Tips for Moving from California To New York

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Moving To New York Introduction

A move across the continent of North America is a huge undertaking. Yet, people move hundreds of miles for various reasons. If you are considering what it would be like if you were moving from California to New York, here are some tips and considerations which might help you in your decision.

California and New York share some benefits and certainly the high population levels among U.S. cities. Here are some additional things to consider before finalizing on your move.

How Much Does It Cost to Moving from California to New York

A full-service move is not a minor outlay of funds. You may expect that each move is customized and may result in some variances in the cost, but there are also some components of the pricing which are fairly firm. The first of these is the distance involved in the move. Moving from California to New York is a trip of approximately 2915 miles by road on I-80 E.

To make a move most conveniently, long distance mover is highly recommended. The distance will vary slightly depending upon the exact route and the specific part of California, which is the launch point.

The movers will also need additional information about your household before a price estimate can be provided. The size of the move is usually estimated by the number of bedrooms in the residence.

There may be additional features which can affect the price quoted for the move. For example, multi levels in the residence may mean some additional equipment to get your possessions up or down the stairs and to or from the moving truck. This feature in a residence often increased the price of the move.

Some jurisdictions have limitations or regulations concerning parking the moving truck while loading or unloading. This can also affect the cost. A customer who plans to do the packing for the move personally can see some reduced costs when compared to full packing, moving, and storage services. The more information the moving company has, the more accurate the estimate will be.

What Is the Usual Cost to Move My Vehicle To New York?

Driving across the country puts many miles on your vehicle, and requires over 43 hours behind the wheel when moving from California to NY. It is a much more convenient and affordable option to place the vehicle in the hands of a reputable auto transporter.

The service is safe, affordable and convenient. Your vehicle will be transported safely and efficiently from the launch point in California to the destination in New York.

Storage Options and Fees

When your household is moving from California to New York, it may be necessary to place items in a storage facility during the move. This can happen at either the send-off end or the destination end. It can also occur at an interim point along the route.

When this happens, there may be some costs associated with the storage facility. The itemized estimate should take note of this cost if there is one.

You can be sure that the facility which is selected is secure and that your possessions will be in clean and safe surroundings.

How Do I Pay Less When Moving From California to New York?

Finding ways to reduce the overall cost of your move is important, especially if you are moving on a budget. A full service move can be expensive, but there are steps you can take to do some of the work yourself and pay less than full-pack services. Here are some examples of cost-saving measures for packing, moving, and storage.

Downsizing: Before assuming that everything in your California residence needs to be transported to New York, spend time organizing, sorting and reducing the items in your house that are not needed, are broken, outgrown, or not worth the cost of moving them.

You could hold a yard sale, donate to a homeless shelter, or otherwise reduce your volume of things to be moved. You might be able to sell some items and earn a little money to replace items once you arrive in New York.

Do Your Own Packing: If you take the time to do the packing well before moving day, you will know where each box is going in the new location. This process takes time and determination, but it can significantly reduce your payment to the long distance movers. You need to know may useful thing about boxes when packing.

You will save time unpacking and settling in once you arrive in your new quarters in New York. Be sure that each box is fully labeled on all sides and keep a full inventory record of the contents in a separate location.

Moving Day Flexibility: If you have some leeway about the exact day when you need to leave California and/or arrive in your new quarters in New York, you may be able obtain a discount from the moving company.

Movers tend to be busiest during the late spring and summer months. When you are able to plan your move for a less busy time, you may get a better price.

Packing Supplies: If you are able to source your own packing supplies, you may be able to save a few dollars. Be sure that boxes are plentiful and that they are the right size and sturdiness if you want professionally packing for small moving or long distance moving. You also may be able to obtain labels, packing materials and packing tape more affordably if you purchase it yourself.

Is New York a Good Place to Live?

New York is not the least expensive state in which to reside, neither is it the most expensive. Some of the benefits which you will enjoy in New York include cultural opportunities, jobs, and sports.

In late October, 2021, Wallethub ranked all fifty states on five qualities: affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety. New York ranked third in the nation, behind New Jersey and Massachusetts.

How Do I Choose a Long Distance Mover?

When looking for reliable long distance movers, there are many websites on the internet that can help you identify the top companies in the industry. Don’t get caught up in one of the scam companies. Here are some places to look for the top companies.

Licensing and Registration: The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and US Dept of Transportation are charged with oversight of the interstate moving industry. The licensing and registration companies are listed on the sites, along with information about how to check the credentials of long distance movers.

Consumer Reviews and Complaints: When companies of any type don’t treat their customers fairly, the customers complain. The major search engines, consumer review sites, and peer review sites provide ranking and even details about how the company operates, as seen through the eyes of customers.

Check Google, the Better Business Bureau, and for examples of ranking services.

Pricing: When looking at information about moving from California to New York, don’t stop with the lowest price quote. You need to look deeper about the factors that are, and are not, included in the services. A minimum of three quotes will give you a better picture of what the cost is likely to be.

Safeway Moving Systems Named Best in Value selected Safeway Moving Systems Inc. ( USDOT# 3756000) as their pick for top Value for the price among long distance movers. The peer review site looked at more than 500 moving companies to come up with their ranking. Safeway Moving has quality assurance standards for each step of the moving process.

When you need information about the best military relocation professional services for moving from California to New York, check the Safeway website and get a quote for full packing, moving, and storage costs.


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