Things Need to Know Before Moving from Florida to New York City

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Moving to New York City is a dream of many people. The city is one of the most notable in the world. It is hectic and fast paced. There are sports teams, an exciting nightlife, Broadway shows, and green spaces such as Central Park. The New York Skyline includes the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty is a must see for tourists. If you are moving from Florida to NYC, be prepared for four distinct seasons, round-the-clock excitement and cultural neighborhoods. Here are some moving tips and suggestions to consider when you are planning a long distance move.

What is the Usual Cost Estimate for A Florida to NYC Move?

Moving up the East Coast from Florida to New York City is a long distance move. From central Florida to the Big Apple is over 1140 miles. When your professional moving company is constructing a price estimate, the mileage is usually the first component of the estimate. Over the road costs are expensive and are not getting any lower, thanks to fuel costs, overhead expenses and more.

The next major component in calculation of an estimate is the size of the move. More bedrooms usually mean more furniture to move. Whether the mover is calculating weight or volume, more means more cost in most instances.

There are some physical aspects which can affect the cost of your move. A multi-story house with stairs may take more labor, lifting, and specialized equipment to complete the loading and unloading. Some locations have difficult access features, such as parking for the trucks while loading or unloading. This can be a challenge in urban streets.

If you pay the mover to do your packing, it will cost you, but in terms of physical labor and time constraints it might be worth the price. Flexibility in timing of the move may help you to lower the cost of your move. Summer months, first of the month and weekends tend to be busiest, and the higher prices can reflect that.

What Would It Cost to Move a Car from Florida to New York, NY?

If you have one or more cars in Florida and are planning to move to New York, NY, the question of whether or not to move your vehicle may be on your mind. Because New York has an extensive public transportation system, you may decide to cut down your expenses by downsizing your stable of vehicles. Donating vehicles to a favorite charity is a popular way to downsize.

You will also need to check on the costs estimate of operating a vehicle in the Big Apple. Each state has different requirements for insurance, registration, licensing and inspections. Parking fees are also part of the cost of driving in NY. If you are still determined to take your car to New York, you will need to decide how that will happen.

You could pack up your pets, children, fragile items and drive the many miles from Florida. This approach means you will have the tiresome journey, with all its perils and costs. Another option is to contract with a reliable transporter to move the vehicle for you. The costs of such a choice may be offset in peace of mind and time stresses.

Auto transport insurance is required, in addition to your regular car insurance costs. To avoid questions about potential damage during the auto transport, take a set of pictures before the pickup and again at the delivery.

You can talk to the transporter if there are some small personal items to be placed the trunk of the car. The driver can approve the items, but doesn’t have to do so.

Some Tips to Save on the Cost of Moving from Florida to NYC

A move from Florida to New York City is one which involves a professional long-distance mover. If you are looking for the right type of professional moving team and want to avoid unnecessary costs, you don’t have to give up on the high quality services you have a right to expect. These tips may prove helpful in planning the financial impact of your relocation.

Organize and Discard

A professional home organizer can demonstrate one of the ways to save money when moving from Florida to New York City. The organizers have the knowledge and strategies to help clients reduce the number of possessions to a more manageable level. If this is done before the move occurs, you won’t have as many things to be moved, and they will be more easily unloaded and unpacked at your destination.

Sorting and organizing possessions is typically done by donating usable items, selling those which have some revenue value, and recycling or throwing away trash. You may even be able to gain a few dollars in the sale to add to your incidental moving costs.

Pack It Yourself

With the costs of everything going up, saving money on a long distance relocation doesn’t have to break your budget. If you want to save money, consider doing the packing yourself. You will acquire the boxes and packing materials, sort and put items into boxes, label the b ox carefully, and seal it securely with packing tape. Keep an external inventory so that you can refer to it when it is time to unpack and place items in your new residence.

By searching out the right boxes to fit your items which are to be moved, you may save some money. Be sure that appropriate boxes are collected to hold heavy items, fragile items and clothing on hangars. When you do the packing, you have an opportunity to make unpacking more convenient.

You need to know some important packing tips. It is important to start the packing process as early as possible before moving day. Allow at least two months so that you aren’t frantically trying to finish the process with the movers due to arrive.

If you want to be prepared on moving day, pack a box with must have items immediately at your new location. Settling-in is easier when you have immediate access to bedding, coffee, toilet paper, personal and beauty items, and snacks to get you through the first few hours.

When you are in the midst of your packing, it helps to back up all of your computer files. If you will need information from your computer to get your personal files, passwords, and addresses, get it saved in a place where you can easily access it in the midst of a move. If you have pets, be sure that they are safely contained during the moving process. Pets will be less stressed if they have familiar toys and bedding.

Schedule Moving Day

Movers have busy times and during those times, the prices may be somewhat higher. If you have the flexibility to choose a time when the moving company is less busy, the price may come down somewhat. Think about scheduling for fall and winter months. Avoid the first weekend of the month, and choose a moving day that is in the Monday through Thursday time period.

Is New York City a Good Place to live?

New York City is known for arts, music, culture, history and food. If these features appeal to you, then the city is a wonderful place to live. For all these interesting and exciting benefits, you will pay a higher cost of living. The cost of living in New York City overall is 37.7 percent more expensive than Miami, Florida. The Median Home Cost in NYC is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference. You can expect to pay Median Home Costs that are 64 percent more expensive in NYC.

How to Choose the Right Moving Company?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right long distance moving company. The ratings which prior customers post online is one check point. Learn more about companies by checking the information available on the SAFER website. The site reports on the organizational structure and ownership of moving companies. Customer rating are available on other sites and on the search engines. Avoid scam companies by conducting the necessary due diligence.

Moving with Safeway

Safeway Moving Systems INC, (USDOT# 3756000), meets all the quality, licensing and experience standards identified above. The company is veteran owned and operated, and has layers of quality standards, which prompted to name Safeway Moving as the best overall value for price company in their extensive review of businesses in the moving industry.

A relocation from Florida to New York City can be handled by the experienced and trained personnel at Safeway. The professional team can put together a detailed moving plan and take part in each stage of it.


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