Tips for Moving from New York City to West Palm Beach

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Moving from New York City to West Palm Beach

If you are one of the individuals who can now work remotely, it may have made it possible for you to consider other locations in the US as a place to live. Certainly, for those who are trying to live more economically, leaving New York City sounds attractive. While NYC has many interesting opportunities, you might also want to consider a different location if you are still looking for jobs, cultural attractions, entertainment, and opportunities for recreational activities. West Palm Beach, Florida, maybe just the place to relocate. Here are some facts about the actual process of a long distance move.

What is the Typical Cost of a New York to West Palm Beach Move?

Moving between states can be an expensive project. When preparing for an upcoming move, you will want to think about what your costs are likely to be. Many distance movers will provide an online tool to help create an estimated cost for your relocation. Moving from New York City to West Palm Beach means a driving distance of 1223 miles. While this is a lengthy move, the mileage is not the only factor that affects the typical cost of a move from New York to West Palm Beach. The size of the move is the other major component. The more possessions you have, the higher the cost is likely to be.

Other elements which can show up in online questionnaires about moving costs include the presence of stairs, inconvenient parking regulations for loading or unloading trucks, and whether or not you plan to do your packing. The more information the mover has about your moving project. The more accurate the cost estimate will be. Some incidental costs, such as moving supplies and boxes, can also make a difference in the final cost.

The timing of your move can also affect the overall costs. Movers have busy times and not so busy times. During the summer season, more people are trying to locate, so the costs may go up. Prices, whether winter or summer, are often lower during the middle of the month and the middle of the week. If you can time your move within those parameters, you may be able to reduce your cost somewhat.

What Will It Cost to Move a Car From New York City to West Palm Beach

For many people who are contemplating a long-distance move, deciding what to take and what to leave can be a challenging set of choices. You may own one or move the vehicle in your household. Still, serious consideration should be given to whether or not moving multiple automobiles to your new location is worth the time, cost, and frustration. The one-time cost of getting a car from Point A to Point B can be calculated, although some assumptions must be made about rising fuel costs and similar expenses. What many people don’t think about is the costs of the new location which may change. Some variables include the cost of inspections, insurance, registration and other vehicle fees. Must consider these factors carefully on time and make your move stress free.

Your decision about moving your vehicle(s) is based on at least three choices; you can get rid of the car though selling it, donating it, or sometimes turning it back to the leasing company. The charitable organization will often come and collect a used car operating or not and sell it at auction as a fundraiser.

Some thoughts about whether the relocation might be an opportune time to downsize your vehicle sound sensible. If you decide to move the vehicle, you could drive it yourself, along with pets and family members, plus any fragile or valuable items but the drive from New York City to West Palm Beach is a multi-hour trek and could be exhausting.

Another option that should be considered is hiring a reputable and experienced auto transport company to do your automobile relocation. The experienced transporters will have good customer reviews, as well as all the expected peer and consumer reviews. The costs which transporters charge will be based on the distance, the type of vehicle, and the time of year when the move is to occur.

Should you choose to rely on the safe and efficient handling of your vehicle by the transporter company to avoid moving injuries, you will need to purchase auto transport insurance, in addition to the usual auto coverage policy. It is also a good idea to take pictures of your vehicle at the pickup and inspection time and again at delivery. It is unusual to have damage claims, but you will be prepared if a claim is necessary.

Placing a few small items in the trunk of your vehicle before transport will be acceptable by some drivers, while others do not want the additional weight or responsibility which is involved. The choice is left to the driver.

Some Tips to Save On the Cost of Moving from NYC to West Palm Beach

Leaving NYC and moving to West Palm Beach is a major relocation and one which could require a financial investment. If you are looking for some suggestions which will help to lower some of your moving expenses and make your move easy without sacrificing the quality of the services, Safeway Moving Systems has help for you. There may be a trade-off in the time invested or in what you choose to take along when you move, but you don’t have to give up on the service you receive.

Organize and Discard: One of the ways to reduce your cost of moving long distance is to take on a thorough organizing and downsizing program before the move. Most people, no matter how careful, will have items in their household that are simply not worthwhile to move. These may be things like outgrown clothing, winter sports equipment or small non-working appliances that you meant to have repaired. Spend time in the lead-up to the move to go through your possessions and eliminate those not worth the cost of moving. If you need help, hire the services of a professional organizer. Have a garage sale, donate usable items, recycle if possible, and throw away the trash.

Self-Packing: If you want to reduce the cost of your move, one of the most obvious methods is to do all or part of your packing rather than having the professional moving team do it. This is not a task to enter lightly since it adds to the chores that must be completed before moving day. It has the advantage of allowing you to reduce the number of items to be moved simultaneously as you decide whether a particular item is something that could be left behind in one place or another.

Unless you are familiar with the type of packing done by the professionals, the job is likely to take you much longer than the time spent by a professional team. On the positive side, you will be able to decide which items will go where in your new residence, thus saving on unloading and unpacking time at your destination.

Be sure you have enough of the right kind of boxes, stuffing materials, tape and labels so that you can pack professionally. Set aside space where packed, labeled, and sealed boxes can be placed. In addition to labeling all sides of each box, keep an external file that identifies what is in the box and where it goes in your new location.

The right kind, size and purpose of the boxes you collect is important. China boxes or bins protect china and glassware, and wardrobe boxes make short work of emptying your closets.

Spread the packing process out over days and weeks before moving day. Most people find that they have more items to pack than they realize, so having extra boxes, labels, and packing tape are important. Allow enough time so that you are not trying to pack with the movers waiting on your doorstep.

Be sure you set aside one or more boxes to take care of the items which you can’t live without during your first few hours in your new residence. Many people consider vital components to be health and beauty items such as toothbrushes, snack food, pillows and bedding, toilet paper and coffee mugs. When you are rushed to get essential items unpacked, a box of emergency items can make your day go more easily.

As part of your packing process, remember to back up any computer files using external storage or hard drive systems. If you keep all of your records on your computer, it is particularly important to ensure that you can obtain the information you need, regardless of where you are in the settling-in process.

Pets can become very stressed during a move, and many try to escape or hide. Take the necessary precautions to ensure they are in a secure location and have access to food and water.

Time of Year to Move: You might be able to obtain a discount from the mover if you can choose your moving date at a time when the moving company is not as busy with other customers. The busiest time for moving companies is usually in late spring and summer. Additional times which may be less hectic for the moving company are weekdays, Monday through Thursday. Also, mid-month is less busy than at the end of the month.

Is West Palm Beach a Good Place to Live?

West Palm Beach is known for its sandy beaches, nightlife, exciting culture, and beautiful weather. If these features appeal to you, the city is a great place to live. The cost of living in West Palm Beach is less expensive than in New York City, which can be another reason for moving.

Find the Right Mover

The information on the internet is useful in helping you to find a reputable, affordable and professional long distance mover. You can check the reviews which previous customers have posted and consumer ratings sites. The SAFER website presents information about the company’s licenses and whether it is a mover or broker. You can look for peer reviews and rating sites as well. A complaint should be an invitation to check further into the moving company’s credentials.

Moving with Safeway

Safeway Moving Systems INC (USDOT# 3756000), is a veteran-owned moving firm with an emphasis on high standards of quality at every stage of the move. The history as a veteran makes planning a military precision relocation important to the management. Because Safeway has built a network of trucks and truck capacity across the continent, the company can maintain its competitive prices. looked at Safeway’s standards and prices and rated Safeway as the best overall value in the moving industry.

When you are ready for some serious planning to accomplish a move from New York City to West Palm Beach, Safeway Moving has solutions that are efficient and affordable.


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