Tips For Moving From Pennsylvania To South Carolina

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When you are tired of high taxes and cold winters, leaving Pennsylvania for warmer climates can seem like a welcome plan of action. While you may not find everything you like in another location within the United States, moving from Pennsylvania to South Carolina can provide many positive features. The reasons for moving are varied, but here are some features to consider when picking long distance movers to do part or all of the work to relocate you and your possessions.

Expect To Pay For A Move From PA to South Carolina

Long distance movers are those that cross state lines in providing their services. Typically, they establish a cost estimate based on two factors: the distance of the move and the amount of household goods which will be transported. When moving from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, the over-the-road miles are around 680 by way of I-81 S and I-77 S.

When a reliable price quote is prepared, the movers need to identify the size of the household furnishings which will be moved. There are also other features which can make a difference in the price which is quoted. For example, it may be more costly if the residence has multiple levels, or if access to the residence is challenging or restricted due to physical features or jurisdictional requirements such as limited street parking. Anything which would require additional personnel or specialized equipment to complete the packing, moving, and storage process is likely to add to the price of the move.

One factor that can significantly affect the cost of the move is whether the customer is able to complete all or part of the packing and preparation before moving day. Professional packers can do the job quickly, but the cost is higher for this part of the move.

What Is The Price To Transport A Vehicle To South Carolina?

Driving your vehicle or vehicles from Pennsylvania to South Carolina will take more than eleven hours of driving time. Driving one or more vehicles to a South Carolina destination, can be a trip which is tiring and adds stress to an already busy moving schedule. Before deciding to add time and effort to your relocation tasks, check on the benefits of using a reliable and budget-friendly car transporter to get your car delivered to the South Carolina destination. Using a safe and convenient auto transporter is one less tiring task associated with the move.

Storage Options And Prices

Some moves may require that the contents of the moving vans take a hiatus in a storage facility during the course of the move. The storage time can be because of timing issues at one end of the move or the other. The time in the clean and safe storage facility may result in additional costs, or may be included in the price quote you receive. Either way, the costs should be clearly identified on your price estimates. The facility should provide assurance that your household items will be secure and protected from natural disasters such as flooding and storms.

How Can I Lower My Costs When Moving From PA To South Carolina?

If you are looking for some help to find ways of reducing the cost of moving from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, there are some suggestions which can help you to manage the impact on your overall moving budget. Packing, moving, and storage costs can be a sizable amount of money, so anything which lowers the costs is sure to be welcomed by the customer.

Downsizing: The process of preparing your possessions for the move is likely to result in a number of items which should be left out of the move. Clean out items which are not useful in your new location and discard them. You can sell things that are useful and functional to others. You can donate to your favorite charity and receive a tax benefit. You may be able to have some items hauled away to a recycle center. Don’t spend money moving outgrown clothing, non-working small appliances, or magazines which you didn’t have time to read

Self-packing: If you are physically able and willing to do the packing of your possessions, the price savings can be significant. Set aside space in your residence, gather plenty of boxes and other packing materials, and begin the packing well before Moving Day. Make sure that all boxes are labeled and are sealed. Keep a carefully inventory of the packed items so that unpacking the boxes in South Carolina is much more convenient.

Flexible time frame: If you have the flexibility of setting the date of moving from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, you may be able to reduce the cost of the move. Choose a time that is less busy for the  moving team, usually in late fall to early spring, and the mover may be able to provide a discount for the move.

Packing incidentals: If you are doing the packing, you may be able to acquire packing boxes at little or no cost. As long as the boxes are sturdy, clean, and of the right size, they are suitable for packing your possessions. Look for packing materials to protect fragile or breakable items, and pick up packing tape and labels at a discount.

Is South Carolina A Good Place to Live?

There are many good reasons to consider South Carolina as a good place to live. The state has one of the country’s lowest crime rates, so it’s a great location for raising a family. The larger cities in South Carolina have low unemployment rates and a thriving job market. In addition, South Carolina is noted for its scenic beauty.

The cost of living index figures for 2022 in South Carolina are:

How Do I Choose a Long Distance mover?

In order to have a positive moving experience, it is important to pick reputable and experienced long distance movers. Here are some ways to check on the credentials and professionalism of your short list of moving companies.

Licenses and registration: The governmental entities that are charged with oversight and regulation of long distance movers are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ( FMCSA ) and the US Department of Transportation (US DOT). The websites of both entities are available for research and identification. Look for the dates of service, location, and ownership as well as information about safety violations and customer complaints.

Consumer reviews and rankings: Search engines today record and publish customer reviews and complaints. Social media platforms are also easily accessed when searching for information about a particular firm. You can visit websites for the Better Business Bureau or from moving industry peer organizations for more information about various companies and how they are perceived by actual customers.

Pricing: If you find a quote from a company with that are significantly different that other quotes, it is important to look deeper at the services which are identified in the price. Companies submitting a detailed quote for the price of moving from Pennsylvania to South Carolina should be reviewed to be certain that all necessary services are included in the quote.

Safeway Moving Systems named Best In Value

Safeway Moving Systems Inc has been named by for the quality standards it operates under. The company (US DOT 3756000) was the peer website’s top choice for Best Value for the Price. More than 500 long distance movers were reviewed to arrive at the ranking. Safeway is a veteran-owned company with a focus on providing the best military relocation professional services for moving from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. The company website is a starting point for a detailed quote which include costs of full packing, moving, and storage.


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