Complete Moving Guide for Moving from Florida to Puerto Rico

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Although Puerto Rico is not a state, it is a U.S. territory and, thus, does not require a visa or passport to relocate to the island. Moving from Florida to Puerto Rico is an adventure that sounds appealing because of the benefits of the sea, sand, and sunshine. However, planning for such a move requires more than a bit of preparation and research to avoid problems. Your best course of action is to obtain the help of long distance movers with the expertise to guide you in the steps you need to take.

In many ways, living in Puerto Rico is much like living abroad without the issues of visas, immigration, documents, or work permits. Since Puerto Rico uses the U.S. dollar, you will not be troubled by converting currency. Here are some tips about packing, moving, and storage when moving to Puerto Rico.

What Will Moving From Florida to Puerto Rico Cost?

Relocating to Puerto Rico is within the scope of long distance movers in the United States. This packing, moving, and storage type is typically accomplished using shipping containers. An international mover or ocean freight can also transport household goods. The size of the move and distance affect the cost quotes you will need to obtain. The air distance is 1150 miles, much of which is over water.

What is the Cost Estimate To Transport My Automobile?

Undoubtedly, you will want to retain the services of a reliable auto transporter to arrange for your car to be delivered to Puerto Rico. Several add-ons may make you hesitate about the need for an automobile in Puerto Rico. The price will vary according to the distance, type of vehicle transported, the type of transport, and the time of year. The most common method and usually the least expensive is Roll-On Roll-Off shipping. If your vehicle is a luxury car or you prefer a more protected transport, enclosed shipping is an option, but it costs more.

Some documentation is required to prove vehicle ownership and payment of a substantial excise tax before the shipment is complete in Puerto Rico.

Storage Costs and Options

When arranging to move your household possessions to Puerto Rico, don’t forget to allow for the cost of storage at one end or the other. For example, the weather during hurricane season can affect the timing of the move, or you may need to arrange storage while organizing housing in Puerto Rico. The critical point is that you should allow for unexpected packing, moving, and storage expenses no matter where you move.

What Are Some Ways To Lower the Cost of My Move?

Some serious decisions need to be made to lower the cost of moving from Florida to Puerto Rico. For example, reducing the number of items you take with you, self-packing, or considering the time of year when the move takes place can impact the overall cost of the activity. While saving money results from some of these tips, it can have the disadvantage of being hard physical work.

Downsize: When preparing for moving from Florida to Puerto Rico, think seriously about the items you will be taking with you. Don’t box up things just because you might need them. Instead, note move-reduction measures such as donating unused or seldom-used items. Hold a yard sale or sell your used skis online. Don’t pack broken, outgrown, or unused items because you might need them later. Instead, recycle, donate, dump, or sell to reduce the cost of the move. All of these are methods to reduce moving costs.

Self Pack: When you decide what goes in each box, you are more likely to be organized when loading the boxes onto the moving trucks or into pods. Fewer items will result in a lower cost and will make unloading and unpacking more efficient. Ensure everything is labeled and a separate inventory list is maintained. Packing tape to seal each box is likely to prevent breakage.

Timing: When moving from Florida to Puerto Rico, the weather is uniformly pleasant, except during hurricane season. Schedule your move when the islands are unlike to be under hurricane warnings.

Incidentals: Arrange for boxes, wrapping, and cushioning other than from the moving company. These items tend to be overpriced when the movers do the packing.

Is Puerto Rico A Good Place to Live?

Puerto Rico is a great place to call home, full of vibrant culture, fantastic food, exciting nightlife, and serene beaches. With affordable living, typically great real estate prices, and accessible walkability, it is a great place to relocate to. Life in Puerto Rico is relaxed and laid-back. The people are friendly and the weather is beautiful. However, the crime rate is high and the infrastructure is not well developed. The cost of living in Puerto Rico compares favorably with most cities in the United States, but if you rely on imported goods, rather than local items they can be expensive.

What are Some Tips For Choosing Long Distance Movers?

DOT/FMCSA Registration: Searching out the best choices for long distance movers when moving from Florida to Puerto Rico is essential. Use the internet resources to ensure that your short list of companies has the appropriate insurance, registration numbers, and licenses. A long distance mover will have a US DOT number and an FMCSA registration number. These websites contain a lot of details about ownership and legitimacy. Also, be sure that the companies you consider can handle international moving services.

Reviews, Complaints, Peer Recognition: Other information on the Web will tell you about complaints against the movers or praises for their expertise. The Better Business Bureau maintains information about the quality of services by their listed firms. The major search engines report rankings and reviews.

Price Quotes: Finding the lowest priced long distance movers is the goal for many people. No one wants to pay more than they have to for a product or service. However, choosing the lowest price moving company quote can lead to a fraud-related problem.

Why Safeway Should Be Your Long-Distance Moving Company

Safeway Moving Systems INC (USDOT# 3756000) is a Chicago-based moving organization recognized by for its commitment to the best value for money and competitive prices. As a veteran-owned firm, Safeway Moving Systems Inc. moves customers with military precision. The company has an extensive network of trucks and carrying capacity. It also has a unique approach to quality assurance throughout the relocation.

Safeway Moving Systems Inc. is an experienced team of military relocation professionals with the expertise to make moving from Florida to Puerto Rico less traumatic.


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