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Safeway Moving has built a positive reputation in the moving and storage industry. The company excels at long distance moving. When choosing a company to relocate household possessions, customers look for more than just a truck and a crew of muscle men to get your valued furniture, appliances, electronics, and items of sentimental value from Point A to Point B. As a customer, you have the right to expect a certain baseline of equipment and services from any moving company.

Some of the expectations include:

  • Clean and mechanically sound equipment
  • Tools to ensure that the physical lifting and moving are safe for the men and women who do the packing and loading
  • Plenty of packing supplies of the appropriate size and materials.
  • Insurance protection for your possessions
  • Professional attitude regarding timeliness, courtesy, knowledge, and customer service access.

Our team of professionals at Safeway is aware of customers’ expectations, but we offer some stress free services and focus that make our company an industry leader. We strive for excellence in every moving job we undertake. Our people understand the value of a positive attitude in our customer relations.

With today’s growing database of information about products and services, Safeway Moving Systems is proud to publish its performance record. Consumer review sites such as MoveBuddha.com, Move.org, RetirementLiving.com, movingastute.compromovers.com, recognize the quality of our services. Move Buddha ranked Safeway as one of the top 5 Interstate Movers in 2022, and the best firm for its record on accurate pricing. We believe in giving back to our community through participating in projects and charities like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Since September 2020, Safeway Moving has donated a portion of each completed move cost to St. Jude.


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