How To Find The Best Moving From Florida To Georgia

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For many people, the decision to move from Florida to Georgia is because of the many job opportunities available in Georgia. There are more than 20 Fortune 500 companies that call Georgia home. These include Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, Southern, Home Depot, UPS, Aflac, and many other industries from mining to textiles. Florida doesn’t charge a property tax and income taxes are also low, so Florida is one of the more affordable states. However, Georgia might be much less expensive. Regarding housing, Georgia performs better than Florida. Since moving from FL to Georgia crosses state lines, it is a long distance move. Here are some facts about this long distance move.

Expect to pay for moving from Florida to Georgia?

Moving costs are based on several factors. The distance between the two locations is one factor. Approximately 365.8 miles over the road is the distance between the two states. The 2nd component affecting the cost of moving from FL to Georgia is the size of the move. Usually, the number of bedrooms is the basis for quoting the estimated price of the move. The moving companies that operate across state lines are regulated by the United States Department of Transportation.

Although the distance and size of the move are major components for a price quote, other factors can increase the cost of the move. For example, possessions might need to be shuttled to a remote truck due to jurisdictions that ban oversize trucks close to the site of the move. Houses with multiple levels might also require a higher price, especially if there are stairs to be navigated, or if specialized equipment is needed to safely move the possessions.

When obtaining price quotes from long distance movers, as much information as possible should be given to the company. This ensures a more accurate quotation.

What is the price to transport a vehicle to Georgia?

When moving from FL to GA, one decision to be made is whether to drive a car or truck yourself to the new location or to retain a vehicle transporter to do the job for you. Transport companies are affordable and safe, and the convenience of having the vehicle delivered is hard to deny.

Storage options and prices

When identifying the overall cost estimates for packing, moving and storage, you should ask whether your possessions will be placed in a storage facility during the move. If logistics require a temporary stay in storage, be sure you understand if there will be any additional costs linked to that stay. You have a right to expect secure facilities that are clean and safe if you are entrusting your possessions to be housed in the space.

How can I lower my costs when moving from FL to GA?

While a long distance move can be expensive, with unexpected costs appearing when you least expect them, several cost-cutting tips may help to lower the overall cost of the relocation. Paying less money for packing, moving, and storage should not result in a less-than-satisfactory moving experience. Here are several suggestions for lowering the cost of moving from Florida to Georgia.

Move fewer items

Most people have possessions that no longer are needed to be comfortable in their living space. Maybe your closets are full of clothing that is outgrown, or seriously dated. There is no reason to pay to move such items from Florida to Georgia. Duplicate or non-functioning small appliances are another common household possession that should not be moved. Instead, hold a garage sale, donate the items to a worthy charity, or otherwise weed out items that you are unlikely to use in your new quarters.

Don’t pay the movers to do your packing

Often, significant savings can be realized by doing your packing. In addition to the cost savings of self-packing, you will be able to be better organized on moving day and when unpacking and settling into your new residence in Georgia. Give yourself plenty of time to get the packing done properly. Pack the least used items first and set the labeled and sealed boxes in an area that is less prone to be in the way. Keep a master list of where items are so that you know where to find crucial items during the first few days in your new space.

Be flexible on the date for your move

If your move can be scheduled during a slow season for your mover, a discount may be possible. More people move during the summer months than during the winter months. Long distance movers may discount the cost for customers who are willing to schedule their moving date during the slower season.

Pay less for moving supplies

Boxes are important to protect and contain your possessions, but they don’t have to be costly. Instead of purchasing brand-new boxes for packing purposes, look for free or low-cost choices. Boxes from merchants can often be collected to use for packing your possessions. So long as the boxes are sturdy enough to protect their contents, are the right size, and are clean, they can be used. Packing material for protecting contents can consist of clean paper, cloth, or even used bubble wrap. Be sure the boxes are sealed properly with good quality packaging tape and that boxes are labeled. Look for discounts on items such as packing tape and labels to save money.

Is Georgia A Good Place to Live?

The weather in Georgia is quite pleasant. Rarely does the temperature dip into freezing. The cost of living is low and es are low. Violent crime is low and the college and universities are excellent. These characteristics and the plentiful jobs are also positive features making Georgia a good place to live.

The cost of living index figures for 2023 in Georgia are:

How Do I Select a Long Distance mover?

Whether you are moving from FL to Georgia or other states, checking the reputation, licensing, and ownership of long distance movers is important. Today, access to the internet makes it possible to learn a great deal about companies of all types. Take the time to check out the information available online.

Licensing and registration: The Department of Transportation and the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) provide information on their websites. These government agencies are responsible for oversight of long distance movers. Check their websites for information about the performance and ownership of movers.

Social media platforms and review sites: As more businesses are promoting their services on the internet, it is becoming easier to learn about the reputation, as well as the customer experiences for businesses. Customers of long distance moving company often take time to report on the complaints and praises of the companies. As a caution, it is important to confirm that reviews are about the correct company and that they are not paid posters or affiliate marketers.

Price quotations: When you have gathered price quotes from a minimum of three moving companies, it is time to do a comparison of the various services. The lowest price, especially if there are no details about the services which are included, is not necessarily the best value for customers who are moving.

Safeway Moving Systems named Best In Value

After a review of more than 500 long distance movers, Safeway Moving Systems (US DOT 3756000) was ranked by as the moving company with the Best Value for the Money. suggested that an important reason for their ranking is that Safeway has a finely developed set of quality standards for each step of the moving projects.

Veteran ownership of the company makes it the best military relocation services for customers that are moving from FL to GA. The company website provides the most current information about the cost of packing, moving, and storage services.


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