Moving guide to Melbourne, Fl: 10 best neighborhoods to live in 2023

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Melbourne lies in the heart of Florida. It has an estimated population of 85,000 and encompasses 39 square miles. Due to its mild climate, outdoor activities, and vibrant arts and cultural scene, visitors and retirees travel there.

The Kennedy Space Center and many aerospace and defense firms are located on the Space Coast, which is Melbourne’s heritage. The city has been a space program research, development, and manufacturing hub. The city’s attractions, such as the Space Walk of Fame and the American Space Museum, commemorate this tradition.

Why do people choose to live in Melbourne, FL?

People choose to live in Melbourne because of its subtropical climate, which is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The city has 249 sunny days a year and rarely freezes. The Space Coast’s breathtaking natural beauty and warm, crystal-clear Atlantic Ocean are available to residents. The city is noted for its secure, family-friendly communities, great schools, and wide selection of recreational activities for all ages. With miles of bike paths, parks, and wildlife preserves, it offers many outdoor activities.

Melbourne has a median property value of $400k, and the cost of living is equal to the national average. Working people, families, and retirees live here in apartments, condos, and large houses with up to five bedrooms.

Best 10 neighborhoods of Melbourne, FL, to live in

There is a beautiful community of young workers, families, and retirees living in Melbourne’s numerous charming neighborhoods, which feature a variety of housing types and styles. If you want to reside by the sea, in a creative arts region, in a quiet and friendly neighborhood, or in the city’s bustling heart, the Melbourne neighborhood has it all.

Safeway Moving Inc. has compiled the best 10 neighborhoods of Melbourne, FL, to make your moving decision much easier.

Wickham Forest

Wickham Forest is a lovely residential area in Melbourne, Florida. This community is popular among individuals who desire to reside peacefully between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River. Abundant vegetation, strong trees, and well-kept landscaping make the place serene. It has single-family homes for young families and seniors of all sizes and styles. The population of the neighborhood is approximately equivalent to 6983.

The property prices in Wickham Forest are $414K. The median price homeowners pay per square foot for a property is $236. The cost of living is quite equal to the average cost.

The neighborhood is convenient to Eastern Florida State College and Patrick Space Force Base, attracting families, seniors, and young professionals. Due to its proximity to the town’s main park and Baytree National Golf Club, this neighborhood is ideal for retirees. Longleaf Elementary, Sherwood Elementary, Wade Christian Academy, and Learning Forward Education Center are excellent schools for parents moving to this community.

Sunwood Park

Sunwood Park is a suburban community near the north of the Eau Gallie Arts District and two miles east of the Indian River. The neighborhood takes pride in its cleanliness and friendly ambiance. The total population of the community is equivalent to 5712 residents.

The neighborhood appeals to homebuyers willing to spend $244,000 on a residence. The median home price in Sunwood Park is $243,000. The standard price per square foot for homes is $204. The district’s Eau Gallie High School and D.R. WJ Creel Elementary School attract many families. The neighborhood offers convenient access to various locations between the NE Dixie Highway and W Eau Gallie BLVD.

McGrath Field, Sully’s Backstreet Bar, and Crane Community Center are Sunwood Park’s top attractions.

Ixora Park

Ixora Park is a magnificent public park in Melbourne, Florida. The park comprises over 16 acres of property and is well-maintained with beautiful flora and plenty of sheltered spots. This park has several activities and services for nature lovers and adventurers. The average population of Ixora Park is equivalent to 1917 residents.

The neighborhood’s median home price is $280,268, less than 70.2% of Florida and 55.1% of U.S. neighborhoods. The average rent is $2,532. It has an average dwelling price of $310K. $194 per square foot is the median property price.

The dog- and family-friendly neighborhood has lush lawns and sidewalks. Harbor City Elementary, Roy Allen Elementary, and Melbourne Preschool are nearby. The area has everything you need—affordability, safety, and a great school district near downtown. Grand Manor, Latin Flavor and Southern Sisters Café are the most visited places in Ixora Park.


Baymeadows is a wonderful residential development situated in Melbourne, Florida. Situated just south of the city’s bustling downtown region, Baymeadows offers a calm and isolated living environment that is still conveniently placed near all of Melbourne’s services. There are a total of 1168 residents living in Baymeadows. Single-family residences, apartments, and flats offer options for all ages and lifestyles.

The community has a median home price of $531,711, higher than 74.9% of Florida neighborhoods. This neighborhood’s average rent exceeds 67.0% of Florida’s neighborhoods. The current average rent in Baymeadows is $3,152.

The inhabitants of Baymeadows enjoy numerous luxuries and live in an extravagant neighborhood surrounded by natural trees and verdant grass. The neighborhood is ideal for families with the park and community center, along with Sherwood Elementary, Longleaf Elementary, and Wade Christian Academy.

Leewood Forest

Leewood Forest is a gorgeous Melbourne, Florida, neighborhood. The neighborhood offers a calm getaway from city life with its tall trees and rich flora. Natural beauty, nice neighbors, and great amenities define the community. With 1,322 residents, Leewood Forest occupies the 11th spot on Melbourne’s list of most walkable neighborhoods.

Home prices average between $169K and $338.9K. You can find cheap houses in Leewood Forest Estates. Leewood Forest Estates has a declining median home price of $244.5K, down -4.1% from the previous year. A typical home costs $199 per square foot.

Children’s Healthcare, Family Dentistry, and an Animal Specialist are nearby. It is a terrific neighborhood to raise a family due to its proximity to healthcare and outstanding schools like Sabal Elementary, Roy Allen Elementary, and Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School.

Eau Gallie

Eau Gallie is a historical neighborhood in Melbourne, Florida. It is recognized for its historic homes, oak trees, and arts community. The community will win your heart whether you’re a history buff, an art lover, or just seeking a pleasant and welcoming neighborhood. Around 19,989 people are living in the city of Eau Gallie.

The median price of a property is $225,100, which is 8% higher than the national average. The region is full of murals on building sides, art galleries, stores, and distinctive restaurants and pubs. Family-friendly events and top-rated schools, including Eau Gallie High School, Wave Crest Academy, Harbor City Elementary, and Verdi Eco School, make it a great place for families.

The Dunes

The Dunes is a beautiful and wealthy community in Melbourne. The average population of this neighborhood is equal to 6292 residents. It blends coastal lifestyle with modern conveniences on Atlantic Ocean beaches. This affluent community can choose large and well-appointed residences, from tiny condos to huge estates. Anyone seeking the perfect Florida lifestyle should visit The Dunes.

The median real estate price at Oceanside Village is $577,834, making it more expensive than 72.3% of Florida’s localities. The current average rent is $2,883. The rents are currently lower than 42.7% of localities in Florida. It is one of the best neighborhoods to enjoy, offering its residents basic amenities, including high-rated schools and activities. The Indian River Lagoon and ecological preserves surround the neighborhood. The Dunes is a close-knit community with friendly neighbors.

Merritt Island

Merritt Island, near Melbourne in eastern Florida, is beautiful. On the Atlantic coast, it is recognized for its natural beauty, unique species, and outdoor enjoyment. The 40-square-mile island has residential areas, business zones, and environmental reserves. There are 34,013 residents on Merritt Island. Merritt Island is growing by 0.11 percent per year.

The typical household income of Merritt Island is $87,156, while the poverty rate there is 7.82%. The median residing cost in Merritt Island, Florida, is $499K, with a year-over-year growth rate of 6.9%. $250 is the median price per square foot for properties.

The Merritt Island National Animal Refuge is one of the most diversified U.S. animal habitats. Residents can witness animals in their natural habitat at the refuge. It borders the Kennedy Space Center, where many space launches and explorations occur. Rocket launches and space center exhibitions make it a fun location to live for space fans.

Greentree Park

Greentree Park in Melbourne, Florida, is a lovely neighborhood park with many recreational and natural attractions. A huge playing field, picnic homes, a hiking trail, a fishing lake, and soccer, baseball, and football fields are in this 30-acre park. The park has training equipment and a pavilion for community events. It’s tranquility and abundant vegetation. The average population size is equivalent to 1844 residents.

The standard price of a property in Greentree Park is $295,000. The median price homeowners pay per square foot for a property is $197. Bagel Joe’s and Cryderman’s are the most visited places in the community.

Bowe Garden

Bowe Gardens, a magnificent public park in Melbourne, Florida, gives residents and visitors a tranquil refuge in the city. This attractive park has lush greenery, calm ponds, and many recreational activities for all ages. It is perfect for a stroll, a family picnic, or relaxing in nature.

The standard selling price of a home has risen by 5.4% to $260,000. The median price homeowners pay per square foot for a property is $221.

The beautiful neighborhood offers its residents a wide variety of leisure opportunities suitable for people of all ages, as well as beautiful flowers and peaceful ponds. Smokey Bones and The Broken Baren Tavern are among the most visited places by the residents.

Make your Move to Melbourne, FL, with Safeway Moving Inc.

Some of Florida’s nicest communities may be found in Melbourne, making it an excellent place to raise a family or comfortably retire. Safeway Moving Inc. is here to help with your relocation to this lovely city. You can sit back and relish your new residence, knowing that we handle all the packing and moving for you.

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