking the typical suburban lifestyle. With its larger homes and a great community, it offers a sense of peace and security that many families seek. The neighborhood is known for its great community, where residents often come together to socialize and support one another.

The close proximity to shopping centers and attractions, particularly Westfield Brandon, makes it easy for families to find everything they need without much hassle. This convenience is especially important for families with young children, as it minimizes the time spent traveling and maximizes the time spent enjoying family activities.

Dominion is an excellent choice for families seeking a peaceful, secure suburban lifestyle with access to amenities and a strong sense of community. Families can take advantage of amenities in Brandon and Tampa while enjoying the tranquility of suburban life.

Plan Your Move to Brandon, Florida

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