6 Reasons How To Compare Long Distance Moving Companies

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Compare long distance moving companies: A long-distance move is stressful on every level. Still, your move will likely go more smoothly if you choose a reputable, experienced, and knowledgeable moving company to do the job. Knowing which companies have a good reputation, experience, equipment, and customer service is easier because there is a great deal of company information on the internet.

However, just because a company has an internet and social media presence, there is no guarantee that they will do a great moving job for you. Read on to learn more about some features to check on when considering who to choose to move your possessions across the country.

Talk To Neighbors, Family, And Friends

When checking out any product or service that is new to you, it can be beneficial to determine if someone you know has had experience with a long-distance moving company. Even in times of unprecedented relocation, it mfindingeone in your immediate circle of friends and relatives who has had the experience of locating and using a long-distance moving company. If may be difficult you find yourself in this situation, there is an even better way to learn about others’ experiences with many different movers: social media and ranking websites.

There are various ranking sites for almost any service you might be interested in, and long-moving firms are no exception. In addition, there are more generic rating systems and websites, such as the Better Business Bureau. If you are just beginning your search for a great compare long distance moving companies, a good place to start is by doing a search for “long distance movers’ and your city name.

Read The Reviews

A majority of businesses appear on one or more of the review sites. For example, Google Business, Yelp, and others. With the company name and license number in front of you, check for the reputation of two to three firms. You should thoroughly review at least three compare long distance moving companies.

When reading a customer review, there are several factors to check. These include professionalism, timeliness, price, personnel, customer support, and integrity. Reviewers have various levels of explanation. They will likely talk about interactions with the professional personnel, price integrity, and how their possessions were handled. This is helpful but not enough to base your decision on.

Ask The Right Questions

Ask lot of questions before signing any contracts. A customer service representative is one place to start. You can learn a lot about a company by the way its personnel interact with customers over the phone and by carefully reading information on the company’s website. The company should have the necessary trade licenses and certifications, and belong to peer organizations and associations.

You can check on availability of movers on the dates you are considering. The questions you ask are not intended to nail down a top pick company on the first contact but rather to determine the level of professionalism in how the questions are answered. Of course, if the company doesn’t answer your calls, or if the website doesn’t provide accurate and timely information, it is better to find another company.

A company should be licensed through the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association and proudly display the details on its website. You will want to know whether the company is a carrier, a broker, or some type of hybrid.

It is important to understand the differences between the three, because that will affect how your goods are handled, and by whom. You should determine the type of insurance coverage which the firm offers on your possessions. Accidents can happen and items can get lost in the course of the move, so insurance is important.

Ask the company to explain whether or not they offer Binding, Non-Binding, and Binding Not-to-Exceed estimates. The Binding Rate means there are no changes in the amount due at the destination. There are no hidden fees or surprises in the delivered price. Safeway Moving Systems operates with guaranteed satisfaction.

Some firms are notorious for quoting a low price but raising the price on moving day. A related question is the incidence of additional fees to pay on moving day. Ask the company how it calculates its prices. Some of the elements which may affect the final price include distance, weight, season, and labor rates. Customers should ask about background checks on company personnel.

Look At Total Costs Of The Move For Most Customers, The Cost Of The Move Is The Most Important Factor

When it comes to the total cost of the move, it helps to compare apples to apples, rather than getting a surprise ‘oranges’ fee slipped in the bottom cost. Of course, you will compare the costs quoted to you by the mover, but if one price is significantly different, whether higher or lower, it is recommended to ask why there is such a difference. One example is the amount and type of insurance coverage for your items.

A higher price may be due to extra services which are included in the quoted amount. Conversely, a significantly lower price quote may be just to get your commitment, only to find out that the additional fees must be paid get your furnishings out of storage.

Standards Of Performance

This area of comparison between companies could also be called Customer Service. The reviews from previous customers tend to rate a company based on how well all of its people behave during customer interactions. Every customer wants to feel that their questions are respected and not brushed off or ignored. Integrity means that the company only promises what it delivers.

Performance by the employees who are packing, loading, and transporting your household means that full attention is given to the condition of the furniture and other items so that there is minimal or no damage when it reaches your destination. Attention to details tends to make the customer experience more positive. One example is how the company deals with a rainy day and avoids mud tracked into your house.

Good customer service means that you have a project manager assigned to your move, so you are not struggling to learn where your move is, and if therany emergenciese come up during the move. Clear instructions about the customers’ and movers’ tasks will prevent many moving-related catastrophes.

Safeway Moving Systems is recognized for its high stanification and personnel responsibility. It standards has been in business long enough to have positive performance reviews and customer testimonials.

The company sets a performance standard that compares long distance moving companies personnel teams must agree to follow, individually and corporately. The business model is designed to elicit positive moving experiences for each customer. The company is highly rated on My Moving Reviews, Move Buddha, and Move.org.

Track The Responses

As with any contractual arrangement, it is meaningless if it isn’t stated in writing. Your comparison points can be laid out on a spreadsheet or worksheet so you can easily review the information you have collected before making a decision.

When you are looking at a range of characteristics to compare, a spreadsheet allows you to think about other factors than a low price. You can make your final decision confidently and expect a positive customer experience throughout the move.


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