4 Benefits Of Relocating From New Jersey To Florida

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Relocating From New Jersey To Florida: In a recent release of information about migration patterns in the United States, New Jersey holds the 2021 record for the highest outbound migration. One major long distance moving firm reported that seven of every ten moves by the company are comprised of people leaving New Jersey.

New Jersey also holds the record of the highest outbound migration state for the previous four years. If you are wondering where these people are going, the same study shows that the State of Florida is the 5th highest destination state. 62% of the moves in Florida were in-bound.

Although some of the reasons for moving have changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the outflow from New Jersey is still topping the charts. However, the pandemic isn’t directly stated as the cause and effect of people leaving New Jersey. In the past, the outflow tended to be retirees moving to the Sunshine State.

The migration patterns in the last few years have been for the purpose of jobs. More companies are setting their corporate offices in Florida. The employees who follow the jobs in Florida benefit due to the fact that Florida doesn’t collect a state income tax. New Jersey has a state income tax rate of 10.75 and its property taxes are also high. It should be noted though, that Florida does have a state sales tax of 6 percent.

According to a Florida state official, more than 900 people daily are moving into Florida. This has resulted in an increase in the population of the state by 14.6% over the last decade. In comparison, New Jersey’s population increased by 5.7% over the same period.

If you are an empty-nester or an early retiree, you may be thinking of relocating from New Jersey to Florida. You might want to think about leaving the winter storms and population density of New Jersey, as well as the financial picture that has been described as a tax hell, and making the change to a warmer and less frenetic lifestyle which is part of Florida’s appeal. Read on to learn more about the interesting features of Florida, as well as a few characteristics to consider.

Comparing New Jersey and Florida

Let’s analyze Relocating From New Jersey To Florida. There are many obvious differences between the two states. Some of these may affect your decision to move, while others are just seen as benefits for the relocation to Florida once the decision to move has been reached.

Size and population: New Jersey has a 2022 estimated population of 9.24 million people, the 11th highest in the United States. With an area of 8,722 square miles, it is the 47th largest in the country. New Jersey has the highest density population in the US at 1210 persons per square mile.

In comparison, Florida’s 2022 estimated population is 22.04 million people, the highest in the United States. With an area of 65,755 square miles, it is the 22nd largest in the country. Florida has a population density of 353.4 people per square mile, which makes it the 8th most densely populated state in the US.

Cost of living: The cost-of-living index for New Jersey is 125.1, making it the 9th highest in the country. In large part, this is due to the Housing component of 137. Florida’s COL index is 97.9, the 24th highest. The largest component of Florida’s cost-of-living index is Grocery costs at 106.9.

Housing/Rental costs: Residents of New Jersey pay an average monthly rent of $1334, while Florida’s average renter pays $1175. To purchase a home in New Jersey, the average cost is $440,081. While Florida’s home buyer can expect to pay on average $356,349, or 19 % less.

Politics and demographics: New Jersey is a majority Democrat state, while Florida tends to be a Red state politically. Florida’s median age in 2021 is 42.7, the 6th oldest in the nation, while New Jersey was the 12th oldest at 40.2 years.

Climate and weather: Although many retirees move to Florida because of the mild weather, the state does have some challenges due to storms. The average summer high temperature in Florida is 91ºF compared to 85ºF in New Jersey.

The average winter lows are 49ºF and 22ºF in Florida and New Jersey respectively. Florida has a reputation for a variety of natural disasters, such as sinkholes and hurricanes. Repairing storm damage done to a business or home can be costly.

Company relocations

In addition to residential moves to Florida, several companies have been launching offices in the state. These include Elliott Management hedge fund; Blackstone private-equity firm; and Subway. As remote work becomes more feasible, many people are relocating to areas with a lower population density. Other relocations are made to be closer to their family members.

Moving costs

The costs of your move will depend on many factors. These include the amount of stuff that movers transport, the time of year, and the exact distance involved. Keep in mind that a lowball quote from a mover may indicate some shady dealings.

Alternatively, the economic move may not include all of the benefits that another company might offer. If possible, a move to Florida tends to be less costly when it happens in the winter or springtime months. A qualified customer service representative can help you in planning a move. The first step is that you should research Relocating From New Jersey To Florida.

When you look at the estimates or quotes for the cost of the move, start with information from two or three long distance moving companies. Determine whether or not the quote is Binding or Non-binding. Alternatively, a Non-Binding Not-to-Exceed estimate is an option.

Choosing a mover

When it is time to pick a moving company to do the transport of your household or business items to Florida, you can spend time researching the available firms, or you may want to rely on a ranking site such as MoveBuddha.org. Some of the elements which the ranking site uses include reputation, price, customer service, licenses, insurance, and training of its personnel.

Recently MoveBuddha completed its research of more than five hundred interstate moving firms. They cross-referenced customer reviews, checked licenses and registrations, as well as insurance data and federal complaint records.

Whether you do the research yourself or make use of a ranking service with knowledge of the industry, it is important to be sure that the company is reputable. The frauds and scams related to movers are a growing problem, so don’t rely on a single movers quote with incomplete licensing just because the price quoted is lower.

After sorting and compiling all relevant data, the MoveBuddha site came up with a list of the top three companies. For the best overall value, MoveBuddha.org named Safeway Moving Systems with a perfect 5.0 score. MoveBuddha users ranked Safeway Moving Systems as their top choice for interstate moves.

Safeway Moving Systems is licensed and insured, with professional drivers who are held to a high standard of quality and training. Safeway provides packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading services.

Moving insurance provides protection and peace of mind for customers. There are 45 days of free storage on all interstate moves. Veterans own the company and donate a portion of every move to charity. The firm can handle large or small cross-country moves with equal precision and expertise.


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