Moving Guide to Simpsonville SC: 10 best neighborhoods to live in 2023

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Simpsonville in Greenville County, South Carolina, is appealing. Simpsonville’s population of 25,000 residents enjoys small-town living with easy access to nearby cities’ perks. It attracts families and individuals with its beautiful downtown, nice people, and great schools. The city has it all: festivals, events, natural beauty, and recreation. Its warm atmosphere makes newcomers and long-time residents feel at home.

Why do people opt to live in Simpsonville, SC?

Simpsonville is a cheap area to reside in South Carolina. Simpsonville’s public schools graduate high-achieving kids. Several private schools are nearby. Its proximity to main highways makes regional travel easy. Parks, lakes, and roadways surround Simpsonville. Outdoor enthusiasts love the city’s golf holes. The city has many family-friendly activities. Community programs and parks for kids are held year-round.

The city has a 35% higher median household income than the state at $71,990. The individual median income is $39,896, 28% more than the state median. The 2-bedroom rent is $934, 23% cheaper than the national average. Simpsonville has a $310,000 median home price and a $188 median price per square foot. Its housing expense index is 69.1% of the national average.

Best ten neighborhoods to live in Simpsonville, SC

Simpsonville provides several gorgeous developments for families, retirees, and young couples. It has many significant neighborhoods with diverse vibes, from family-friendly to historic and affluent. The subdivisions include entry-level, upscale, gated, golf, lake, and other communities.

Neely Farm

Neely Farm is a serene residential community in Simpsonville, SC. Families and individuals love this neighborhood’s peaceful environment and close-knit community. Its residents enjoy a clubhouse, swimming pool, playground, and tennis courts for amusement and interaction. The neighborhood is also near Simpsonville’s best shopping and dining, making it convenient and appealing. It is a great choice for Simpsonville residents seeking serenity and comfort.

The neighborhood cost of living is about identical to the rest of the Simpsonville, South Carolina neighborhood. Houses in Neely Farm cost an average of $162 per square foot, for a total average price of $420K.

It’s easy to get to downtown Greenville and other adjacent cities from the Neely Farm location near major roads. Residents can access clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, and walking trails. Discovery Island Water Park and Lake Conestee Nature Park are the most visited parks. The low cost of living makes it an affordable homebuying option.


The Cobblestone neighborhood is attractive and welcoming. Beautiful tree-lined avenues, well-manicured lawns, and a calm atmosphere make this area a peaceful time off from city life. It is minutes from Simpsonville’s shopping, dining, and entertainment, making it convenient. Families, professionals, and retirees love Cobblestone due to its high-end schools, amenities, and housing.

The community is a high-end luxury state near Simpsonville, SC. The cost of living in Cobblestone is high as compared to other neighborhoods. There are many parks and leisure spots nearby. Residents feel connected through Cobblestone’s active homeowner’s association. Throughout the year, social gatherings and excursions bring neighbors together. A clubhouse, pool, and tennis courts are available to the residents. Restaurants, shops, and entertainment are nearby. Go for a brewery tour with family and friends and take your morning coffee to the Reedy Park.


Stonehaven is a lovely Simpsonville neighborhood. It offers small-town charm and city accessibility just outside Greenville. Beautiful homes, lush landscapes, and a pleasant attitude define the community. The residents get easy access to shopping, dining, and amusement. The neighborhood is a great spot to raise a family or retire due to its great schools and family-friendly atmosphere.

The cost of living in Stonehaven is moderate. Prices for homes in the surrounding area range between $400,000 and $700,000. It contains over 400 residences and is divided into two sections, each with a unique array of amenities. Typical lot sizes range between 2,800 and 4,00 square feet.

Public and private schools are satisfactory in the neighborhood. It’s great for families. Monarch Elementary, Mauldin Middle, and Mauldin High are popular schools. Beautiful parks and environmental reserves surround the area, offering hiking, fishing, and camping. Tourists and locals love historical landmarks.


Verdmont is a beautiful Simpsonville neighborhood. Tree-lined lanes, well-maintained homes, and a strong sense of connection define this neighborhood. The neighborhood is also near downtown Simpsonville, which offers shopping, dining, and entertainment. For those seeking a distinct and dynamic Greenville community, Verdmont is a great choice.

The neighborhood is an excellent location to call home. It offers resort-style amenities comparable to those found in upscale communities. The prices of available properties in Vermont range from the low $200s to the middle $300s.

Families, retirees, and anybody who seeks peace love Verdmont. Greenville, a bustling city with plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment, is a short drive from the area. Bermuda and The Globe Hotel Museum and Trustworthy Gift Shop are the most popular attractions.

Gilder Creek Farm

Gilder Creek property is a beautiful family-owned property in Simpsonville, South Carolina. It provides unique opportunities for children and adults to learn about farming and connect with nature through tours and seminars.

The cost of living in Gilder Creek Farm is low by national standards. The price of real estate in the area is approximately $149 per square foot on average. The residents can hike, fish, camp, and enjoy outdoor activities at nearby lakes, parks, and nature trails. Its lush vegetation, rolling hills, and tranquil surroundings make it a wonderful place to live. Open Hearth and Bada Bang are Gilder Creek Farm’s most popular attractions.

Five Fork Plantation

Five Forks Plantation is a major residential development situated in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Due to its beautiful homes, outdoor pursuits, and natural beauty, this sprawling neighborhood is a regional favorite. It is a terrific place for families, professionals, and retirees to reside and live well.

The cost of living in Five Fork Plantation is higher than national standards due to its luxurious facilities. Its average property price is $580,891, higher than 92.1% of South Carolina and 78.5% of U.S. neighborhoods. The master-planned community has a clubhouse, pool, playing field, and walking trails. It can foster a sense of community. Green City Park, Olympian Grill, and Runway Park are the most luxurious and popular spots.

Orchard Farm

Orchard Farm is a beautiful, productive farm. The population of the neighborhood is equivalent to 1220 residents with an average age of 49 years old. It attracts couples, families, and individuals searching for a fun and informative vacation in the South with its scenic surroundings and respectful personnel.

The cost of living in Orchard Farm is identical to the national living standards of other neighborhoods. In the Orchard Farms Subdivision, there are just over 450 residences. These residences span between 1200 and 3000 square feet in size. The property typically costs around $400,000 and $500,000.

Orchard Farms is unique because it is divided into three attractive places: Arbor Walk, Baker’s Garden, and Carriage Place. The neighborhood has a Junior Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis courts with lights, and a 10-acre park for residents to enjoy.

Windsor Forest

Windsor Forest is a wonderful Simpsonville, South Carolina neighborhood. It is great for families and people seeking a comfortable and welcoming community due to its lovely homes, big yards, and tranquil surroundings. Traditional and modern homes are present throughout the community.

The cost of living in Windsor Forest is quite moderate. It has cheap single-family houses from ranging from $200k to $400k. It is a beautiful community with many family-friendly events and activities. Heritage Park and Simpsonville City Park, among others, are the most visited places that offer hiking, biking, picnics, and other outdoor pursuits. Rudolph Gordon Elementary, Hillcrest Middle, and Hillcrest High Schools are among the state’s best in Windsor Forest.


Kingsbridge is a charming Simpsonville neighborhood. It gives inhabitants a serene escape from city life while giving accessible access to shopping, dining, and entertainment. The community is popular for families seeking a safe, inviting, and luxurious home due to its tree-lined avenues, public parks, and top-rated schools.

The cost of living in Kingsbridge is higher than the national standards because of its luxurious facilities. The floor plans of the homes differ in size from approximately 3,500 to more than 7,000 heated square feet.

Kingsbridge boasts outstanding public schools like Hillcrest High School and Bryson Middle School. Parks, lakes, and paths surround the area. It also has an amphitheater, picnic shelters, walking pathways, and playgrounds. Kingsbridge features famous restaurants.

Standing Springs Estates

Standing Springs Estates is an attractive Simpsonville neighborhood. This quiet community provides a calm getaway from city life. It offers comfortable cottages and spacious family homes surrounded by lush nature and breathtaking scenery.

The living cost is approximately equivalent to other states. The neighborhood is recognized for its great schools, family-friendly communities, and inexpensive cost of living. Standing Spring Estates is one of South Carolina’s greatest locations due to its low crime rate, good schools, and healthcare. Art galleries, museums, and performing arts facilities are available in Simpsonville and nearby locations.

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