Moving Long Distance from New Jersey to West Palm Beach

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When you are preparing your household for moving from New Jersey to West Palm Beach, there are several factors that will affect the cost estimate that the top-quality movers provide. As a basis, they will look at the number of bedrooms, the distance over the road, and whether the client will do part or all of the packing and preparation work.

What is the Typical Cost of a New Jersey to West Palm Beach Move?

The time of year matters, since movers tend to be busier in the summer, so prices are higher. If you set a firm moving date in the middle of the week and middle of the month, it may result in a reduction in costs. When you do the packing tasks yourself, the prices on the move will be lower, but the hard physical work and stress may take a physical toll.

A rough estimate of the typical cost of a move from New Jersey to West Palm Beach, a distance of just over 1200 miles will depend on the type of house, whether furniture and boxes are to be moved, and the number of bedrooms. Rather than make assumptions about the costs of the move, use one of the pricing tools to obtain a more accurate estimate of the overall costs.

Costs today have been and will probably continue to be affected by the rising fuel costs, and supply chain breakdowns. It is uncertain whether or not COVID 19 and the variants will have a significant affect of the price of the move.

Cost to Move A Car From New Jersey To West Palm Beach

One of the moving related decisions which you will need to consider is whether to move your automobile, truck or van to your new location. A flate rate long distance move may mean selling or donating a vehicle before you leave; driving multiple vehicles yourself; or hiring a reliable auto transporter to efficiently and safely get your desired vehicles to the new location.

Depending upon your need for a reliable vehicle at your new location, you may decide to downsize the number of vehicles which you relocate at the same time as your household goods. Today, there are numerous charitable organization which accept vehicle donations as a fund-raising mechanism. It is worthwhile thinking seriously about whether you really need two or more cars at your new location.

Some of the things to consider include availability of mass transit, insurance and registration at the new location, different licensing and certification requirements and increasing fuel costs, as well as the other costs associated with operating an automobile.

If you have determined that one or more vehicles are going to make the move with you, checking out the services of one of the top car transport companies may change your mind about loading pets and kids into your automobile and driving hundreds of miles cross country.

Picking a good long distance auto transporter will depend on the reputation of the companies. The reviews and reputation of the best firms will be a starting point to pick a transporter to move your vehicle from New Jersey to West Palm Beach, Florida.

Estimating the cost of the move is dependent upon the distance, the time of year, and the size of the vehicle to be moved. Preparation to have your vehicle transported requires several activities. In addition to your regular automobile insurance which is part of the cost of owning a vehicle, you will need auto transport insurance.

This coverage is designed to protect against damages which could occur as the vehicle is being moved from Point A to Point B. Be sure you obtain a set of clear pictures of your vehicle before it is inspected and loaded at the pickup point and again at the destination. It is rare that there are claims for vehicle damage during the transport, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Don’t plan on packing the transported vehicle full of items that you want to move. There are some legal prohibitions against this practice, because of the potential for added weight in the car. The driver may be accepting of a few small items placed in the trunk, but he or she doesn’t have to.

Some Tips To Save On the Cost Of Moving From New Jersey to West Palm Beach

It is obvious that the less you move to Florida, the lower the cost will be. You can take advantage of planning for your move by down-sizing or decluttering. Be firm about weeding out any possessions which you can live without.

If you have not used an item in the previous six months or longer, don’t pay to move it. You can sell unwanted items online or locally and you may even make a few dollars to help with unexpected expenses that crop up during the move. If you prefer, contact one of the organizations that re-purposes donated items.

Self Packing: Doing your own packing is a good way to save money when moving from New Jersey to West Palm Beach, Florida. It is important to begin the packing process early if you are doing this part of the relocation.

At least two months of lead time gives you some working time and the ability to organize while packing. Set aside a room of your residence to place finished, sealed, and labeled boxes. Be sure to choose properly sized and sturdy packing boxes so that your possessions will come through the move safely.

Time of Year To Move: It may not always be possible to move during the months when prices tend to be lower. Nevertheless, a move in the winter months is best for price savings. If you can pick a time of the year when moving companies are less busy, the rates are likely to be somewhat less expensive. It may be possible to find a date for your move and negotiate on the cost.

Is West Palm Beach a Good Place To Live?

West Palm Beach is known for its sandy beaches, nightlife, exciting culture, and beautiful weather. If these features appeal to you, then the city is a great place to live. The cost of living in West Palm Beach is less expensive than in New Jersey which can be one of the reasons for moving. Living in West Palm Beach means no more icy roads and shoveling snow.

Some of the relevant statistics about the City of West Palm Beach, Florida which might affect your decision to relocate are provided below.

Find the Right Mover

If you want to locate a reliable mover, there are three tips to help with your search.

Get Estimates: At least three written in-home estimates are suggested. You should be suspicious of estimates which are unusually low or if it doesn’t begin with a thorough review of the parameters of the move.

Verify Credentials: Interstate movers must have a Department of Transportation number displayed on its website and in its advertising. Movers must also display a carrier number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These numbers can be checked to ensure that the company is legitimate.

Read Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints: The Better Business Bureau, consumer reporting websites, and search engine reviews all help to determine the experience of previous customers. The Department of Transportation website also posts a company’s complaint history.

Be Wary of Large Deposit Requirements: A moving company should not require a deposit of more than 20 percent of the estimated cost of the move.

Moving with Safeway

Safeway Moving Systems INC, (USDOT# 3756000), is a veteran-owned moving firm with the target of ensuring a military precision relocation. Safeway offers competitive prices due to its access to an immense network of truck capacity throughout the country. Its multi-stage process of quality assurance ensures that relocations go smoothly at every step of the process. The focus on quality and accurate pricing is a major reason why Safeway was rated as the Best Overall Value by

A long distance move from New Jersey to West Palm Beach is a major undertaking but doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The professional movers at Safeway Moving Systems Inc are experienced, courteous, and knowledgeable about the latest processes and moving equipment. The company keeps moves simple and affordable with no hidden fees and a commitment to safety and efficiency. We help you to create an accurate and detailed quote. Support for our community through ‘give-back’ programs are a feature of our commitment.


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