Moving from New Jersey to Seattle in 2023, What You Need to Know?

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A move across the United States is an endeavor that requires precision planning and preparation. The reasons for moving will vary from one customer to the next, but you can be sure that there are some features of each relocation which are alike. These include planning and preparation, choosing a moving company, and looking for the best value from the moving company. Read on to learn more about ways to enjoy a positive experience when moving from New Jersey to Seattle so that you can get stress free moving service to improve your relocation experience.

How Much Will I Need to Pay for Moving from New Jersey to Seattle?

Every long distance movers company have their own pricing structure, there are certain elements which are likely to be included when coming up with a price estimate for the move. The first of these is the distance of the move. Moving from New Jersey to Seattle is a trip of just over 2400 miles. You can expect a driving time of around 42 hours.

Obviously, the trip crosses multiple state lines, and highway regulations are handled by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. The size of the move is the second element to be considered when coming up with an estimate for the move. Typically, a full-service move depends upon the number of items which are to be included in the move. A count of the number of bedrooms is one way to get a very rough estimate of the cost.

When an accurate estimate covering packing, moving, and storage is being created, the long distance movers company will be collecting as much information as possible about the logistics of the move. Some urban locations have restrictions about parking and loading the moving trucks.

If the house has multiple levels, more equipment and labor might be necessary to get the trucks loaded. Another major component of price quotes is whether the customer plans to do some or all of the packing for the move. It is important to get a written price estimate from several companies, but at least three written and detailed quotes is a starting point.

What is the Estimated Cost of Moving My Vehicle to Seattle?

In the same way as moving companies identify the distance of the move. The transport of an automobile can be calculated by the distance which between the pick-up point to the delivery point, The convenience of using an auto transporter makes this decision one which is popular with many customers researching information about lengthy cross-country moves. You can depend on the care and safety which is provided by the vehicle transporter.

Storage Costs and Options

One cost which may affect what you pay for moving from New Jersey to Seattle is if you must have your household possessions placed in storage for a time. This can happen when the timing of leaving the old residence and moving into the new residence doesn’t line up perfectly.

If items need to be removed from the moving truck and placed in storage for a time before being re-loaded onto a truck and delivered to the end-destination, there might be some additional costs for handling the items twice.

You have a right to expect that any storage facility that is used is secure, clean and safe from weather related issues such as flooding. Depending on the types of items which are placed in storage, you may want climate controlled facilities.

How Can I Pay Less When Moving from New Jersey to Seattle?

How much do movers cost in Seattle when moving the items in your household from one side of the country to another, using long distance movers, you may want to choose the convenience of a full service move.

If you do so, you will pay more. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce some of the costs of a full-pack move. Keep in mind, though, that most of these cost reduction tips will require some physical exertion on your part. Here are a few ways to explore which will lower the cost of your overall move.

Downsize: Well before moving day, you can give some serious consideration to the number and type of the items which you will be moving from New Jersey to Seattle. Don’t keep items which you no longer use, or which do not fit in the space you have available in Seattle. Most households, especially if they have been living in one place for a long time, accumulate possessions.

When you are paring down the number of items to place on the moving truck, it means less cost for the move. Consider donating gently used items, consigning them, holding a garage sale, or otherwise reducing the items you move.

Do Your Own Packing: The pricing difference from the professional movers and you doing part or all of your own packing can be sizable. However, packing up your household possessions can be a physically demanding job, and must be done correctly.

You need to allow plenty of time to get the project done before the movers arrive. The advantage of packing your possessions personally, is that you can be organized so that unpacking is much easier. Be sure to maintain an inventory of which boxes contain which possessions. Boxes should be labeled on each side for ease in handling.

Be as Flexible as Possible When Picking a Moving Date: When setting a date for your move, the timing may affect the cost of the move. Planning well in advance and picking a date during the slower season for movers, (late fall and winter) is likely to save money. Also, avoid moving on Friday through Sunday, and at the month end, if possible. These are the busiest time for movers.

Packing Supplies and Materials: Sometimes, arranging for moving boxes and supplies yourself will cost less than paying the prices of the professional moving company. If you acquire the right size and quantity of boxes, padding, labels, and packing tape, you can expect to pay less for supplies.

Is Seattle A Good Place to Live?

Seattle is widely ranked among the top ten places to live in the United States. Its residents earn above-average incomes, the schools are world class, and the job market is hot. Numerous small neighborhoods within the city give it a unique culture.

Although Seattle is reputed to be rainy, rainfall totals are lower than other U.S. cities including Atlanta, New York, and Houston. The city is environmentally friendly and offers many outdoor recreational activities.

What are Some Suggestions for Picking Long Distance Movers?

DOT/FMCSA Registration: Long-distance movers’ information is available on the Department of Transportation website. The federal department oversees licensing and registration of interstate movers. The DOT website and the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). This website provides current information about the ownership of the moving company, its licenses, and whether there are safety violations attached to the name.

Reviews, Testimonials, and Complaints: More and more customers across various industries take time to report on their experiences after using the products or services of the company. Google’s 5-star ranking system is worldwide.

Before picking a long-distance mover, check review sites and the Better Business Bureau, among others, to determine the company’s reputation.

Price Quotes: Although the overall cost is an important factor to check on when you are searching for a mover, it is not the only factor. Get price estimates in writing, and make sure you understand what is included in the quote.

Safeway Moving Systems Inc. is an Excellent Candidate to be Your Long Distance Mover

Safeway meets or exceeds all of the important features recommended for your long distance mover. recently reviewed hundreds of moving companies in several categories. Safeway Moving Systems Inc., (USDOT# 3756000) was recognized by the peer organization for its ability to provide top value for service.

The company is veteran-owned and plots moves with military relocation professional standards. If you are considering moving from New Jersey to Seattle, Washington, Safeway should certainly be on your short list.


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