Things to Know Before Moving From New Jersey to Pennsylvania

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Once again, homeowners are beginning to think about relocating to another area. When the move is across state lines, the Services of a Safeway mover is required. Moving is a hit on the budget, and can be an emotional and physical strain as well. Many times moving is for the purpose of starting a new job or to retire and take advantage of the change in lifestyle to downsize possessions.

When moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, the distances are not extreme, but other aspects of the packing, moving, storage, and unpacking can be highly stressful. Acquiring the services of long distance movers from pa to nj will help to make the relocation less stressful. Here are some things to consider when searching for and hiring a Moving company to handle packing, moving and storage.

Pennsylvania vs New Jersey Cost of Living

The estimated cost of a move is built on a number of assumptions, some known, and others more flexible. The distance between the old residence and the new residence is locked in according to the information on the internet.

For example, the distance for moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania is just 233.3 miles, traveling on I-476 and I-80 W. That is not a lengthy distance, but it does involve crossing state borders, which puts the US Dept of Transportation in the role of overseer and regulator.

A second component which goes into calculating a price estimate for the move is the size of the move. This figure will vary, according to the amount of ‘stuff’ that is included in the move. A rough estimate is created by identifying the number of bedrooms which are affected in the move. In addition, the mover will need to know about other physical features related to the move.

These include whether or not there is good access for the moving trucks, if the items must be stored as part of the relocation, or multiple levels (stairs) which can mean more cost. The long distance mover will also need to know if the customer will be doing part or all of the packing.

What is the Cost Estimate To Transport My Automobile?

The driving time for moving from NJ to PA is less than four hours. That distance is something to consider when deciding whether or not to drive your automobile(s) to the new location. It is more convenient for many people to arrange for the vehicle to be picked up at the delivery point and transported to the new location.

Transporting vehicles is a safe and affordable way to move your vehicle. Of course, auto transport insurance will be purchased. While claims are rare, taking pictures before the vehicle is turned over to the transporter is a good idea.

Storage Costs and Options

Sometimes, the logistics of the move will make it necessary to store part or all of your furnishings during the move. This can occur at the beginning, during the move, or at the end. The timing can be the reason for a period in storage. It is important that the storage facility has strong security measures in place. Climate controlled units help to present deterioration of your furnishings.

What Are Some Ways To Reduce the Cost When Moving From New Jersey to Pennsylvania?

In times of recession or plenty, most people like the idea of saving money. If you are looking for some ways to reduce the cost of moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, here are some ideas which may make the total bill for the move look a little less formidable. If you reduce the number of items which are included in the move, the cost will be lower.

You can do the packing yourself, although this measure can be physically demanding, putting additional stress on customers working against a deadline. The timing of the move can be adjusted to occur during the slower season, which may save some of your funds, and watching for reduced costs on incidentals such as packing material, boxes, and packing tape.

Downsizing: Well before the time for moving from New Jersey to PA is scheduled to take place, clearing out the clutter in your residence is a way to save money on the move. Donate items that are functional to shelters, or charitable organizations. Hold a garage or yard sale to eliminate items such as outgrown clothing, and other unneeded paraphernalia. Send items to the recycling center, and as a last resort to the landfill.

One way to save a lot of money on the cost of moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania is to do the packing personally. This has the advantage of helping with the organization and unpacking process at the new location. The disadvantage is that this is a job which cannot be done in a few hours on moving day. Everything has to be placed in the right size boxes, labeled on all sides of the box and sealed with packing tape.

Flexible Timing: If you are able to fit the moving day for your relocation into a less busy slot on the mover’s schedule, it can mean reduced costs. More people move during the warm months, so if you don’t have to move at that time, the moving company may offer a price break.

Incidentals: If you purchase or can acquire items such as boxes, packing materials, labels, and tape yourself, they are likely to cost less than what the long distance movers would charge. When you are preparing to move, stock up on this type of packing-related item.

Is Pennsylvania A Good Place to Live?

Better to live in new jersey or Pennsylvania: In a recent poll conducted by Wallet Hub, Pennsylvania ranked favorably at number 10 overall as a place to live. The state ranked second in quality of life and 7th in safety. The Keystone State did not do so well in health and education (25th), affordability (30th), and economy (42nd).

What are Some Tips For Choosing Long Distance Movers?

DOT/FMCSA Registration: Long-distance movers are registered on the United States Department of Transportation website. The DOT and registration numbers found on the FMCSA website provide ownership information, licensing and other factors. These sites are a good starting point to determine if the business is legitimate and in good standing.

Reviews, Complaints, Peer Recognition – Peer and consumer sites are also helpful in checking the performance rankings and the experiences of previous business customers. Look for 3rd party reviews and the pages at the Better Business Bureau to look deeper into the company’s performance.

Price Quotes From Long Distance Movers

Be sure to obtain detailed written estimates when searching for your preferred mover. The lowest price may look appealing until you discover that it doesn’t include all the features accompanying the move.

Why Safeway Should Be Your Long Distance Moving Company

Safeway Moving Systems INC (USDOT# 3756000) is recognized by the peer organization, as the moving company with the best value for the price. Safeway is noted for its high-quality assurance ratings and the professional attitude of its personnel. The veteran-owned company based in Chicago has a network of trucks across the country and can complete a move with military relocation professional standards. When your next location is moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, contact Safeway Moving Systems Inc for a quote.


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