Moving Guide to South Florida: 10 Family-Friendly Neighborhoods

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South Florida is in Florida’s southeast. Its warm temperature, lovely beaches, bustling nightlife, and numerous cultural attractions make it a popular tourist destination.

The network of canals has given it the nickname “Venice of America.” The canals offer boating, fishing, and a unique way to see the area’s natural splendor. The Perez Art Museum Miami, Norton Museum of Art, and Broward Center for the Performing Arts are among the world-class cultural institutions.

Florida has the largest annual population growth at 1.9%. 353.4 people are living in Florida’s 65,755 square miles of land. About 20 million people call the Florida State home right now.

Safeway Moving Inc. has compiled an overview of the top ten South Florida neighborhoods for families seeking to settle down.

Why do people choose to live in South Florida?

South Florida is a terrific spot to reside if you like warm weather. It has many nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, and theaters. The Miami International Boat Show, Art Basel Miami Beach, and South Beach Wine and Food Festival are among several annual events. The region has several big firms and industries.

Top 10 Best Neighborhoods of South Florida

South Florida’s beaches, nightlife, and culture draw tourists. With so much territory to choose from, the residents can select from an extensive range of residential areas, each with a characteristic of its own, which includes:

Palmetto Bay

Miami-Dade County’s Palmetto Bay is an appealing town. It is mostly residential and offers a relaxed suburban lifestyle with proximity to big city facilities. The town has a total of 25k people. It is ideal for individuals who wish to live in a quiet, safe community near the city’s excitement.

The community has 118% higher housing costs and 6% higher utility costs than the national average. Bus and gas prices are 8% more than normal. South Florida homes average $875,000.

The neighborhood is near major highways, which makes it easy to get about. Palmetto Bay has great public and private schools. Palmetto Bay is family-friendly and safe. There are many family-friendly activities and events.

Tourists and new residents love Palmetto Bay. It has famous attractions. Coral Reef Park is a large park containing tennis, racquetball, football, basketball, and jogging facilities. Due to its scenery and interesting activities, Palmetto Bay families must visit Deering Point. Palmetto Bay features many parks and recreational spots for outdoor fun. Ludovici and Thalatta Estate Parks are popular.


Pinecrest, a packed South Florida suburb, is noted for its beautiful greenery, family-friendly ambiance, and luxury residences. Pinecrest is noted for its top schools, beautiful parks, and upscale shopping and restaurants. The Parrot Jungle & Gardens, a 75-year-old attraction, is one of several historical landmarks in the community.

The neighborhood has a median household income of $156,875, 181% higher than the state. The individual median income is $54,682, 75% higher than the state median. Pinecrest’s average property price is $2,000,000, $718 per sf. Pinecrest’s housing expense index is 142.2% of the national average. This makes it an expensive US city.

Pinecrest is a family-friendly community with low crime rates. The neighborhood takes security seriously. Pinecrest is multicultural. Eateries, shops, and events reflect this diversity. Pinecrest is a prosperous town. The neighborhood has great healthcare, amenities, and a strong economy with plenty of jobs.

There are many things to do in Pinecrest. Pinecrest Gardens, Evelyn Greer Park, and Suniland Park are popular attractions. It features various parks and green spaces that provide cultural and educational events year-round. The family-friendly ambiance, top-rated schools, and numerous activities make it a desirable South Florida community.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables, Florida, is a lovely city in the southwest of Miami. It is an attractive destination to live, work, and visit because of its Mediterranean-style architecture, lush flora, and premier services. The community is famous for its landmarks, shopping, food, and entertainment. Coral Gables is perfect for vacations, urban living, and house ownership.

The neighborhood ranks in the top 9% of the most expensive cities, with an average cost of living of $2023. Coral Gables, one of the largest US cities, has an estimated 49.2K residents. Its median home price is $2,069,820, with a $802 per-square-foot median price.

Coral Gables is a beautiful city in South Florida with a high quality of life. Coral Gables has gorgeous residences, tree-lined streets, and lush flora. Coral Gables includes high-end stores, informal cafes, and restaurants. Coral Gables features top Florida public and private schools.

Its natural beauty draws more tourists and people than any other state. Coral Gables Art Cinema, Miracle Theatre, and Museum are popular attractions. Festivals and activities occur year-round. Coral Gables offers wonderful parks like Venetian Pool, Matheson Hammock Park, and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Bike and jogging trails are also available.


Brickell is a fashionable South Florida area South of Downtown Miami and north of Coconut Grove. It attracts tourists and locals with its spectacular waterfront views, active financial area, and luxurious high-rise residences. Outdoor enthusiasts love parks and green spaces.

The neighborhood has Multiple Metrorail and Metromover stations. Most residential buildings in Brickell are walkable to stores, eateries, and other services. Miami isn’t walkable, but Brickell is just a Uber or car journey from most locations. Latin Americans and Europeans populate Brickell. This enhances the neighborhood’s dynamic culture.

South Florida’s most vibrant city is Brickell. Business and entertainment draw locals and tourists to Brickell. Brickell City Centre, Mary Brickell Village, The Underline, and other attractions are here.

Delray Beach

South Florida’s Delray Beach is recognized for its beautiful beaches, bustling culture, and relaxed vibe. It has a population of 70,000. Delray Beach has something for everyone—beach time, art galleries and museums, and wonderful food.

Delray Beach’s annual cost of living for a single adult is $38,025—higher than Florida’s $36,375 but close to the national rate of $38,433. The average cost of property is $267,100. Homes cost $1,546,300 on average. Delray Beach’s 40.00% renter rate is above the 36.2% national average. The renters pay $1,465, more than the $1,023 national median.

Delray Beach residents enjoy many benefits. Outdoor enthusiasts will love Delray Beach’s year-round sunshine. The neighborhood features many museums, galleries, and cultural centers. Delray Beach is a family-friendly town. The inhabitants enjoy a good quality of life with a perfect mix of sports, cultural events, and entertainment. Tourists and residents adore Atlantic Avenue, Silverbell Museum, Saltwater Brewery, and Delray Municipal Beach.

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is renowned for its shores, night ventures, and diversified culture. It has about 100,000 citizens and attracts international tourists. The community is a South Florida must-see with its mild climate, spectacular natural beauty, and many attractions and activities.

The neighborhood ranks in the top 2% of most expensive cities with a $2532 average cost of living. The median wage of $4966 covers two months of living expenditures. One of the cheaper possibilities, median property values start in the mid-$200s and rental costs are about two-thirds of that amount.

Outdoor enthusiasts love West Palm Beach’s year-round warm and sunny weather. Beautiful beaches for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports are famous in the area. The community has many parks, natural reserves, and waterways for biking, walking, boating, and fishing. Rosemary Square, The Square, Norton Museum of Art, and Northwood Village are famous West Palm Beach attractions.

Coconut Groove

Coconut Grove is recognized for its greenery, historic charm, and soothing vibe. The Grove’s restaurants, shops, and entertainment draw tourists and locals. Coconut Grove has something for everyone, whether you want to study its rich history and architecture or relax and enjoy the environment.

The typical property cost is $657,533, 68% above the Florida standard of $207,987 and 71% higher than the national standard of $188,692. The Median Income Per Household is $84,376, 34% greater than the Florida Average of $55,343 and 32% more than the National Standard of $57,518.

The neighborhood is lovely due to its tropical vegetation. It enjoys South Florida’s mild weather. The area has convenient access to multiple major freeways. Alice Wainwright Park, Coconut Grove Sailing Club and Kampong National Tropical Botanical Garden are luxurious and scenic places to visit in Coconut Groove.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is known for its lavish lifestyle, sandy shores, and malls. In Palm Beach County, Boca Raton attracts visitors and retirees seeking pleasant weather, relaxation, and entertainment. It offers family-friendly vacations, retirement communities, and business opportunities. Visitors will remember this city’s year-round sunlight, breathtaking scenery, and thriving culture.

The neighborhood ranks in the top 0.1% of most expensive cities with a $3266 average cost of living. The median after-tax earnings of $6175 cover living costs for 1.9 months. Goods and Services cost 99% less than national averages. Groceries cost 102%, health care 99%, and utilities 97%. The cost of living is the highest for housing and transportation.

Living in Boca Raton has numerous perks. Several city beaches offer fishing, swimming, and water-based activities. The parks and nature preserves offer biking, hiking, and various adventurous sports. The attraction of the beaches attracts the interest of residents and tourists. Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, Red Reef Park, Sugar Sand Park, and Spanish River Park are some of the best-visited places in Boca Raton.

Jupiter Farms

Jupiter Farms represents a charming South Florida rural community. The community is surrounded by Florida’s beautiful foliage, animals, and large land. The neighborhood is great for people who want a peaceful, quiet living close to city amenities and attractions.

The community ranks in the top 0.5% of the most expensive cities, with a typical cost of living of $2967. The median wage of $7745 covers the cost of living for 2.6 months. Jupiter farm prices rise 1.5% year-over-year. Transportation, food, and housing increased the most.

Jupiter Farms offers an exceptional lifestyle. It has lush flora, lakes, and horse routes. Jupiter Farms has multiple stables and riding routes. Horse lovers can enjoy the countryside and local equestrian activities and festivals. Despite its rural setting, the area is close to roads, commercial areas, and restaurants.


Edgewater is a lively Miami neighborhood known for its seaside views and luxurious high-rise structures. It offers various residential, business, and cultural events to suit any taste. The community has something for everyone—beach days, nightlife, and culture.

The neighborhood is 3% cheaper than the national average. Career, average wage, and the real estate market affect the cost of living. A 2-bedroom property in Edgewater costs $1,130, 3% less than the national average.

Edgewater is an interesting neighborhood due to its quick growth, new developments, and businesses. The people readily enjoy the gorgeous South Florida beachfront. Indian River, New Smyrna Beach, Smyrna Dunes Park, and Bethune Beach are attractive and top-charted places in Edgewater. The residents are more down to these for recreational activities.

Move to South Florida with Safeway Moving

South Florida has everything a person could want quiet residential areas, excellent public schools, and a thriving nightlife. If you’re considering relocation to South Florida, give Safeway Moving Inc. a call so that we can proceed smoothly. Call Safeway Moving Inc. now if you want a great place to raise a family in South Florida.


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