Long Distance Moving Cost & Benefits from New York City to Dallas

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Most people when they hear ‘New York’ think of the iconic Big Apple, there are other communities, climates, and opportunities elsewhere in the state. How you feel about moving from New York to Dallas will largely depend on what part of New York you currently reside in. While the entire state has much to recommend, your impressions of New York City will be much different than considerations of leaving upstate New York. Generally, though people leave New York because it is too big, too high-priced and because they don’t like the challenges of finding affordable housing. While Dallas is also a large urban area, it is more spread out. Job prospects are good in Texas overall and housing is affordable once you get away from the city center. For additional information about relocating to the ‘Big D’ read on.

What is The Typical Cost of a New York to Dallas Move?

long distance move can be fairly expensive, so those considering such a move are naturally anxious to learn what the expected cost might be. For example, a New York to Dallas move crosses state lines and is approximately 1547 miles. This distance is one which the estimated costs can be checked for interstate movers. Although the distance of this move is known and is part of the price construction, it is not the only factor that can affect the cost.

Long distance movers typically will use an online pricing tool to construct an estimated cost. The tool will ask questions such as the number of rooms, whether the customer will do any or all of the packing, and whether there are unique features of the old house and the new house that will affect the amount of labor involved. The time of the year also affects costs. Movers tend to be much busier during the summer vacation months, so prices are likely to be higher than during winter. Prices may also be affected by the time of the month when the relocation is planned, with the middle of the month and the middle of the week being less busy, and thus less costly.

Customers who have circumstances such as stairs, parking spaces, and the purchase of packing boxes and materials will find price adjustments are likely. The best approach is gathering several quotes and then researching the company before settling on a specific provider.

Cost to Move A Car From New York City To Dallas

One of the moving-related decisions you will need to consider is moving your automobile, truck, or van to your new location. A long-distance move may mean selling or donating a vehicle before you leave; driving multiple vehicles yourself, or hiring a reliable auto transporter to efficiently and safely get your desired vehicles to the new location.

Depending upon your need for a reliable vehicle at your new location, you may decide to downsize the number of vehicles that you relocate at the same time as your household goods. Today, numerous charitable organizations accept vehicle donations as a fund-raising mechanism. It is worthwhile thinking seriously about whether you really need two or more cars at your new location.

Some things to consider include the availability of mass transit, insurance and registration at the new location, different licensing and certification requirements, increasing fuel costs, and the other costs associated with operating an automobile.

If you have determined that one or more vehicles are going to make the move with you, checking out the services of one of the top car transport companies may change your mind about loading pets and kids into your automobile and driving hundreds of miles cross-country.

Picking a good long-distance auto transporter will depend on the reputation of the companies. The reviews and reputation of the best firms will be a starting point to pick a transporter to move your vehicle from New York City to Dallas, Texas.

Estimating the cost of the move is dependent upon the distance, the time of year, and the size of the vehicle to be moved. Preparation to have your vehicle transported requires several activities. In addition to your regular automobile insurance which is part of the cost of owning a vehicle, you will need auto transport insurance. This coverage is designed to protect against damages that could occur as the vehicle is being moved from Point A to Point B. Be sure you obtain a set of clear pictures of your vehicle before it is inspected and loaded at the pickup point and again at the destination. There are rarely claims for vehicle damage during the transport, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Don’t plan on packing the transported vehicle full of items that you want to move. There are some legal prohibitions against this practice, because of the potential for added weight in the car. The driver may be accepting a few small items placed in the trunk, but he or she doesn’t have to.

Some Tips to Save On the Cost Of Moving From NYC to Dallas

While a long-distance move, such as relocating from New York City to Dallas, Texas is expected to be a sizable investment in time and money, you can take steps to reduce the cost and help reduce the financial and emotional stresses which go along with relocation. The scope of your efforts to lower costs will depend in part upon the deadlines for the move and the physical efforts you can provide before, during, and after the move.

Organize And Discard: A serious strategy of donation, discarding and selling unwanted, broken, or outgrown possessions can significantly reduce the number of items that you will otherwise pay to have moved. It may take some time and effort to pare down your possessions to the necessary minimum, but it will be worth the effort, and will certainly cost less. You might even gain a few dollars to spend on incidentals related to the move.

Self-Packing: The decision to do your own packing in order to save on the overall cost of your relocation is not one that can be undertaken lightly. It involves a great deal of work and can’t be done carelessly. Items that are not packed correctly are at risk for breakage. If you decide to take on the task, be sure to allow plenty of time prior to moving day so that you won’t be subject to last-minute stresses to meet the deadline.

Pay careful attention to the size and sturdiness of the boxes. Avoid too much weight in boxes. It is best to use boxes that are dedicated to the type of content. For example, use glassware boxes and dedicated dinnerware boxes to protect the contents. Wardrobe boxes with metal hangars help you to empty closets quickly and conveniently.

Labeling each box on each side and keeping a separate record of the contents of the box will make unpacking much easier. The boxes should be sealed with packing tape.

Your computer files should be backed up using an online storage system or an external file. Place important documents in a fireproof box or binder. Be sure you keep track of your cell phone and keep it charged. If you have pets, keep them confined in a familiar room while you are packing to avoid the lost or injured furry friends.

A box packed with essentials for the first day or so in your new location is important. It should contain a way to prepare and drink coffee, foods to snack on, personal care and beauty products, toilet paper, and bedding.

What is the Best Time of Year To Move?

One additional tip may help save on the cost of moving. Because more people move in the late spring and summer months, the price is higher. If you have the flexibility to move during the mover’s off-season, you may be able to negotiate a lower price. Schedule your move in mid-month rather than at the beginning of the month. Weekdays are better than weekends for taking advantage of a somewhat slower moving volume.

Is Dallas A Good Place To Live?

Dallas is one of the best places to live in Texas. Living in Dallas provides residents with an urban-suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. In Dallas, there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Dallas is a great place to live because of the sub-cultures of each surrounding city.

How to Find the Right Long Distance Mover

The search for a reliable long-distance mover requires knowledge of the regulations and licenses which reputable moving companies follow. Before committing to a moving company, spend the time to research the companies using the suggestions provided below.

Get written and detailed price quotes, preferably from at least three companies. Look for details and don’t accept a one-size-fits-all quote. Check deeper into the bids of any companies whose bid is much lowered. Some movers use an online quote tool, but a walk-through in-home is the most accurate approach.

Verify licenses and Carrier Numbers

When researching information about long-distance movers, two numbers are important. Interstate movers will display Department of Transportation (DOT) numbers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website is available through its registration number.

Read Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints

The vast amount of information about moving companies that are available online makes it relatively easy to learn about any problems with the moving company. The major search engines provide ranking and reviews; consumer reporting sites such as the Better Business Bureau are built from actual experiences by customers about their moving experiences. The DOT number on the website will lead to information about any complaints against a specific moving company.

Be Wary of Demands for a Large Deposit

An unscrupulous mover may try to demand a large up-front deposit in the hope of leveraging it for more money. Movers are only to receive a 20% deposit of the estimated cost of the move.

Moving with Safeway

Safeway Moving Systems INC, (USDOT# 3756000), is a veteran-owned company and they undertake to bring the elements of military precision to each relocation project they complete. The company has all of the needed licensing, insurance, and certifications necessary to operate in the United States. Safeway is able to offer competitive prices because of its network nationwide of truck capacity and equipment. The movers work hard to maintain a high level of quality. The practices which are maintained by the company have led to MoveBuddha.org rating the company as the Best Overall Value among long distance movers.


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