Guide To Moving From Delaware to New York City

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New York City is what many people picture when they are considering a move to the Empire State. Moving from Delaware to NYC is not a great distance in miles, but does qualify as a long distance move, since it crosses state lines. NYC is the ultimate example of an urban environment. Its high population density makes it a very different atmosphere than is present in Delaware. Depending on the reason for the move, a relocation to NYC is one which appeals to many people.

What can I expect to pay for a move from Delaware to NYC?

When preparing an estimate for the cost of moving from Delaware to NYC, there are two major elements which must be considered. The first is the distance between the old location and the new location. In this relocation scenario, the distance is 190 traveling by DE-1 N, NJ Tpke and I-95 N. The second factor is the size of the move. To develop this part of the estimate, the number of bedrooms is identified.

Other factors which can affect the cost of the move include the physical characteristics of the house or other residence. The dwelling that includes multiple levels may cost more. Navigating stairs might require special equipment or more movers to lift the bulky or awkward furnishings. When requesting quotes from movers, be sure to provide as much information as possible. This will allow the price quote to be as accurate as possible.

What is the price to transport a vehicle to NYC?

When moving from Delaware to NYC, some people find it simpler to transport their vehicles using a auto transport company. While the trip is less than two hours by car, if you arrange to ship the car, it will be one less detail to keep track of while you are moving. The vehicle can be picked up in Delaware and safely delivered to your new location in NYC.

Storage options and costs

For some moves, the contents of the moving truck will need to be stored for a time. Sometimes there is an interruption in the moving process, so that the new quarters are not ready for move-in activities. If there are costs for the storage term, or if there are additional costs for unloading and reloading the moving trucks at the storage location, the costs should be identified on the price quote.

How can I reduce the costs of moving from Delaware to NYC?

Long distance movers can be expensive. When planning for moving from Delaware to NYC there are ways to reduce some of the costs. Some of these cost reduction practices require physical exertion on your part. Others are just a matter of planning and preparation. Here are some details that may help to economize in packing, moving, and storage.

Donate, dump, or sell unwanted items: Most people tend to accumulate possessions which they don’t need. These items may be outgrown clothes, children’s toys, non-functioning appliances, and other possessions. Preparation for a move is a good time to go through your possessions and get rid of as many obsolete or unwanted items as possible. Space constraints in NYC may require that you think carefully about what things you really need in the Big Apple.

Self-packing saves money: Packing, moving, and storage are the three components which affect the costs of a long distance move. If you do your own packing, it usually reduces the cost of the overall move. It is important to realize, though, that packing is usually time consuming and physically demanding. You will need to prepare for the process with the needed supplies such as tape, labels, and boxes. Begin with the least used items and be sure to track where each item is with a master inventory kept in a separate and easily accessed location.

Choose the right time to move: Long distance movers have busy times and slow times, related to the time of the year, and the time of the month. Movers tend to be busiest during the months of March through September, since more people choose those months to relocate. If you can schedule your relocation during the off season, your moving company may be willing to discount the cost of the move. Slower times are also during the middle of the month, and on weekdays.

Packing supplies: Packing boxes and other supplies are required for your move. Purchasing new packing supplies can be expensive. Look for sources of packing boxes that are free or low cost. They have to be the right size and be sturdy enough to safely hold the contents. You can also look for low cost packing tape or for discounted materials such as labels and paper.

Is New York City A Good Place to Live?

NYC is appealing to many people because of the many opportunities it offers. There are many job opportunities in the city in many different industries. New York City is known for its cultural opportunities in the areas of theater, music, and dance. The city is home to colleges and universities, architectural symbols, and green spaces such as Central Park.

The cost of living index figures for 2023 in NYC are:

How Do I Choose Long Distance movers?

The cost of moving long distance is just one aspect of choosing a moving company. You can also find information about the reputation, licensing and other facts regarding the characteristics and practices of those long distance movers you are considering to handle moving from Delaware to NYC. You can use the information available on the internet and social media platforms to learn more details.

Licenses and registration: Visit FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the website for the Department of Transportation for details about moving companies. These agencies are charged with overseeing long distance movers. The websites provide details about performance and ownership of the legitimate companies.

Consumer complaint and review sites: Many people looking for information about companies, products, and services use search engines to find out more details. Consumer sites provide user reviews and testimonials about the moving experience. The Better Business Bureau is a long-standing clearing house for customer complains and how the company responded to any negative experiences.

Price quotations: When looking for information about moving companies, you should request written pricing estimates. Each price quote should be detailed so that you are able to see exactly what services are included in the final number. A minimum of three written, detailed quotes should be obtained before the final decision is made. Moving from Delaware to NYC can be less frustrating when your quotes are in writing and include all the services you need for your move.

Safeway Moving Systems named Best In Value

Industry reviews are another way to check the performance of moving companies. performed a review of more than 500 long distance movers. The website named Safeway Moving Systems (US DOT 3756000) as the moving company with the Best Value for the Money in that group. One of the major reasons for Safeway Moving Systems rank is the highly developed list of quality standards. Each element of the moving project is expected to meet the written standards.

Safeway Moving Systems is veteran owned, so it is able to ensure the best military relocation services for customers moving from Delaware to NYC. A visit to the company website provides up-to-date information about the cost of packing, moving, and storage services.


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