Stress Free Moving From New Jersey To North Carolina

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People decide to move from one state to another for a variety of reasons. Moving from New Jersey to North Carolina can be due to the desire for a different climate, different recreational opportunities, or perhaps the opportunity to change jobs.

The tasks and stresses related to a move across state lines can be a highly challenging for most people, no matter how much you want to relocate. Contracting for the services of long distance movers is recommended for various reasons, not the least of which is the ability to leave the stresses and hard work to the professionals. If you are looking at your moving options, here are some tips to think about before making the move.

How Much Cost is Typical When Moving From New Jersey to North Carolina?

Long distance movers usually look at two main components when providing an estimate to a prospective customer. The distance from one location to the new location in miles is the first of these factors. The mover will also ask questions which will help to estimate the size of the move.

The answer to the question “How many bedrooms?” is one way of determining the volume or weight of the items to be moved. Obviously, the more information which is provided to the mover, the more accurate the estimate will be.

An approximate distance when moving from New Jersey to North Carolina is just over 480 miles, by way of I-95 S and I-85 S. Other factors which may increase the estimated costs of the move include any time in storage, parking restrictions for the moving truck while loading and unloading, how many levels there are in the house or apartment, and whether or not the packing, moving, and storage will be done by the homeowner, or by the professional packers.

What is the Cost Estimate To Transport My Automobile?

Although many people elect to drive their vehicles from the old location to the new location, doing so can add additional stress during the move. While the distance is not so extreme between New Jersey and North Carolina, the cost to have your vehicle transported may make this option a welcome one.

The driving distance would require nearly 8 hours of driving, so it could be a tiring trip over unfamiliar roads. The convenience of having your car transported to North Carolina by a reliable transport company may make the cost beneficial. Auto transport insurance will protect against any mishaps to your car while on the road, but claims of this sort are few and far between.

Storage Costs and Options

The logistics of each move are different, so you may not need to plan on interim storage of your possessions while moving, The customer who has to move out of the New Jersey residence before the North Carolina residence is ready may need to plan on time is storage for household furnishings. Be sure to learn whether or not a stopover is required and if so the cost for that leg of the journey.

As a customer, you have the right to expect any temporary storage will be clean and secure. If you need facilities that are climate controlled, be sure to let the mover know your packing, moving, and storage requirements.

What Are Some Ways To Reduce the Cost of My Move?

To reduce the cost of moving from New Jersey to North Carolina, there are some action to be taken to reduce the size of the move. Another major way to lower costs is to do the packing, moving, and storage yourself, rather than paying the professionals to do the packing for you. Self parking is hard physical work, and reducing the number of items included in the move can be time-consuming and hard work physically as well.

Downsize: Reducing the number of items that you are moving is sure to affect the cost. Most people do not realize how much ‘stuff’ they have until it is time to move it. Unless you are a minimalist, there are probably items among your possessions that are outgrown, worn out, or just of no interest to you anymore. Such items should be eliminated by selling, donating, recycling or dumping. Reducing the number of items you move will also reduce the cost of your move.

Self-Pack: Doing the packing yourself is a way to save a significant amount of money for the costs of the move, but there are disadvantages. You will need to find an adequate number of the right size and shape boxes, and you will be up against a deadline to get it done before moving day.

Packing boxes, with an awareness of weight and where they will be placed on the truck and at the destination, takes time. The filled boxes need to be inventoried on a separate device or notebook. Boxes should be sealed with packing tape and labeled on every side of the box.

Timing: It may not be possible for you to schedule your move at a time when the movers are less busy, but if you can avoid the months from April through September, your prices may be somewhat lower. If your moving day is mid-month, that may also save on the cost of the move.

Incidentals The cost may be somewhat less if you supply your packing materials and boxes. They will need to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the items placed inside. Obtaining packing materials, packing take, packing boxes, and labeling supplies can decrease moving costs, but there may be more likelihood of breakage.

Is North Carolina A Good Place to Live?

North Carolina residents are friendly, warm, and welcoming. The state is blessed with scenic surroundings and mild temperatures. The state is strikingly beautiful, with plenty to offer newcomers. There are many recreational opportunities to enjoy. These numbers may be of interest when moving from New Jersey to North Carolina

What are Some Tips For Choosing Long Distance Movers?

DOT/FMCSA Registration – Searching out the best choices for long-distance movers when moving from New Jersey to North Carolina is important. Use the resources on the Web to ensure that your short list of companies has the appropriate insurance, registration numbers, and licenses. A long-distance mover will have a US DOT number and an FMCSA registration number. These websites have a lot of details about ownership and legitimacy.

Reviews, Complaints, Peer Recognition – Other information found on the Web will tell you about complaints against the movers, or praises for their expertise. The Better Business Bureau maintains information about the quality of services by their listed firms.

Price Quotes

For many people, finding the lowest-priced long-distance movers is the goal. Unfortunately, this can be a recipe for disaster. Look at the details in the price quotes and compare like services. The lowest prices may be the lowest quality services as well.

Why Safeway Should Be Your Long Distance Moving Company

Safeway Moving Systems INC, (USDOT# 3756000) is a Chicago-based moving company recognized by for its commitment to quality and professionalism, and competitive prices. As a veteran-owned firm, Safeway moves customers with military precision. The company has a large network of trucks and carrying capacity.

Safeway Moving Systems Inc. is an experienced team of military relocation professionals with the expertise to make the stresses of moving from New Jersey to North Carolina less traumatic.


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