Moving Guide to Orlando, Florida: 8 Best Neighborhoods to Live

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Orlando, Florida, is a city with a lot to offer, and we understand that choosing the right neighborhood can be overwhelming. That’s why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive information on each of the neighborhoods in Orlando. As the most visited city in the United States, Orlando is a hub of activity, boasting world-famous theme parks, natural wonders, and a thriving dining and nightlife scene.

Why Should People Live in Orlando, FL?

Despite its reputation as a hub for theme parks and warm weather enthusiasts, Orlando is a multifaceted city with a booming technology and aviation industry. The metropolitan area spans far and wide, with the City of Orlando leading the charge as an eco-conscious and diverse urban center. The city has designated a dozen Main Street districts to highlight the unique character of each district.

Greater Orlando has something to offer whether you’re looking for a bustling city center or a peaceful retirement community. Unsurprisingly, the population skews young, with so much opportunity for growth and innovation in the area.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando

Orlando is an attractive destination for many people with its sunny weather, theme parks, and vibrant culture. From family-friendly suburbs to trendy downtown areas, the best neighborhoods list has something for everyone. Let’s dive in and discover the top neighborhoods in Orlando:

Lake Nona

Lake Nona is a vibrant and exciting community that blends wellness and technology. As part of the City of Orlando, Lake Nona offers a unique experience that residents and visitors alike can appreciate.

At the heart of town lies the Lake Nona Town Center, a bustling hub of activity boasting various delicious restaurants. Lake Nona is home to the largest U.S. Tennis Association’s National Campus, which offers state-of-the-art facilities and is perfect for aspiring tennis stars. Medical professionals and researchers will also find a home here, as the area is home to a cutting-edge Medical City that prioritizes research and development.

The community also takes great pride in its commitment to sustainability and innovation, reflected in its autonomous shuttle buses and wellness studies of residents. Lake Nona is a community that seamlessly blends innovation, wellness, and technology to create an unparalleled living experience.

South Eola District

For those seeking a lively and urban atmosphere, the South Eola District and Thornton Park are must-visit destinations in Orlando. At the heart of this vibrant community is the picturesque Lake Eola, where hip urban hikers, stylish corporate types, and families converge to enjoy its beauty.

Culture seekers will love the Walt Disney Amphitheater, featuring open-air performances, and the Sunday farmers market, where locals come to purchase unique handicrafts. The adjacent Thornton Park is also noteworthy for being one of downtown’s original LGBTQ+-friendly areas, adding to the neighborhood’s diverse and welcoming spirit.

The South Eola District and Thornton Park are wonderful places for those seeking a sassy urban vibe in Orlando. The community’s impressive transformation from rundown houses to charming domiciles along red-brick roads. Local businesses are faithfully supported by residents of the adjacent neighborhoods in FL, with salons, boutiques, and one-of-a-kind restaurants.


Windermere is a town of two distinct faces, offering something for everyone. The original sleepy village is nestled amongst the citrus groves, while the fast-growing western area is a mini-metropolis with all the amenities. The facilities include new housing subdivisions, apartments, condos, townhouses, strip malls, hospitals, and churches.

The name “Windermere” means “among the lakes,” The town is situated alongside several picturesque bodies of water, connected by scenic canals. Its Main Street is lined with independently owned businesses, while beyond, dirt roads flanked by leafy trees contain humble bungalows, flashy mansions, and middle-class homes.

Downtown Windermere is a highly sought-after location due to its proximity to all three major theme park complexes in Orlando. The newly-built western area, located just north of Disney World, offers various housing options at all price levels. Whether looking for a small-town feel or a more urban lifestyle, Windermere offers the best of both worlds.

College Park

College Park is a community that truly embraces its history while looking forward to the future. Walking along Edgewater Drive, you’ll see a vibrant mix of old and new, with charming cafes and vintage shops next to sleek modern apartments. But what sets College Park apart is the strong sense of community that permeates through the area.

One of the best places to experience this is the local Publix supermarket, where you’ll overhear friendly small talk between neighbors. And speaking of history, it’s worth noting that one of America’s greatest writers, Jack Kerouac, spent some time in College Park in the late 1950s.

The Packing District, located just a few minutes away, is a prime example of the community’s forward-thinking attitude. This mixed-use development is set to become a hub for residential living, with 3,500 units planned. College Park embodies the best of both worlds, combining a strong sense of history and community with a progressive outlook for the future.

Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park is a beautiful and well-planned community with a charming classic and contemporary architecture mix. The area has a vibrant energy, with young professionals enjoying the modern amenities along New Broad Street, such as delicious rolled ice cream and upscale fitness facilities.

In addition to its lively street scene, Baldwin Park offers plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy nature. Residents can take bike rides along the Cady Way Trail or stroll around Lake Baldwin or Lake Susannah. Families can also have a blast in the public pools, including at the Greek revival-style town hall.

Baldwin Park is a lovely place to live, work, and play, with a perfect blend of urban convenience and natural beauty.

Audubon Park

Audubon Park is a unique and charming community that may lack a traditional downtown but makes up for it with its vibrant indie businesses and local food scene. Residents are deeply connected, and Corrine Drive is the heart of the community, where you can find long-time jewelers, florists, and even a “bead lounge.”

The area’s premiere food hall, East End Market, and its surrounding artisan shops emphasize locally sourced foods, from pies and ramen to vegan chicken tenders and Kelly’s Homemade, serving everything from homemade ice cream.

The neighborhood provides a mix of simple and grand homes, especially as you head north toward Winter Park. However, what truly stands out in Audubon Park is the emphasis on community and appreciation for nature, with popular spots like Songbird Park and Harry P. Leu Gardens’ botanical garden.

Curry Ford West

Curry Ford West is a unique blend of old-time charm and modern vibrancy, making it a must-visit destination in Orlando. You’ll find everything you need here, from neighborhood staples like Charlie’s Bakery & Creamery to trendy food halls and hipster restaurants in the Hourglass District.

The community supports creative residents with coworking spaces for artists, tattoo shops, and wellness providers. It’s a melting pot of cultures where residents come together to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

So whether you’re a bearded hipster, a hairstylist, a journalist, or a schoolteacher, you’ll find a home in Curry Ford West. Come for the food and drink but stay for the sense of community that makes this neighborhood truly special.


Celebration is a unique community offering a modern twist on classic architecture. With its close-knit layout and traditional homes, the town was designed for residents to interact and build relationships. The celebration has grown into a thriving community of over 11,000 people with its schools, shopping areas, and services.

The town’s New Urbanism design encourages a more pedestrian-friendly lifestyle, with houses close to sidewalks to foster natural interaction between neighbors. Homes offer modern amenities such as open kitchens and ample electrical outlets.

One of the perks of living in Celebration is its proximity to the Disney World theme parks, which are just a short drive away. While Celebration prices may be higher, many find the community’s unique atmosphere and amenities well worth the investment.

Plan your Move to Orlando, Florida

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