Moving Guide to St. Petersburg, FL: 10 Best Neighborhoods to Live

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Moving Guide to St. Petersburg, FL: 10 Best Neighborhoods to Live in 2023

St. Petersburg is on Florida’s west coast. 265,000 individuals live in Florida’s fifth-largest city. The city is defined by beautiful shores, historical sites, and a lively downtown center. It’s warm and humid year-round in. The area has many galleries, museums, and entertainment venues. The Mahaffey Theater, Chihuly Collection, and Museum of Fine Arts are more attractions.

Beaches and other outdoor activities are popular in the area. The city has various beaches, including St. Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach. These beaches include swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Why do people choose to live in St. Petersburg, FL?

St. Petersburg has pleasant, bright weather. It’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and laid-back types, with 361 sunny days yearly. Museums, galleries, and theaters in the community host many cultural events. The region is cheaper than other Florida cities. Other major urban areas have higher housing, utility, and other costs. It is great for all ages and backgrounds due to its many hospitals, shopping complexes, and recreational amenities.

The city offers numerous attractions and a reasonable cost of living, making it an attractive option. The cost of living is 2% less than the national mean. Housing costs are 11% lower than the national average. The median price of a property in the region is $400,000. The average monthly rent is $1,219 per month.

Best 10 neighborhoods of St. Petersburg to reside in.

St. Petersburg has excellent safety ratings and is a desirable location because of its vibrant culture and waterfront views. There is a neighborhood for every lifestyle, whether you want to live luxuriously by the shore or within walking distance of Downtown.

Downtown St. Petersburg

Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, is a lively city hub. Its diverse combination of historical and modern architecture, bustling arts scene, outstanding museums, fashionable shops, and restaurants make it famous. Its seaside parks, vibrant nightlife, and all-year events and festivals. 16,802 people live in this area and the typical age of the citizens is 46.5 years old.

A one-bedroom residence goes for an average of $2,719. This shows a 4% decrease in the property’s value from the previous year.

Magnificent fresh eateries, unique breweries, art galleries, events, movers, local shops, and some of the finest beaches are within walking distance. The vibrant art scene includes the Dali Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, and Mahaffey Theater. Downtown living is affordable and highly recommended due to its reputation for being significantly cheaper than living in comparable cities.

Historic Kenwood

Historic Kenwood is a delightful St. Petersburg neighborhood with a rich history, stunning architecture, and a thriving community. The neighborhood has over 4,000 residents. Tree-lined streets, brick sidewalks, and well-kept lawns characterize the area with Craftsman, Colonial Revival, and Mediterranean Revival architecture. The area is home to many galleries, workshops, and performing spaces. The community is a wonderful place that touches everyone with its distinctive combination of history, culture, and community.

The cost of living is higher than average compared to national standards. The median house value in thus neighborhood is equal to more than $330K. The standard rent cost is equal to $1118.

Tudor Revival and Craftsman Bungalow buildings are among 2,203 historic structures. These renovated antique homes provide morality to the area. The community’s diversity and safety draw families to these modest homes. Families with school-aged children appreciate the community even more because of its great public schools.

Sawgrass Lake Park, Pinellas Point Park, Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail, South Straub Park, and Sunken Gardens are recommended places to visit in Historic Kenwood.

Historic Old Northeast

Historic Old Northeast is a lovely neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida. Famous for its brick-lined streets, lush vegetation, and historic residences. The area is a popular residential area for history buffs. The neighborhood is just north of St. Petersburg and is close to stores, restaurants, and cultural activities. The average resident of the community is 47 years old, and the neighborhood has a total population of 4,268 people.

The cost of living in this neighborhood is more than in other states. The median house cost is equivalent to $880K. The increase rate of properties in this neighborhood is rising at an average of 1.4% year over year.

The quiet area has brick sidewalks, screened artwork, and old homes. Palms, magnolias, and oaks surround it. Appreciate Mediterranean and Craftsman Bungalow architecture reside in almost 3,000 antique buildings. Families and retirees love this neighborhood. Residents enjoy the outdoors in waterfront greenspaces, parks, walking and bicycling routes, and swimming spots.

North Shore Park St. Pete, Coffee Pot Bayou Park, The Gizella Kop sick Palm Arboretum and Old Northeast Tavern are some of the best places to visit in Historic Old Northeast.

Jungle Prada

Jungle Prada is a heritage site in St. Petersburg, Florida. Tourists who want to learn about the region’s rich history and culture visit this area. A museum, souvenir store, and historical relics display the area’s unique cultural background. The area is worth a visit if you like history, wildlife, or unique cultural experiences. The total population is equal to 1350 residents.

The cost of living is higher than in average states. The standard rent cost is $2006, which is higher than the national average. The median cost of property is equal to $460K.

Greenery, brick streets, and natural beauty make the neighborhood popular. The area’s property values increased by 14% last year. The neighborhood residents can select between waterfront or rebuilt bungalows. Azalea Elementary School and St. Petersburg Collegiate High School are great schools for families in the area.

Jungle Prada Tavern, Jungle Prada Park and Admiral Farragut Academy are the most visited and recommended places in Jungle Prada.

Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake is St. Petersburg’s beautiful urban sanctuary. A tranquil freshwater lake and lovely walking routes encircle this 56-acre park. Since its construction, the area has been a favorite retreat for locals and visitors to escape the city. The average population of this neighborhood is equal to 1276 residents.

The cost of living is quite changing in this neighborhood; sometimes, it increases more than the average living cost and sometimes declines. The median home value is equal to $400K. The median rent value in this neighborhood is approximately equal to $847.

Playgrounds, eateries, pubs, coffee stores, and boutiques bound it. It has a reputation for being an active community, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking adventure.

Numerous young professionals, students, and families residing in the area. This area is tidy, secure, and welcoming.

Three Birds Tavern, The Left Bank Bistro, Crescent Lake Park, and Dairy Inn are the most visited and recommended places in Crescent Lake.

Coquina Key

Coquina Key is a lovely and dynamic area in southern St. Petersburg, Florida. Tropical living, metropolitan conveniences, and waterfront vistas are available in this community. Individuals, retirees, and young professionals are drawn to the area’s peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. For St. Petersburg residents looking for a home, the neighborhood offers single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. The total number of residents residing is approximately equal to 4315.

The standard cost of living in Coquina Key is quite economical compared to other states. The median property cost is equivalent to $300K. The average rent cost is $1601 per month.

During the tourist season, families and young professionals rent residences while retirees live in the area. The neighborhood is one of St. Petersburg’s best. The best public schools for families with school-aged children are Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary School, St. Petersburg Collegiate High School, and Osceola Fundamental High School.

Coquina Key Park, Southside Coffee Brew Bar and Don’s Irish Pub are some of the top-rated visited places in the community.

Historic Roser Park  

Historic Roser Park is a charming St. Petersburg area. It’s famous for its antique homes, tree-lined lanes, and lush vegetation. Residents and visitors see the city’s rich history in this lovely neighborhood. Exploring the neighborhood’s cultural heritage is popular due to its unique architecture and extensive history. The population of is equivalent to 1878 residents.

The median price of homes is $525K, a decrease of 20.7% from the year before. The standard cost per square foot is $308. The average rent cost in this neighborhood is equal approximately $1000.

The region has become St. Petersburg’s business core due to its proximity to recreation, hospitals, entertainment, and public transportation. Craftsman Bungalows, Colonial Revival, and Prairie architecture are seen throughout the neighborhood. Civil War monuments are there because of their rich history.

Roser Park, The German Knoodle and The Tavern at Bayboro are the best recommended and visited places in Historic Roser Park.

Snell Isle

Snell Isle is a beautiful and wealthy neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s noted for its luxury mansions, lush landscapes, and waterfront vistas. Snell Isle is a peaceful retreat from metropolitan life just minutes from downtown St. Petersburg. It’s ideal position on Tampa Bay gives inhabitants convenient access to boating, water sports, restaurants, stores, and cultural attractions. Families, retirees, and professionals are moving to this area.

The total population is approximately equivalent to $2291. The number of residents has been increasing rapidly over the years.

The cost of living varies according to the lifestyle of the residents. It can be expensive as well as moderate. The property price of the area ranges from approximately $389K to $11.5M.

Mediterranean, Prairie, and Mission Revival architecture are displayed at this community. Vinoy Resort and Golf Club, Brightwaters Boulevard Park, and Bay Vista Park are all the best-visited places in this community. Many mansions feature private deep-water docks on the canals for boating on Tampa Bay.

Boca Ciega

Boca Ciega is a beautiful St. Petersburg seaside neighborhood. This active neighborhood is renowned for its plenty of recreation, charming combination of ancient and modern architecture, and energetic environment. The neighborhood has some of the state’s best beaches and waterways due to its Gulf of Mexico proximity. This neighborhood’s total population size equals 3948 residents, with an ordinary people 2 in each household.

The cost of living in this neighborhood depends on the style of living of the residence. The average cost price of the property from $300K to $400K. The average rent price in ranges from $900 to $1100.

All year long, residents have the feeling of being on vacation. Popular activities at the Gulf Beach Recreation Center include swimming, fishing, picnicking, and tennis. There are several parks and recreational areas.

Boca Ciega Millennial Park and John’s Pass are some of the most visited places in this neighborhood.

Tropical Shores

Tropical Shores is on Florida’s west coast. This dynamic city has miles of pure white sand beaches, stunning blue oceans, and a warm, sunny environment that attracts travelers year-round. The neighborhood offers swimming, paddling, volleyball on the beach, paragliding, and jet skiing. There is a total of 26,749 residents living in the community.

The cost of living varies according to the lifestyle of the residents. The median price of the property is $367K. The median rent price is equivalent to $1125.

There are only a few streets, and most residences live on the water’s edge. Most residents have access to boat slips, making this the ideal location for those who enjoy adventure and the outdoors and have access to excellent institutions.’

Tropicana Field and Lassing Park are the most recommended and attractive places in this region.

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St. Petersburg is a great place to discover an ideal spot to call home in Florida. The neighborhood offers everything, including family-friendly neighborhoods, top-rated institutions, and a vibrant lifestyle.

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