Guide To Moving From Pennsylvania To Arizona

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There are many reasons why people decide to make a major relocation. The reasons may include jobs, family, retirement or other purposes. Moving from Pennsylvania to Arizona has the obvious factors such as climate, job prospects, and cost-of-living. While Pennsylvania has a higher number of people leaving the state than moving into the state, the moving experience is a large part of the satisfaction with the new location. Here are some facts to consider when considering a major relocation across the United States, and which long distance movers will do the best job for your move.

What Can I Expect To Pay For A Move From Pennsylvania To Arizona?

The road distance between Pennsylvania and Arizona is estimated at nearly 2200 miles. The highway is I-40 W. The distance of the move is a major factor in identifying the cost of the move by long distance movers. Moving from Pennsylvania to Arizona is a trip that requires the services, equipment and services of a professional moving company. The movers will also need to know that size of the move, usually estimated by the number of bedrooms involved.

With information about the distance and the size of the move, there are still details which will affect the cost of the relocation. A residence which has multiple levels, requiring moving furniture up or down steps may mean the necessity of additional personnel or even specialized equipment to prepare the household possessions for placing on the moving trucks. Some jurisdictions have fairly strict prohibitions about extended parking while loading or unloading. It may require special permits, or even two stage loading and unloading requirements.

A full pack move is more expensive than the price if the customer elects to do part or all of the packingProfessional packing teams can complete this part of the packing, moving, and storage process, but there is a higher price for their services than if the customer does the packing.

What Is The Price To Transport A Vehicle To Arizona?

One component of your relocation from Pennsylvania to Arizona is moving a vehicle. The driving distance across much of the country is hard on people and vehicles. The associated costs include meals, lodging, fuel, and the potential for mechanical problems, tires and other issues.

A convenient alternative to driving your car across the country is to retain the services of a reliable auto transporter. The service is convenient, affordable and safe. The vehicles are picked up in Pennsylvania and delivered by the professional transporter in Arizona.

Storage Options And Prices

When identifying the path of your possessions during the process of the move, it may be necessary to place the contents of the moving truck into storage at a facility. If this requires extra handling and movement of the possession, there are likely to be additional costs for the time in storage. The storage facility is expected to be clean and that your goods are protected from the elements, and from attacks

by pests. Climate controlled storage is available in many locations today. Look for costs associated with storage on your price quote.

How Can I Lower My Costs When Moving From Pennsylvania To Arizona?

A major move across the country can be quite expensive, but there are some tips you may want to consider which will help to lower the cost. Packing, moving, and storage for the entire moving process doesn’t have to leave you short of cash. Maintain the quality of the move while paying less by considering these suggestions.

Streamline Your Lifestyle: Instead of assuming that you will need all of the contents of your Pennsylvania household once you arrive in Arizona, go through your possessions and plan on reducing the inventory dramatically. You may actually find that it is less expensive to replace needed items in Arizona than to pay the cost of moving them. Donate, sell, or recycle the items that are no longer functioning, needed or wanted. Moving from Pennsylvania to Arizona doesn’t have to be a financially stressful process.

Self-Packing: Packing, moving, and storage are the major components which make up the cost of the move. If you take over the responsibility of packing, your costs are likely to be significantly less. The packing process itself can be a major physical chore, but it does have the advantage of helping your unpacking process in Arizona go much more smoothly. Allow yourself plenty of time to do the physical labor, and inventory everything so you can find it more readily when you are settling in at the destination.

Flexible Schedule For The Day Of The Move: Moves take place throughout the year, but it is also true that more people choose to make a relocation during the months ranging from late spring to late fall. Many movers are able to discount the cost of the move if you can manage to set the date in the other months of the year. Moving from Pennsylvania to Arizona is a major undertaking no matter when you need to make the trek.

Packing Incidentals: For most people doing their own packing, there is a need for many boxes of the right size and construction. In addition, you will also need tape, labels and packing materials to protect the contents of the boxes. Look for free or low cost boxes to save money, and keep an eye out for sales on the other materials related to the packing process.

Is Arizona A Good Place To Live?

Arizona is an excellent place to relocate if you want to begin a new life. Most of the Arizona cities are quite attractive when considering quality of health and education, job opportunities, and cost of living. Outdoor recreational activities abound, and there is an extensive transportation network.

How Do I Choose A Long Distance Mover?

More people today are making use of the internet to make purchasing decisions about products or services. This includes choosing a long distance mover. Time spent in research about the professional movers can prevent overcharging or fewer services.

Licenses And Registration: The US government, through the Department of Transportation, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are the oversight agencies which regulate long distance movers. Licenses and regulatory information of the United States moving companies can be seen at the websites.

Consumer Complaint And Review Sites: As more consumers have recognized the power of social media, review sites, and peer awards to learn about companies and products, finding out about unsatisfactory customer services is more accessible. The Better Business Bureau is an example of the type of site which helps customers have information about the long distance movers they are considering.

Pricing: Be sure you obtain written estimates from companies you are considering and that you compare the level of service which you will be purchasing. When you are moving from Pennsylvania to Arizona look at more than just the price of the movers bid.

Safeway Moving Systems Named Best In Value

Safeway Moving Systems Inc has been named by as the company with the Best Value for the Money among long distance movers. The peer organization looked at more than 500 moving companies before naming Safeway Moving Systems Inc (US DOT 3756000) to their top five list. One of the reasons for the selection is the emphasis by veteran-owned Safeway on its finely developed quality standards for each part of the activity offered by the firm.

The veteran background of the owners ensures that the company provides the best military relocation services for customers moving from Pennsylvania to Arizona. The website of the company provides the latest information about the cost of packing, moving, and storage services.


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