Tips for Moving from New York to Los Angeles

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For some people New York and Los Angeles are considered mirror images of urban areas in the United States. New York is East Coast and Los Angeles is West Coast. Ultimately though, there are a number of differences between the two cities and the type of people that choose to make each urban area home. Three elements that stand out when comparing and contrasting the two cities are Food, Housing Costs and Vehicle ownership. LA food choices lean heavily toward tacos, while New Yorkers respond to pizza. Housing for Angelinos, while not cheap, is much lower than the costs of a place to sleep in New York. To live in Los Angeles means driving a vehicle and fighting commuter traffic. In NYC, the transportation of choice is a commuter train.

If you are thinking of moving from New York to LA, here are some other things to think about before making the change.

How Much Does It Cost for Moving From NY to Los Angeles?

 The cost of a long distance move is substantial. Long distance movers use distance and size of the move to build a cost quote or estimate. The approximate distance for moving from NY to LA is 2800 miles by way of I-80W. This is not a trek to be undertaken without careful planning and preparation.

The other major factor for calculating the cost of the move is the number or weight of the items which will be transported cross-country. Usually this is linked to the number of bedrooms.

Some other smaller scale cost factors include any physical features of the residence which would require additional equipment or personnel to complete loading or unloading. Multiple levels in your residence means more work to manipulate heavy furniture items up or down to the truck level.

One cost factor which may work in the customers favor is the choice to do their own packing, moving, and storage tasks, in part or in full. Regardless of what your final choices are, offering the long distance movers as much information as possible will make the cost quotation more accurate.

Cost To Move Vehicle To Los Angeles

With an estimated driving time of 42 hours on the road, driving your automobile may not be the smartest way to get your car across the country. Instead, check the cost for having the vehicle transported by a reliable and affordable auto transporter. The safety record is excellent, and the cost may be lower than you expected.

Storage Facilities And Their Costs

Because of the distance cross country and for the sake of efficiency in the move, a load of household furnishings may be held for a time in a storage facility. The factors to keep in mind if this is expected is that the price should be clearly identified in the quotation from the long distance movers. As a customer, you have the right to expect a storage facility which is safe, clean and secure.

Cheapest Way To Move From NYC To Los Angeles

Careful attention to the detailed cost estimate may show you some ways that you can pay less for the move. The price can be quoted for a full-pack move or for one which expects you to do some preparatory work and perhaps some of the packing. Read on to look at a few ways to save money for your packing moving and storage costs.

Reduce the size of the move by downsizing: It is an understanding by most homeowners that they have too many possessions. Items can be outgrown, break, or simple unused because interests change. If you look carefully at your possessions, you are likely to find items that you don’t need to transport across the country, only to never be used in Los Angeles. If you sell some of your unwanted items, you will possible earn a little cash for your trip. You might also find it possible to donate some of your unwanted items. Don’t pay money for items you don’t want.

Self-packing: A sizable amount of money can often be saved if you do some or all of the packing yourself. The physical effort of packing will make some people decide that it is too overwhelming.  Collecting boxes and packing supplies, sorting all of the possessions and putting them in boxes with appropriate packing materials and labeling. It is a benefit of self-packing that unpacking is easier at the destination. It is important to sort and organize your goods, and label them correctly.

Flexibility: If possible, arrange the dates of your move to occur during a time that is less busy for the long distance movers. Flexibility in setting on moving day means picking times during late fall to early spring. Mid month is usually a less costly time for the move as well.

Supplies: To save a little money when moving from New York to LA, search for the packing supplies you need. There may be lightly used boxes available from other people or by looking for sources online for labels, custom box packing, and take other products.

Is Los Angeles A Good Place To Live?

The City of Los Angeles and its surroundings are considered one of California’s top places to live. The city has cultural diversity because of the many people who are attracted to Los Angeles as a place to make their dreams come true.

How Do I Select a Long Distance mover?

It is important to do research using the available tools to find the best and most reliable long distance moving company. There are tools in print and online to help you choose a company that is highly qualified in all the ways that matter. Here are some tools to help in your research.

Licensing and Registration: Long distance movers are regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) are agencies that have responsibility for the interstate moving industry. The licensing and registration of moving companies are listed on the sites, along with information about how to learn more about the credentials of movers.

Consumer reviews and complaints: When companies fail their customers in any of various ways, the internet provides a way for customers to strike back. There are numerous ways where information about the customers’ experience with a company can be shared. These include search engines, social media platforms, and the Better Business Bureau. The peer organization of also reports on the qualities of moving firms.

Prices: When you need to know more about prices for moving from NY to Los Angeles you can’t depend solely on the cheapest price quoted. Review the written quotes which you obtain from at least three companies. Make sure that the same elements are being compared from each of the quotes.

Safeway Moving Systems Named Best In Value did a study of hundreds of movers. The website named Safeway Moving Systems Inc  ( USDOT# 3756000) as the Top Value for the Price among the reviewed long distance moving companies. MoveBuddha used various review tools, including the high level of quality assurance standards to identify the premier rank. The information regarding the top military relocation professional services for moving company from New York to Los Angeles. The best moving company website will help to obtain a quote for packing, moving, and storage costs.


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