Guide to Moving from New York to North Carolina

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Leaving the Big Apple to relocate to Texas is an adventure in leaving one oversize area to another. The characteristics of New York are quite different in New York City than in western and northern New York. In the same way, the characteristics of Texas range from pine woods to cattle country to sprawling seaport. Read the following suggestions and details to find more information about moving companies from New York to Texas.

What Can I Expect To Pay For A Move From New York To Texas?

When you hire long distance movers, the costs of the move depend mainly on the distance and on the size of the load that is being transported. The miles included in moving from NY to Texas are 1769 via I-81 S. That is a significant distance but not the only packing, moving, and storage factor that must be considered when estimating a cost for the move. The other factor is the number of bedrooms in the household.

There are several other features of the move which are involved in identifying the cost. The long distance movers will need to know if there are stairs which must be navigated to load the furnishings, as well as any parking issues that require special permits, or the need of extra equipment and personnel to get the job done quickly.

The movers’ price quote will also be affected by whether or not the professional moving team will be doing your packing for you. Customers who do the packing generally will pay a lower cost to the long distance movers, but this part of the process is hard work and takes a lot of time.

What Is The Price To Transport A Vehicle To Texas?

For most people a car is a requirement to get around in Texas. The larger cities have public transportation systems, but other communities are less well-equipped. It is a long and exhausting trip if you plan on moving your car or cars from New York to Texas. . You may be better served by obtaining a price quote from a reliable auto transporter to move your vehicles. The process is easy and convenient. The price is affordable, and it is one less task that you will need to complete. Instead of the work of packing a car with items and driving 28 hours to the South and West, deliver the vehicle to the pickup site and pick it up in your destination city in Texas.

Storage Options And Prices

Unlike a move across town, moving from New York to TX cannot be completed in a single day. In some instances, the long distance movers will place items in a storage facility during the move. Maybe your new residence is not ready when the goods arrive in Texas. When there is a need to unload items from the moving truck at a Texas location and then reload it for a short hop to your new residence, there are often extra charges involved. Be sure that the moving company estimate spells out the charge so it doesn’t become an unexpected drain on your bank account.

How Can I Lower My Costs When Moving From NY To TX?

If you are looking for help to pay less than the full pack move, there are some suggestions which will lower the cost of the move. Packing, moving, and storage costs can be more in line with your budget if you consider these practices and actions.

Downsizing: Before signing up to take all of your outmoded and non-functional items to Texas, consider doing some significant downsizing. Your heavy winter clothing, for example, may not be needed if you are planning on living in Houston which almost never sees snow. You can donate or sell usable items, discard items which are not marketable and generally reduce the number of furnishings which you will rely on the professionals to move

Self packing: One of the largest savings can come when you do your own packing. Professional packers do the work quickly, but may not be as precise about packing items in a way that facilitates the unpacking process. If you do the packing, be sure to set aside enough time and space to do the job correctly. Collect and pack the boxes carefully to prevent breakage or loss. Seal them and label them on each surface of the box. Keep a detailed inventory of which items are in which boxes to make it easier to unpack at your destination.

Choose the right day to move: If you can set the moving day during the movers’ off season moving from New York to Texas is likely to cost less. Moving in the summer months is a busy time for the professionals, so if you are flexible on your moving day. The cost is likely to be lower.

Supplies and incidentals: If you keep an eye out for gently used moving boxes, you can probably save some money on the costs. Boxes can be sourced from various locations, and often cost little or nothing. The same is true of packing supplies, tape and labels.

Is Texas A Good Place To Live?

There are many reasons to choose to move to Texas as a good place to live. The state has lower taxes and mild winters, so heating costs are low. It has affordable housing and access to many lovely beaches. There is plenty to do especially related to recreation on and in the water. The job market and the economy there is expanding in a variety of industries.

How Do I Choose a Long Distance mover?

Choosing long distance movers today is easier than in the past. There are many companies from which to choose, and the internet makes learning about their reputation easy and convenient. Take the time to look for reputation indicators, as well as legitimacy.

Licensing and Registration: The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and US Dept of Transportation are the governmental agencies which handle registration and licensing for long distance moving companies. From the company name or DOT number, you can research factors such as ownership, safety record, and other information.

Consumer reviews and complaints: A search engine keyword entry will typically bring up information about specific companies. You can also look for peer websites such as The Better Business Bureau is another online source to see reviews of companies and if there are complaints about the firm.

Pricing: When looking at the estimated costs of moving from New York to TX, don’t base your decision only on the quoted price overall. Be sure the company is licensed and that it has a history of positive reviews. The written quotes should be detailed so that you can identify what services are included, and which will require additional outlay of funds.

Safeway Moving Systems named Best In Value is a helpful moving website that has done extensive review work among the top 500 or so long distance moving, packing, and storage firms. Safeway Moving Systems Inc (USDOT# 3756000) was the top pick in the category of Best Value for the Price among long distance moving firms which they reviewed. The detailed and multiple set of quality standards which Safeway lives by is one reason for the top ranking. As a veteran owned company, Safeway provides top military relocation professional services for moving from New York to Texas. The company website is the starting point for a quote for full packing, moving, and storage costs.


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