Tips for Costs & Relocation Moving From Florida To Seattle

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Seattle is one of the largest cities in the Pacific Northwest and has had several waves of boom and bust. Today, it thrives and offers job opportunities, beautiful scenery, and a personality unlike any other. Seattle is nicknamed the Coffee Capital of the World by many. The school and community rating website Niche ranked Seattle the top city in America for outdoor activities and the 13th best city to live in overall. Here are some facts about moving from FL to Seattle.

Expect To Pay For A Move From Florida To Seattle?

One of the two major components that make up cost estimates for moving from FL to Seattle is the distance between the two locations. The road trip is clocked at 3134 miles cross country, traveling by I-90 W. The second major price component is the size of the move. Usually, the number of bedrooms is the preferred measurement standard.

In coming up with an estimate for the cost of moving from Florida to Seattle, there are other factors to consider. For example, moving services for a residence with multiple levels where movers must navigate flights of stairs are likely to cost more than one on a single level. The reason is the requirement for additional workers or specialized equipment to relocate household items.

When obtaining an initial quote from the moving company, it helps to provide as much information as possible about the number and type of articles that will make up a load of household items.

Cost Of Transporting A Vehicle To Seattle?

When moving from Florida to Seattle, the question of what to do about moving your vehicles should be discussed with your moving company. A lengthy and exhausting drive with stops for food, lodging, and fuel can mean four to five days behind the wheel. A better solution might be to contract with a vehicle transporter. Moving a vehicle in this way is safe and affordable. It is also a much less stressful way to transport your vehicle cross-country.

Storage Options And Prices 

For a move of this distance, temporarily placing your household possessions in a storage facility may be necessary. The need for storage may create a situation where the moving cost includes a storage fee. The movers may need to temporarily place your goods in a safe, clean, and secure location. The costs of the storage should appear on your detailed price quote.

How Can I Lower My Costs When Moving From FL To Seattle?

You can use these tips to lower the cost of moving from Florida to Seattle. Packing, moving, and storage fees for relocating across the country don’t have to result in bankruptcy. You have the right to expect a high-quality moving experience, regardless of which services you include in the price quote. Here are some tips to limit the cost of your long-distance relocation.

Minimize: Take a careful inventory of all your possessions before deciding what items are in your cross-country move. If an item is not in use in Florida, consider whether it is necessary when you live in Seattle. If you can reduce the number of possessions you move, the cost is also less.

Self-packing: Packing, moving, and storage are the procedures that bring about most of the costs associated with the relocation. Doing your packing can be physically demanding and takes time, but it can result in lower overall costs. Having a packing plan and allowing plenty of time to get the job done is essential. If you do your packing and maintain a careful and accurate inventory, unpacking and settling into your new Seattle location will go much more smoothly.

Pick your moving day carefully: The move that takes place during months typically slower for professional movers often costs less. For example, if you can schedule a move during the winter and early spring months, the long distance movers may be willing to discount the price. Movers are also less busy during the middle of the month and on weekdays. The moving company has costs that go on throughout every month of the year, so filling their work schedule during less busy times may mean lower prices.

Packing supplies: When people think about the costs of a move, boxes and packing materials can add up quickly. Without limiting the protection for your possessions, look for sources of your packing boxes, padding, packing tape, and labels at lower prices. Boxes at a lower cost or even no cost are available. Just be sure they are the right size and sturdiness to protect your fragile or non-replaceable possessions. Ensure a complete inventory is maintained, and each box is labeled on each side.

Is Seattle A Good Place To Live? 

Seattle is a famous city with good job prospects. It is a relatively expensive location, however. Health care is lower than the national average, but housing is significantly higher.

The cost of living index figures for 2022 in Seattle are as follows:

Index Cost Of Living
Total 167.8
Groceries 108.7
Housing 291.9
Utilities 68.8
Transportation 137.5
Health 88.2

How Do I Find A Long Distance Mover?

Finding information about the reputation, services, and practices of long distance movers is much easier today, thanks to the knowledge available on social media sites. Using the internet to research the methods of movers is time well spent.

Government oversight: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the United States Department of Transportation oversee long distance movers. The websites mentioned above help provide information about the ownership and performance of companies. In addition, reviewing the companies on your shortlist offers more information about their past performance.

Consumer sites: Social media helps individuals learn more about companies from friends and acquaintances that are trusted. A search by the mover’s company name is likely to bring up lots of positive and negative information. There are also complaint sites, both online and offline, that assist customers in learning more about the company.

Pricing: Price quotes should be in written form. They should include details about the specific services. Comparisons of prices, item by item, help to determine which companies are the best fit for the services you need. For example, comparing the individual services for moving from Florida to Seattle is a way to choose the best value for your move.

Safeway Moving Systems Named Best In Value

After a review of more than 500 long distance movers, Safeway Moving Systems (US DOT 3756000) was named by as the firm with the Best Value for the Money among long distance movers. extensively reviewed movers to identify the most critical characteristics customers want. One of the reasons for Safeway’s high ranking is its highly developed quality standards. Each aspect of the moving process has its stated criteria.

Veterans own Safeway Moving Systems. The military experience of the owners makes Safeway the best military relocation services for customers moving from Florida to Seattle. The company handles a full range of packing, moving, and storage tasks.


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