Tips for Moving From New Jersey to New York

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Moving from one state or location to another is one which often adds to the stress level, particularly if the move involves extra impediments or challenges, such as a change of lifestyle, career, or financial adjustments. Sometimes the reason for the move is related to relationship or family needs.

One of the ways to relieve some of the stresses which go along with packing, moving, and storage is to enlist the help and services of reliable long distance movers. The right moving professionals will make your relocation more efficient and reduce frustrations that would otherwise be accruing. If you are considering using professional moving services when moving from New Jersey to New York, here are some tips to help with the decisions.

What Will It Cost for Moving From New Jersey to New York?

Long distance moving costs are build on several factors. Typically, the most significant of these are the distance and the size of the move. Calculating the mileage is an easy estimate, thanks to the many tools which are available on the Web. The estimated mileage from the Garden State to New York City, for example, is about 75 miles, crossing one state line. Upstate New York will be a longer distance.

The size of the move is another important component for the cost estimate. The mover will provide the quote based on the number of bedrooms, as well as additional physical features. The more information about the needs and requirements of the customer which is available when moving from New Jersey to New York, the more accurate the quoted price will be.

Additional factors which could change the basic quote include limited access for the moving trucks, multiple levels in or leading to the residence, and if storage will be needed before, during or after the move. If the customer does the packing, it can affect the price of the move, as well.

What is the Cost Estimate To Transport My Automobile?

Unlike some interstate moves, the distance when moving from New Jersey to New York is only an hour or two of driving time. The decision on whether to drive your vehicles to their new location or to have them transported is one which is based mainly on convenience and time. Arranging for a reliable auto transporter takes some of the challenges away from the customer who is busy with other elements of the move.

The transporter picks up the vehicle. Purchasing auto transport insurance is expected, and a careful inspection of the subject vehicle is completed. Transporting vehicles is a safe way to get your car moved, and insurance claims are rare.

Storage Costs and Options

The details about each move are specific to the customer’s distance and timing. It may affect the costs if you need to arrange for storage of your household items at the beginning or end of the move. If your items are unloaded from a truck into a storage facility, there may be some additional costs. It is important to arrange for the right type of storage facility.

The storage area should be clean, dry and may require climate control features. A secure facility is expected, regardless of the length of the storage term.

What Are Some Ways To Reduce the Cost of My Move?

Saving money on the costs of moving from New Jersey to New York may be important to your wallet. While moving is expensive, there are some ways to lower the cost of your relocation. You can take the opportunity to downsize your possessions, do the packing yourself, be flexible about when the move occurs, and research ways to pay less for incidentals.

Downsizing – Many households, if pressed, would admit they have too much stuff. Items in a household accumulate for many reasons. Moving is a good time to reduce the size of your household possessions. A professional organizer can help with organizing your possessions, or there are many tips online to help. Some of the obvious actions to take are donating usable items; selling those with some value; and making use of a dumpster for those things which can thrown away. Consider whether there are recycling programs which might make use of some pieces.

Self Pack – If you do the heavy work of packing yourself, the cost of the move may be significantly less. The trouble with this cost-saving measure is that it can be hard work. You will have to be sure that you have enough boxes and packing materials to finish the job. Boxes must be sturdy enough to hold the contents. A careful inventory should be kept and labels placed on each side of the properly sealed box. Allow plenty of time to complete the work before moving day.

Flexible Timing: The date you are thinking of moving from New Jersey to New York can affect the cost. Movers have busy seasons and during those times, the price may be higher. Moving in the middle of the month may cost less, as will moving during the Monday through Thursday period.

Incidentals – Obtaining your own packing boxes, labels, and packing materials may be a way to save a few dollars. It is important to obtain items which are designed to do the job correctly, in order to avoid breakage.

Is New York A Good Place to Live?

The answer to this questions may be different if you are considering the metro area of New York City, or more rural Upstate New York. The metro area has wonderful opportunities for some of the world’s best theaters, museums, restaurants, parks and cultural activities. The neighborhoods in New York City are as diverse as its people, from downtown in Greenwich Village to Harlem in uptown. Upstate New York offers a much different ambiance.

What are Some Tips For Choosing Long Distance Movers?

DOT/FMCSA Registration – The internet can be a valuable tool for searching out information about reliable long distance movers. Some of the licensing and registration information is available by looking up the US DOT number and the registration number found on the FMCSA website. These sites are useful for checking ownership, as well as complaints and the legitimacy of movers.

Reviews, Complaints, Peer Recognition – Many website locations are available which provide a place for customers to vent complaints, or to provide information about praiseworthy companies. Search engine ratings, peer ratings, and reviews posted on moving company websites can help in narrowing down your top choices for a company.

Price Quotes From Long Distance Movers

The lowest prices for a specific move may not be the best value for your money. You should check for the details of each quote. Ask to see what specific factors are provided in the quote, and compare the cost of the services you need.

Why Safeway Should Be Your Long Distance Moving Company

Safeway Moving Systems INC, (USDOT# 3756000) is one of the top five long distance movers reviewed by The peer organization rated Safeway as the firm with the best value. The veteran owned company has high quality standards throughout each part of the moving experience. The military relocation professional firm is noted for their extensive network of equipment and carrying capacity and their courtesy and customer service practices. When you are searching for information about moving from New Jersey to New York, consider the Chicago-based team at Safeway Moving Systems Inc.


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