Pros and Cons of Moving From New York To Atlanta

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When people are making a change in location from one place in the United States to another, there are some locations that are more popular than others. New York City is well known for many reasons, but it is not the ideal of everyone. Atlanta, Georgia is a city that is growing and has an attraction for many people. Moving from New York to Atlanta is an undertaking which doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Check out some of the things to consider when making a move from the urban city of the Big Apple to the Big Peach.

How Much Does It Cost for Moving From New York to Atlanta?

A full service move between New York and Atlanta is expensive. When checking for estimated costs of the relocation, the first factor to consider is the distance. The distance between the two cities is about 850 miles by way of I-85 S. Because the route of the movers crosses state lines, a long-distance moving company is the best way of relocating household goods.

In addition to the distance between the two cities, long distance movers will need more information about the household to develop a realistic price estimate. The size of the move, as estimated by the number of bedrooms is another essential component in coming up with a quote for the moving cost.

In some instances, physical features of the residence may require special equipment, or additional laborers because of multiple levels, or parking restrictions. The price of the move is adjusted when special consideration is required.

A customer who plans to do the packing for the move personally can see some reduced costs when compared to full packing, moving, and storage services. The more information the moving company has, the more accurate the estimate will be.

What Is the Usual Cost to Move My Vehicle From New York To Atlanta?

When considering all the costs of the move, you may be surprised to learn that moving a vehicle from one part of the country to another may be less expensive than you realized. A lengthy trip if you try to do the driving is made much more affordable and convenient if you hire an auto transporter to pick up your car in New York and deliver it to Atlanta, Georgia. The reliable transporter can conveniently deliver the vehicle to your new location on time and on budget.

Storage Options and Fees

When your household is moving from New York to Atlanta, the logistics of the move may require that your possessions be temporarily placed in a storage facility. There may be fees associated with a stay, depending on the reason. Reviewing the detailed costs in the movers’ quote will let you know if there are storage facility costs which are part of the expenses of the relocation.

You have the assurance that a reputable mover will see to it that any storage facilities which house your possession are clean and are secure so there is no concern for damage or loss.

How Can I Reduce the Cost of Moving From New York To Atlanta?

If you are looking for ways to reduce the overall cost of your move, there are some which can provide reductions. These discounts may create more work for the customer, so there is a balance to be achieved. By following these points, you can make your move easier and reduce cost.

Downsizing: When you are preparing for a move, it is often true that you discover some items in your household which are no longer wanted or needed. A clearing out process before the packing starts can often reduce the number of possessions which must be transported by the movers. The excess items can be sold, donated or in some cases recycled, or dumped.

Self-Packing: When professional packers do the packing for you, it is likely to take much less time than if you were to do the packing. However, the downside of paying a professional team to do the packing is that they are striving for speed and efficiency to get the job done. If you do the packing, it may take longer, but you may also find that the unpacking process goes much more efficiently when you are moving from NY to ATL. You will be more prepared in unpacking and settling in at your new location.

Schedule Your Move to Take Advantage of Off-Season: Movers can be busier during some months than others. You might be able to work with your long-distance movers to choose a moving date when they are less busy. They may discount your estimates if you move during late fall to early spring, since they have more open days. You may also get a discount if you choose a weekday that is mid-month.

Boxes, Tape, And Other Supplies: You may be able to save some money on the process of packing, moving, and storage by obtaining your packing supplies directly, rather than purchasing them from the mover. It is important to obtain the type of boxes that will be sturdy enough to hold the contents without crumpling or tearing. Look for savings on items such as labels, tape, and other things for a better price.

Is Atlanta a Good Place to Live?

Atlanta is rated among the top U.S. metro areas as a good place to live. The city is particularly desirable for millennials. Parts of the city have been revitalized, and the cost-of living is still lower than the national average.

100 = US Average. (Below 100 means less than the US average. Above 100 means higher than average.)

How Do I Find Information About Long Distance Movers?

Too many people are not diligent enough in checking out the information about long distance movers. Don’t run the risk of falling prey to a scam when relocation from New York to Atlanta. Here are some online review and ranking sites to help find a great moving company.

Licensing and Registration: The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and US Dept of Transportation provide details about interstate movers. You can check for information about ownership, licensing, registration and more.

Consumer review sites: The major search engines offer their own rating systems which can provide information about the experience and quality of moving companies. You can also check peer sites such as Move The Better Business Bureau provides specifics directly from customers about their experience with a particular company.

Prices: Obtain multiple written price quotes before choosing a moving company. The costs which are way out of line in either direction should lead to a more careful assessment of what factors are included and which are not.

Safeway Moving Systems Named Best in Value recently reviewed the attributes of hundreds of moving companies and named Safeway Moving Systems Inc. (USDOT# 3756000) as their pick for Best Value overall among long distance movers. The high-quality assurance standards which Safeway Moving Systems maintains leads to the positive rating. The company is veteran owned and operated, so it provides exceptional precision and planning for each move. When you need details about the best military relocation professional services for move from New York to Atlanta, look at the information on the Safeway website and get a quote for full packing, moving, and storage costs.


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