Tips For Moving From Pennsylvania To Texas

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There is quite a difference in lifestyles and benefits between Pennsylvania and Texas. There are various living environments, including several of the largest urban areas in the country, Gulf Coast beaches, cattle country and West Texas open areas. If you are considering moving from Pennsylvania to Texas, here are some suggestions.

Costs for a move from Pennsylvania to Texas

There are two major components and several minor components that are included in the price quotes for moving from Pennsylvania to Texas. The first factor is the distance between Pennsylvania and Texas, which is approximately 1624 miles traveling down I-44 E. By definition, the move counts as a long-distance move since it crosses multiple state lines. This makes the move one that is regulated by the Department of Transportation.

Other factors that may be considered when determining the cost of the move. Multiple levels in the residence may mean using special equipment to load the moving trucks. Navigating stairways might mean more movers to do the lifting and packing. Some neighborhoods don’t allow larger trucks to park on the streets, so a shuttle van might be necessary to load or unload the trucks. A preliminary quote from the long distance movers is more accurate if as much information as possible is provided.

Price for transporting a vehicle to TX?

Moving from PA to TX will usually mean moving one or more vehicles across the distance between the two locations. The extended distance will require as much as 24 hours behind the wheel if you try to drive the car or truck yourself. It is a much less stressful choice to entrust your vehicles to the skills and experience of a reliable vehicle transporter.

A professional transporter relieves the customer of the tedious and challenging traverse across the country by personal vehicle. Factoring in the cost of personal lodging and meals when moving the vehicles individually, plus the physical stress of driving, may add unnecessary challenges to the overall moving experience.

Temporary or long-term storage options

For some long-distance moves, the household furnishings will need to stay in a storage facility for a time. There can be various reasons why this arrangement would be necessary. The customer might need to wait before moving into a new residence in Texas, but has had to leave the Pennsylvania residence. The moving company might need to consolidate a partial load to be able to offer the best economics for the move. If there are to be costs for storage, they should be identified in the moving estimate.

How can I reduce my costs when moving from PA to TX?

While it is expected that a long-distance move will not be inexpensive, attention to some details may provide a lower cost on some aspects of the relocation. You can maintain high quality services while lowering some costs. Here are some suggestions.

Simplify your lifestyle: Carefully considering what you truly need to take to your new residence may reduce the number of possessions and, thus, the cost of the move. Some things which may be taking up space in your Pennsylvania residence include outgrown clothing, duplicate small appliances, or even outsize furnishing.

Self-packing may save money: The major components of relocation include packing, moving, and storage. The costs of the move can be reduced by taking on the packing services yourself. Self-packing is not a task to be undertaken without serious consideration of and planning for the physical and emotional challenges of the sorting and packing work. One benefit of self-packing is the lessened effort of unpacking and settling in once you arrive in Texas.

Choose the slowest time of the year: More people schedule a significant move between the months of March and September. Prices during these times may be somewhat higher than they are during the slower seasons. If you have the flexibility to schedule your relocation during the November to February period, the long distance movers may agree to discount the price of the move. Mid-month and on weekdays also may be priced lower than in summer months.

Incidentals for packing: If you are in a position to take care of acquiring the incidentals and packing supplies for your move, you may be able to pay less. Moving from Pennsylvania to Texas will require boxes for packing, moving, and storage, as well as for packing materials, tape, labels, and similar supplies. Moving boxes can be sometimes be acquired at little or no cost, and other materials may be available on sale or from online sources.

Is Texas A Good Place to Live?

There are some positive aspects of living in Texas. Some of these include the wide range of living environments, the reasonable cost of living, and plentiful opportunities for education and jobs. Texas has no state income taxes, and the winter climate is usually quite gentle.

The cost of living index figures for 2022 in Texas are:

How Do I Select A Long Distance mover?

Thanks to the tremendous amount of information available on the internet, it is possible to learn more about the experience, ownership, and practices of long distance movers. When considering several moving companies, you should take the time to learn as much as possible about the firms. Following are some sources for learning details about moving companies.

Licenses and registration: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA ) and the Department of Transportation are recognized as two governmental agencies which oversee the long distance movers industry. Check the websites for further information about the ownership and performance of moving companies.

Consumer complaint and review sites: A growing number of customers and consumers use the information found in review sites, social media sites, and peer recognition sites to learn more about facts and opinions regarding products and services companies provide. Platforms and websites give details about the level of service which others have experienced. For example, checking out complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau will let you know about any consumer experiences which were identified as unfavorable.

Price quotes: Any price comparisons between companies should be on a written basis. The details provided for each mover can help potential customers to compare each of the services and prices for moving from Pennsylvania to Texas.

Safeway Moving Systems named Best In Value

A review of more than 500 long-distance moving companies by compared the company’s services, pricing, and responsiveness. is a website dedicated to providing tools and resources about the moving industry. The reviews named Safeway Moving Systems (US DOT 3756000) as having the Best Value for Money among long distance movers. suggested that a crucial reason for the selection was that Safeway has a highly developed set of quality standards for each aspect of the moving projects.

Veteran ownership of Safeway Moving Systems makes it the best military relocation services for customers who are moving from Pennsylvania to Texas. The firm’s website offers up-to-date information regarding the cost of packing, moving, and storage services.


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