Best Neighborhoods People Choose to Live in Manassas, VA

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Manassas, Virginia, is a charming and historic city 30 miles west of Washington, D.C. With its rich history, beautiful natural surroundings, and convenient location, it’s no surprise that many people call Manassas home.

The city has so many quality neighborhoods, making it difficult to decide where to settle down. We’ve compiled a list of the best neighborhoods in Manassas to help you find the perfect place to call home. From bustling downtown areas to quiet residential streets, there’s something for everyone in Manassas.

Why Should People Choose to Live in Manassas, Virginia?

Manassas city has a rich history that dates back to the Civil War. As a result, the area is home to many museums, historic sites, and cultural events. The city offers a great place for outdoor enthusiasts, with numerous parks, hiking trails, and recreational activities available. It also has a strong economy with ample employment opportunities in various industries.

Housing options in Manassas are diverse and affordable, with many options available for families, professionals, and retirees. The city is conveniently located just 30 miles west of Washington, D.C., offering easy access to all the amenities and opportunities of the nation’s capital while still providing a small-town feel. People should consider this welcoming and dynamic community and discover why Manassas is the perfect place to call home.

Best Neighborhoods in Manassas, Virginia

Manassas, Virginia, offers a variety of neighborhoods with unique characteristics, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. From the historic charm of Old Town Manassas to the more rural feel of Westchester, each neighborhood has its distinct personality and amenities. Keep reading to discover the best neighborhoods in Manassas, and find the one that feels like home to you.

Manassas Park

Manassas Park is a peaceful and quiet residential area perfect for buyers wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Despite its tranquil atmosphere, you’ll still have access to all the essential amenities like grocery stores, banks, and post offices nearby.

The homes in this neighborhood are smaller and more affordable than those in Old Town Manassas or closer to Washington, D.C. You’ll find a mix of cozy detached homes and townhomes to suit your needs.

Bull Run Regional Park is just a stone’s throw away from Manassas Park. You can explore the hiking trails or cool off in the waterpark. The community center offers a range of activities for residents, including a dog park, indoor pool, and gym. Manassas Park is a fantastic option for those seeking a quieter, more affordable lifestyle while still close to necessary amenities and outdoor activities.

Old Town Manassas

Old Town Manassas is a beautiful and historic neighborhood that has undergone revitalization over the past few decades. The area is filled with charming boutiques and locally owned restaurants. And if you love agriculture markets and festivals, you’ll find plenty here too.

The properties in Old Town Manassas vary widely in size and price range, with most options offering two to four bedrooms. Many of these older homes have been lovingly renovated to preserve their historical character.

Old Town Manassas provides convenience to its residents. There are grocery stores and banks within walking distance, and if you need to get into Washington, D.C., there’s a commuter rail stop in the neighborhood. It is a fantastic neighborhood for anyone wanting to enjoy the action while still relishing the benefits of a quiet and charming residential area.

Bull Run

The Bull Run area is a fantastic option for people desiring a mix of history, culture, and new construction. The community is present in the northwest of downtown Manassas. With its proximity to the Manassas Battlefield National Park, hikers and history buffs alike will be thrilled with the abundance of interesting monuments and trails to explore.

The neighborhood is home to George Mason University’s Manassas campus and the Hylton Performing Arts Center, which showcases local symphonies, operas, and ballets. While many of the properties in Bull Run are townhomes, some single-family homes are available on the neighborhood’s north end.

Bull Run is an ideal neighborhood for people wanting to be close to history, culture, and outdoor activities. Bull Run is worth considering if you’re looking for a dynamic and vibrant community to call home.


Westchester is a unique neighborhood south of downtown Manassas, offering a more rural feel than other neighborhoods. The neighborhood is a little away from local amenities; however, you’ll be rewarded with large yards and beautiful foliage. If you’re looking for larger lot sizes and plenty of privacy, this area is worth considering.

The homes in Westchester give options ranging from historic properties to new construction. Some of the larger homes in this area have more than five bedrooms. The area is close to several parks and hiking trails, making it perfect for those who love spending time in nature.

Westchester is a great neighborhood for anyone looking for a quiet, peaceful residential area with plenty of privacy and beautiful natural surroundings.


Sudley is a great choice for those seeking a peaceful residential area close to natural beauty and outdoor activities. Located just a stone’s throw away from both Manassas Battlefield National Park and Bull Run Regional Park, Sudley is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts wanting to explore the area’s hiking trails and historical monuments.

Most of the homes in Sudley are affordable single-family homes and townhomes, making it an excellent budget-friendly option. While the area is more densely packed than nearby Manassas Park, the quiet and peaceful atmosphere more than makes up for it.

Sudley offers a variety of family-friendly activities in the area, from roller rinks to water parks and trampoline centers. Residents can access grocery stores and other amenities conveniently located on Sudley Road. The neighborhood is worth checking out if you’re looking for a community-oriented neighborhood with plenty of charm and character.

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